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THE NOONER for March 16, 2012

TWEET DU JOUR: @FlashReport - "Definition of 'Munger Child' in the dictionary: 'Child of a really rich guy that wants to move their party to the left.'"

A day after the deal was announced combining the governor's ballot measure with the Millionaire's Tax, Molly Munger added $1.5 million to her initiative's account. 

THE DESCENDENTS: Los Angeles Superior Court judge candidate Sean Coen yesterday reported a $250,000 contribution/loan from his mother-in-law, Susie Tamashiro. MoInLaw previously gave $100,000 to the effort, and brother-in-law Michael Tamashiro, a Honolulu cop, gave $50,000. Sean and wife Lisa (Tamashiro) Coen - a fellow deputy district attorney - have kicked in $30,000. Of the $430,250 raised for the effort, all but $2,000 has come from the family.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate judicial elections? I guess bankrolling your campaign to be a judge from Hawaiian family members is better than selling yourself to every law firm in town, but still, it just doesn't smell right.

Meanwhile, yesterday, judges lined up at the FPPC to oppose a plan to post their Form 700 Statements of Economic Interests online, claiming that it would affect their personal safety. The commission did not act, but directed staff to develop a redaction plan that would avoid disclosing sensitive information. Judges like the current system where citizens have to file a Public Records Act request at their local courthouse to get the information.


Consumer Watchdog -- or Lapdog for Special Interests?

Watch the new video exposing the grandstanding "consumer" group that's funded by special interest groups to do its dirty work, collects millions in state fees through a self-serving provision, and pays its founder more than $600,000 per year.

Click here for the video

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UNADIVXWQGOZLTRKSJHMCBFPYE: The Secretary of State is out with the ballot order. I'm working on an algorithm to sort candidates on in this order...wish me luck.

WHOOPSIES: AD46 candidate Adrin Nazarian is holding a grand opening of his campaign office at 11:30am next Saturday, March 24. The only problem is that the new campaign office at 5644 Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood is actually in the neighboring district, AD39.

WTF? The Oregonian censors Doonesbury this week, and then fires an assistant editor for lying about how her husband's friend died in the sack of a 23-year-old. Our friends in the Taiwanese animation studio have a take on the controversy over whether (and where) papers should run Trudeau's strips.

ANALOG: Yes, your "New iPad" arriving today is cool, but it can't do this. (Previous one, equally cool.)

WOW: Amazing video from cameras aboard the Space Shuttle's booster rockets, mixed with enhanced sound from Skywalker Sound. [h/t]

Off to the gym and then back to getting these darn candidate lists updated. Have a great weekend!


Polling, Campaign Strategy Forced Initiative Deal
Judy Lin @
In less than a week, Gov. Jerry Brown went from resignation over the prospect of facing multiple tax initiatives on the November ballot to announcing a key political merger with a competing proposal pushed by a teachers union.

Molly Munger Gives Tax Initiative Campaign $1.5 Million More
Torey Van Oot @
One day after Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Federation of Teachers announced an agreement to combine forces behind one tax hike proposal, civil rights attorney Molly Munger has dropped another $1.5 million into the campaign to qualify her own rival tax plan for the November ballot.

AD 18 Brawl Erupts Over SEIU's "Un-endorsement"
Josh Richman @
We don't tend to get excited about unions endorsing Democratic candidates, but when a union later revokes that endorsement, our ears perk up. That's exactly what happened to Joel Young, a candidate in the 18th Assembly District, who had gained the Service Employees International Union of California's endorsement only to then lose it.

Dan Walters: Big hazard for Jerry Brown's new tax plan
During a stream-of-consciousness speech to a gathering of police chiefs this week, Jerry Brown noted that during his first governorship, personal income taxes generated about a third of the state's revenue, but since have become a dominant source.

Buildings Go Up As Universities' Budgets Go Down
Jon Marcus @
California has slashed public university budgets, yet construction is booming at campuses statewide. The University of California system has $8.9 billion in building projects under way at its 10 campuses and five...

Despite Merger Of Tax Initiatives, Proponents Will Also Go Their Own Ways
Even after agreeing to an 11th-hour merging of forces on a newly revised tax initiative, Gov. Jerry Brown and proponents of the "millionaires tax" are pressing ahead with their own signature-gathering campaigns -- just in case.

Less Remedial Instruction Is The Goal
Kevin Yamamura @
In the California State University system, which accepts the top third of high school graduates, most freshmen have to take basic composition courses or review algebra in classes that don't count toward a degree.

Brown Surrenders On Ballot Tax Measure
John Wildermuth @
If there was ever any doubt that Gov. Jerry Brown is mighty worried about the chances of passing his tax initiative come November, he eliminated it Wednesday when surrendered to the “something for nothing” wing of the Democratic Party.

Dianne Feinstein Defends Inclusion Of Gays, Lesbians And Illegal Immigrants In Violence Against Women Act
Wyatt Buchanan, Michael Collier, Richard Dunham, Bob Egelko, Joe Garofoli, Marisa Lagos, Carolyn Lochhead, Carla Marinucci, @
Dianne Feinstein defends inclusion of gays, lesbians and illegal immigrants in Violence Against Women Act

Grass-roots parent activist group organizes bubble-blowing campaign to draw attention to education budget
Theresa Harrington @
Message to Legislature: 'Don't Blow It' and 'This Budget Blows

Steinberg touts poll showing Galgiani lead in Stockton Senate seat
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is looking to shore up donor support for Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani's bid for Senate, circulating an internal poll showing the Livermore Democrat holding a double-digit lead in the contested 5th Senate District.

Black L.A. council members protest race's role in redistricting
David Zahniser @
L.A. City Council members Jan Perry and Bernard C. Parks contend that the Redistricting Commission violated the Voting Rights Act by improperly making race the predominant factor in the process.

The Caucus: Supreme Court to Provide Same-Day Audio of Health Care Arguments
in the arguments over the constitutionality of the health care overhaul law, the Supreme Court will veer from its traditional practice of releasing audio recordings at the end of each week.

PAN presidential campaign will launch from Baja California
The presidential candidate for Mexico's ruling National Action Party, also known as the PAN, plans to launch her campaign this month from Baja California -€” the state that gave her party its first gubernatorial victory more than two decades ago.

Mitt Massages Message As Newt & Rick Pass Gas « Calbuzz
Many election cycles ago, the late great Kam Kuwata patiently explained to us that every political campaign consists of three basic, alliterative elements: money, mechanics and message.

AM Alert: Capitol insiders dissect upcoming California elections
Micaela Massimino @
VIDEO: Today's Dan Walters Daily takes on legislative Democrats' friction over California's state budget. Watch it

March Madness: Gutting Higher Education
Dan @
By Daniel Weintraub

Business Could Oppose Compromise Tax Initiative :: Fox&hounds
The compromise plan is a win for the public employee unions. They will be empowered to resist any reforms on pensions and spending, which could stiffen the resolve of business to oppose the new compromise.

Judge Signals His Intent To Release Pepper Spray Report - Our Region - The Sacramento Bee
On Friday, Nov. 18, protesters sit with their arms linked on the UC Davis quad as a campus police officer pepper-sprays the line.

See what IUOE Local 12 spent on political activities in 2011
Jon Ortiz @
This is the latest installment in a series of posts detailing the 2011 political spending by California state workers' unions. The records are downloaded from the California Secretary of State's office and reflect activity filed as of Jan. 31, 2012.

Editorial: Brown steps on his message with tax 'compromise'
Up until Wednesday, Gov. Jerry Brown was able to claim the high ground in the debate over how to best close the state's budget deficit and avoid another round of brutal cuts to education and state services.

Highlights of Brown, union compromise tax measure
The Associated Press, None @
Highlights of the compromise tax measure proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown and the Restoring California Coalition, which includes the California Federation of Teachers:

Obama 2012 Campaign: Kick-off Day
Glenn Thrush and Jennifer Epstein @
Biden mentioned the top three GOP candidates by name for the first time on the trail. | AP Photo