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THE NOONER for March 5, 2012

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  • CD10 - changed party preference of Chad Condit from (D) to (N)
  • AD10 - added businesswoman Connie Wong (D)

EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE: The politics surrounding the budget and tax measures will land on the Capitol steps (West and North) today, as competing/cooperating public education supporters arrive for a day full of rallies. And, with the rallies, the divisions within the education community will become clear.

On the West Steps at 11am will be the culmination of a march from Southside Park in support of "higher education" sponsored by the University of California Student Association, California State Student Association, and Student Senate for California Community Colleges. Scheduled speakers include Lite Gov Gavin Newsom, Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, and Assembly Speaker John Perez.

Meanwhile, Restore California--the coalition supporting the Millionaires Tax including the California Federation of Teachers--has sent out a release proclaiming that it is sending busloads from around the state to the march and rally in support of "education and essential services." The press release from the students is silent as to whether CFT leaders will be allowed to speak, even though the union is funding transportation for a significant number of today's marchers.

Supporters of the Oil Severance Tax for education will be standing on the sidewalk on the South Side of the Capitol at 12:30, sort of like the high school kids relegated to the area near the trash cans.

Restore California is encouraging an "Occupy the Capitol" effort with a "nonviolent" public action at 5:30pm on the West Steps. Refund California (supportive of the Millionaires Tax but separate from the official campaign coalition) and Occupy Oakland are promising a "People's Assembly" inside the Capitol at 1pm and a "nonviolent public action training" inside the Capitol at 4:30pm.

The CHP and Capitol officials are fearing that last week's skirmish between Occupy Oakland and white supremacists will return as part of this evening's events. One thing is certain, don't expect the CHP to let tents be placed on the Capitol lawn. 

Who knows what will happen today? For the organizers of the original March in March, the only question is "Will tomorrow's news coverage be about fee increases and budget cuts or something else?"

There is another question that is being whispered around--"Will the governor make an appearance?" He has nothing scheduled today, according to the Morning Report, and has said little since his "You'll get your marching orders soon" comment at the Democratic convention.

TEQUILA! While "stuff" may be going down at the Capitol at 5:30, the University of California Student Association will be doing tequila shots at a legislative reception from 5-7pm at Mayahuel Tequila Museo on K Street. I never get the good invites... [h/t Morning Report]


The Engineering & Utility Contractors Association is now UNITED CONTRACTORS.

California’s best union-affiliated contractors association just got better. Effective March 1, EUCA will become United Contractors. With more than four decades of service, United Contractors will maintain their position as the largest union-affiliated contractors association west of the Mississippi, continuing to provide the same tradition of excellence in industry representation and advocacy and leading the way for California’s union-affiliated contractors.

Contact: Emily Cohen, United Contractors Director of Government Relations at 925-855-7900 or Kevin Pedrotti, United Contractors Government Advocate at 916-441-3111.

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FINAL COUNTDOWN: Friday is the close of the nomination period for state and congressional races, and nobody could be happier than me. There are currently 394 candidates on my "likely running" list and dozens more that I'm watching who have taken out papers.

WILLIE'S WORLD: "By the way, [Gavin Newsom] is absolutely correct in his call for candidates for governor and lieutenant governor to run as a team. "But trust me, if Jerry Brown had the option of picking his lieutenant governor, it would not have been Gavin. It would have been Jerry's wife, Anne Gust."

AURAL PLEASURE: Friday's Capital Notes podcast has John and Anthony chit-chatting about the status of the tax measures and the governor's continuing effort to clear the field.

PHOTOSHOP PHUN: Apparently, Fish & Game commish chair Dan Rogers's bloodlust extends into the world of Seuss. Mmm...tastes like chicken.

GET OFF THE COUCH: Top recommendation for "Forbidden Broadway," the musical parody running through April 15 at the Cosmopolitan Caberet.


California Capitol Needs To Close Some Tax Loopholes
Dan Walters @
Tax reform offers the best chance of both stabilizing the state's finances and creating more tax equity. The Capitol's bipartisan failure to do it attests to its chronic dysfunction.

Protestors begin march on California Capitol
Torey Van Oot @
Higher education groups kicked off a day of action at the state Capitol this morning with a march from Sacramento's Southside Park the to the Capitol steps.

Davis School Tax Faces Organized Opposition
Hudson Sangree @
Davis voters have until Tuesday to decide if they want to reach into their own pockets again to support the city's vaunted school system.

Ramos Supports Governor's Initiative For Public Safety Funding
ONTARIO - With Gov. Jerry Brown in attendance, District Attorney Michael A. Ramos announced Thursday that he supports the governors upcoming ballot initiative to continue funding for prison realignment and other goals.

George Plescia's Candidacy Puts San Diego Senate District In Play
Capitol oddsmakers have assumed for months that the 39th Senate District, which covers the urban center of San Diego County, would be easy pickings for Democrats in this year's election.

Lawmakers Call For State Audit Of San Jose's Pension Problems
Howard Mintz @
With unions questioning Mayor Chuck Reed's estimates, legislators are looking for an audit to evaluate the scope of the citys pension debts.

Charters Choose Brown’s Tax Plan
Brown is proposing to raise the sales tax by a half cent for four years and the income tax on those earning more than $250,000 for five years. Brown would commit most of the education money to pay down $10 billion in deferrals, money owed to schools that the state pays in the next fiscal year. Deferrals have especially affected charters, many of which have to borrow the money owed by the state at higher short-term interest rates than district schools pay.

State Government Contracting Debate Back At California's Capitol
Jon Ortiz @
The debate over whether government runs best with civil service workers or privately contracted help is re-igniting in the Capitol over legislation that, among other things, would give state workers first dibs whenever the state has work to do.

California students protest education cuts at Capitol rally
Hannah Dreier @
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Thousands of college students were converging Monday on California's state capital to protest rising tuition rates and demand that state lawmakers restore funding for higher education.

Students protest education cuts at Capitol rally
The Associated Press @
Thousands of college students are planning to converge in Sacramento to call on state lawmakers to restore funding for higher education.

Redistricting Threatens To Tear L.A. City Council Apart
Rick Orlov @
The fight over the new political boundaries for City Council members begins its final rounds of public hearings this week with no sign that either Council member Bernard Parks or Jan Perry will back off.

Jose Hernandez Seeks Election In Central Valley
Joe Garofoli @
Though he was born in California, Jose Hernandez didn't master English until he was 13. His parents are Mexican immigrants who picked fruit and vegetables in the San Joaquin Valley for nine months of the year before...

To Stay Fiscally Healthy, State's Hospitals Want Fewer Patients
Anna Gorman @
Healthcare reforms will mandate more treatment in doctors' offices and clinics. The changes take effect in 2014, but some hospitals are trying to get an early start.

The Conversation: Capital Punishment: The Ultimate Debate - The Conversation - The Sacramento Bee
Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, right, greets Richard Miles last month. After Watkins sought a review of his case, Miles was exonerated of a crime after spending 14 years in prison. Watkins' own great-grandfather was executed in 1932 for murder.

Cal State Lies about Executive Pay
California State University officials have provided false and misleading information to the public about the total compensation provided to at least one of the system’s 23 presidents, a investigation has found. According to IRS documents of the Cal State University Los Angeles Foundation, CSULA President James Rosser reported receiving $515,612 in total compensation for fiscal year 2009-10, which ended on June 30, 2010. The half-million dollar figure is roughly $200,000 more than CSU’s previously cited base salary of $325,000 per year.

A year before balloting, L.A. mayoral hopefuls build voting blocs
Kate Lithicum @
Five candidates are hoping to succeed Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Several are trying to expand their support beyond their bases, but few have staked out strong positions.

Chad Condit Positioning Himself As Nonpartisan Outsider
Chad Condit formally entered the San Joaquin Valley political arena Friday, declaring himself an independent candidate for the House in which his father once served.

Santa Ana Steps Back From The Brink - Voice Of Oc | Orange County's Nonprofit Investigative News Agency: Oc Central: Santa Ana, Budget Deficit, Bankruptcy, Paul Walters, Unions
Logging in from multiple locations may be the cause.

Without Shield Law, Federal Courts Consider Value Of Classified Leaks
G.W. Schultz @
The prosecution of former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling, accused of leaking classified information, took a peculiar turn when the legal team of The New York Times journalist James Risen invited the court to distinguish between a "good" and "bad" release of government secrets.

Shark Fin Soup Still On Some Sacramento-area Restaurant Menus
Edward Ortiz @
Two months after California's ban on shark fins went into effect, bowls of the Chinese delicacy shark fin soup still are being ladled up at several Sacramento-area restaurants. Legally.

New Studies Map And Measure California's Politics
Two fascinating and useful studies of California’s political landscape have been published in recent days, one mapping the geographic variations of attitudes and the other creating and applying a scientific measure of communities’ ideologies.

Torey Van Oot @

Proflowers Latest Rush Limbaugh Sponsor To Pull Its Business
Michael A. Memoli @
The number of advertisers who have at least temporarily cut ties with Rush Limbaugh has grown to seven in the wake of the conservative radio host's self-described "insulting word choices" about a 30-year-old female law student.