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THE NOONER for March 2, 2012

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  • CD10 (Stanislaus) - added Chad Condit (D)
  • SD39 (San Diego) - added former Assemblymember George Plescia (R)

TWEET DU JOUR: - @stevenmaviglio "Little known Fish & Game Prez Dan Richards fun fact: he ran in the recall election and got 383 votes. Another case of bad judgment #resign"

THE OTHER WHITE MEAT: Well, I know you've all wanted to know (or not) what the results of a good cougar hunt taste like, and now we know--pork loin.

By going on John and Ken, Fish and Game chairman Dan Richards basically gave the middle finger to Democrats who, on a majority vote, can remove him from the last ten months of his chairmanship. Darrell Steinberg minced no words yesterday by calling Richards a "jackass."

Maybe we should just make the Lite Guv the designated chair of Fish & Game...

 TALK OF THE POLITICAL WORLD: George Will's Sunday WaPo column is already getting pre-publication attention. Politico reports that Will's column argues that "the 2012 presidential race looks like it might be a lost cause for Republicans and . . . that the primary goal of conservatives should be to retain control of the House and win the Senate . . ."

BLAST FROM THE PAST: The world was briefly thrown off axis today when Chad Condit indicated he was running for CD10. Chad was an up-and-coming star when his family reputation was swallowed by the death of Chandra Levy and subsequent disclosure that the intern had an affair with Congressman Gary Condit, Chad's dad. Chad worked in Governor Gray Davis's horseshoe at the time. In the end, Gary Condit appeared no less guilty than Bill Clinton, and even kept his bizness out of the Oval Office.

The Condits moved to Arizona where they opened a couple of Baskin Robbins franchises, only to tangled into a lawsuit over unpaid franchise and advertising fees. During the court case, it was revealed that Chad had written a 300-page book called "Sources" on Central Valley politics, although it was never published.

Anyway, Chad Condit jumps into a race that already seemed settled between freshman member Jeff Denham and former astronaut Jose Hernandez, which the DCCC has already placed its bet behind. It's a very late play, and I don't understand it other than a longshot chance to restore the family name while forcing Hernandez to spend money in the primary that would otherwise be played in November in one of the better chances for a pick-up in an election where Democrats need 25 to capture the majority.


The Engineering & Utility Contractors Association is now UNITED CONTRACTORS.

California’s best union-affiliated contractors association just got better. Effective March 1, EUCA will become United Contractors. With more than four decades of service, United Contractors will maintain their position as the largest union-affiliated contractors association west of the Mississippi, continuing to provide the same tradition of excellence in industry representation and advocacy and leading the way for California’s union-affiliated contractors.

Contact: Emily Cohen, United Contractors Director of Government Relations at 925-855-7900 or Kevin Pedrotti, United Contractors Government Advocate at 916-441-3111.

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JUNKET LIST: The FPPC has posted the latest Form 700 Statements of Economic Interest, which show the income and gifts received by lawmakers in 2011. Let me know your favorites, and they might get a mention. And, how do I get a $274.30 iPad--and two of them at that?

Isn't it great that Leland "Mr. Disclosure" Yee scribbles it out so that it is unreadable (and unsearchable) unlike the "fill-in-the-PDF" ones on the FPPC's website? Although, it's proof that Yee doesn't turn to staff to do it for him, and he actually reports Play-Doh valued at $0.65.

CITY CRISIS? Will Stockton Trigger Bankruptcy Run? [Wayne Lusvardi @ CalWatchdog]

FREE POLITICAL ADVICE: Republicans do not want this election to be about whether or not women should be able to get The Pill. Rush is not helping.

WARNING: Monday's pro-education rally at the Capitol, which started as the regular annual march of students from the three segments, may get hectic. While the vast majority of people there will be peaceful students, faculty, staff and supporters, others with a more aggressive agenda are planning to join. And, remember, if anything is damaged, it wasn't by a community college student.

MAPS: As a reminder to the campaign folks out there. Feel free to use my code to put a district map on your website, as several candidates already are doing. It is super simple (one line of iframe code), involves no ads, and provides the same great Google map you get on Around The Capitol on your site.

WEEKEND WEATHER AROUND THE CAPITOL: Thank goodness for that rain the last couple of days. Now we can enjoy this weekend's 70-degree temps without guilt. This will probably be the best ski weekend of the winter, with 12-24" of new snow the last 24 hours, cold nights, and temperatures in Tahoe reaching 59 by Sunday.

Get out there and enjoy it. Work week is done.


Bid To End Death Penalty Headed To The Ballot
Bob Egelko @
For the third time in 40 years, Californians will likely vote in November on the death penalty, a practice that has had at least as much impact on the state's politics as on its institutions of crime and punishment....

Memorial Planned After Death Of Former Lawmaker Norm Waters
Jim Sanders @
Former Democratic Assemblyman Norman Waters, who served 14 years as a legislator, died at his Amador County home this week at age 86.

PTA Is Mobilizing For $10 Billion Fundraiser: Our Children, Our Future
Carolyn Kocivar @
In towns and cities throughout California, something quite remarkable is happening. Parents and family members are organizing for the largest PTA fundraiser ever. They are not selling gift wrap or candy or washing cars. They are organizing to support the Our Children, Our Future education initiative for the November ballot. This measure will raise $10 billion to $11 billion each year to restore education programs and services their children desperately need now. Critical funding would be provided on a per-student basis to every school site in the state. That’s every student, every school.

Political Novice No Stranger To Upending Status Quo
Steven Harmon @
She's been called quixotic, naive, the haughty daughter of a billionaire. What's making Molly Munger one of the most controversial figures in California politics since she burst onto the scene a few months ago? Critics say she's leading the state down a path of ruin by refusing to give up on an initiative on the November ballot to raise taxes to fund schools. Gov. Jerry Brown has his own tax-hike measure, and many experts think that having more than one tax initiative on the ballot will make voters more likely to reject them all.

Maryland governor signs same-sex marriage law
Ian Duncan @
Cheers rang out in the marble hallway of the Maryland State House as Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a gay marriage law, before handing off the pens to gay members of the General Assembly who were gathered behind him.

Gay Marriage Supporters Urge Court To Reject Latest Proposition 8 Appeal
Local @
Gay marriage advocates on Thursday urged a federal appeals court to reject a bid to reconsider last month's ruling striking down California's voter-approved ban on same-sex nuptials.

Ogilvy Wins $900,000 Health Care PR Job
Jim Sanders @
A tentative winner has been announced for a $900,000 public relations contract to help California implement federal health care reform: Sacramento's Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.

California Colleges Take Back Seat To California Prisons
Carolyn Lochhead @
San Francisco State University President Robert Corrigan, who is retiring this year, and Provost Sue Rosser noted today in Washington that California is spending nearly as much money on prisons ($8.7 billion, or 9.45 percent of its budget), as it does on all of higher education ($9.3 billion, or 10.1 percent of its budget).

Another View: Governor’s plan best for the entire state
Dean Vogel @
Dean E. Vogel, president of the California Teachers Association, is responding to Dan Walters' column of Feb. 27, "Why does CTA back Brown tax?" That column stated, "Politics are about money and power, and while other school groups concentrate on money, the CTA is just as concerned about classroom power."

Steinberg: Fish & Game Commission head acted 'like a jackass'
Torey Van Oot @
Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg joined the debate today over the embattled head of the state Fish and Game Commission's Idaho cougar hunt, blasting Dan Richards for acting "like a jackass."

L.A. Board of Education OKs proposal for new district boundaries
Stephen Ceasar @
The Los Angeles Board of Education votes to approve new districts, which would increase the likelihood of a third Latino board member. The proposal moves to the City Council.

Both Left And Right In California Want Automatons In Office
Dan Walters @
But Republicans are not the only practitioners of automatous politics. Liberal Democratic factions are just as adamant about enforcing their ideological dicta. Pity the Democratic politician who doesn't endorse same-sex marriage, abortion rights, tax increases, animal rights or carbon reduction, to name a few of the left's current shibboleths.

APNewsBreak: Top gay rights group taps new leader
LISA LEFF, Associated Press @
A political strategist from California who has played a leading role in trying to overturn the state's same-sex marriage ban was named Friday as the new president of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay rights lobbying and education group.

Top gay rights group taps strategist from California as new leader
Lisa Leff @
A political strategist from California who has played a leading role in trying to overturn the state's same-sex marriage ban was named Friday as the new president of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay rights lobbying and education group.

Hurdles Mount For Gov. Jerry Brown's Budget
On politics in the Golden State

Steinberg Back With API Alternative
John Fensterwald @
Rebuffed by Gov. Jerry Brown last year, Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is back with another academic accountability bill, this time giving the governor lots of latitude to help redefine how to measure schools' performance. SB 1458 needs to be vague, because, at this point, no one but Brown professes to know what he has in mind.

Postal closures concern election officials, voters
HANNAH DREIER, Associated Press @
Elections officials in several states are concerned that the closing of mail-processing centers and post offices could disrupt vote-by-mail balloting this year, a potential problem that has led some members of Congress to call for a delay until after the November elections.

Head Of LAUSD Adult Education Ed Morris Ousted As Programs Teeter
Barbara Jones @
Assistant Superintendent Ed Morris has been ousted as head of LAUSD's popular, yet embattled, Adult Education Division, the Daily News has learned. Morris was notified of the decision about 4 p.m. Tuesday by Deputy Superintendent Jaime Aquino, sources said.

Gary Condit's Son Seeks Congressional Seat
Michael Doyle @
Chad Condit, the son and chief public defender of a former high-profile California congressman once tarnished in a media frenzy, has now entered a congressional race of his own.

Senate blocks GOP bill on Obama's contraceptives policy
Robert Pear @
WASHINGTON -- The Senate on Thursday upheld President Barack Obama's birth control policy, voting to kill a Republican effort to let employers and health insurance companies deny coverage for contraceptives and other items they object to on religious or moral grounds.

Wildlife Official Says He Ate Cougar That He Shot
Peter Fimrite, Marisa Lagos @
A collective gulp was almost detectable this week when California Fish and Game Commission President Daniel Richards defiantly declared to outraged legislators that he not only gunned down a mountain lion and held the carcass like a trophy, but he then ate big cat for dinner.

Sacramento Officials Unveil New Details On Proposed Arena Deal - Kings/nba - The Sacramento Bee
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson speaks during a news conference in Sacramento, Calif., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012. NBA Commissioner David Stern and Johnson said Wednesday they have agreed to a "work plan" in hopes of reaching a deal to finance a new arena by the March 1 deadline. Johnson, Stern and the Maloof family, which owns the Sacramento Kings, will meet during this weekend's All-Star festivities in Orlando, Fla. Johnson was accompanied by Sacramento City Council members Jay Schenirer, left, vice mayor Angelique Ashby, second from left, Bonnie Pannell, right, and City Manager John Shirey, second from right.