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THE NOONER for February 6, 2012

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  • SD19: updated analysis
  • SD31: updated analysis
  • AD49: removed John Tran (D)

SHOUT-OUT: Welcome to the dozens of new subscribers from Saturday's Peter B. Collins show on KGO. I enjoyed the banter about California politics and policy and the very different treatment from what I've had on John and Ken. Here's more about The Nooner and

RUH-ROH! Assembly candidate John Tran pleaded guilty to seeking bribes from a developer while on the Rosemead council. In a deal, he agreed to drop his Assembly bid. [San Gabriel Valley Tribune]

THE SELF-FUNDERS (CORRECTED): In Friday's Nooner, I understated Laurette Healey's self-financing. While most candidates gave themselves one large infusion just before the deadline, she gave several sub-$7,800 contributions. Here's the corrected list and, as a Monday treat, the links work now as well.

  • SD13 Sally Lieber (D) $100,000
  • SD25 Carol Liu (D) $100,000
  • AD03 Dan Logue (R) $100,000
  • AD05 Rico Oller (R) $100,000
  • AD20 Bill Quirk (D) $95,000
  • AD33 Bill Jahn (R) $80,000
  • AD40 Mike Morrell (R) $67,000
  • AD66 Craig Huey (R) $60,000
  • AD18 Kathy Neal (D) $55,250
  • AD75 Marie Waldron (R) $51,000
  • AD59 Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D) $50,000
  • AD46 Laurette Healey (D) $48,000
  • AD38 Patricia McKeon (R) $40,000
  • AD66 Al Muratsuchi (D) $40,000
  • AD76 Rocky Chavez (R) $30,000
  • SD05 Bill Berryhill (R) $33,000
  • AD28 Chad Walsh (N) $20,000
  • SD19 Hannah-Beth Jackson (D) $25,000
  • AD49 Edwin Chau (D) $23,700
  • AD20 Jennifer Ong (D) $14,000
  • AD46 Andrew Lachman (D) $12,000
  • AD26 Connie Conway (R) $10,000
  • SD15 Joe Coto (D) $10,000
  • AD21 Lesa Rasmussen (D) $10,000
  • AD42 Brian Nestande (R) $9,250
  • AD79 Shirley Weber () $9,000

Also, the summary page of all districts now includes total contributions, expenditures and cash on hand for all state and federal races that filed a 12/31/11 closing report. They are also on each district's page

AURAL PLEASURE: On Friday's Capital Notes Podcast, John Myers and Anthony York talked about fundraising, the tax initiatives and the governor's pension plan.

HEAD UNDER MY BLANKIE: "The decision last week by the board of the California State Teachers Retirement System to lower the expected rate of return on investments from 7.75 percent to 7.50 percent equates to an additional $475 million that school districts and the State Legislature must eventually contribute annually..." [John Fensterwald @ Educated Guess]

NO PLACE LIKE HOME(S): John Ellis covers the hot CD10 (Stanislaus), where the two leading candidates only live in the district for campaign season.

MILLIONAIRES TAX LAUNCHES: Those folks standing on overpasses during drive-time this evening may be supporters of the Millionaires Tax, who are launching their signature gathering drive today. They need 504,760 by July 2, although to make the November ballot, they probably need the signatures by the first week of May. On Friday, the committee reported $200,000 from the California Calls Action Fund, adding to the $500,000 contributed earlier in the week by the California Federation of Teachers. They likely need $2-2.5 million to qualify on the accelerated timeline.

GOVERNOR'S CASH MACHINE: With Friday's reported haul of $485,000, Jerry Brown has collected over $2 million for his tax measure, which is probably 1/2 the amount needed to gather the 807,615 signatures for the constitutional amendment and statute. The money is coming from the "who's who" of interests that have business in Sacramento (or don't want business in Sacramento):

  • California Hospital Association - $500,000 (opposes health insurance rate regulation - AB 52, Medi-Cal reimbursement cuts)
  • Gaming tribes - $375,000 (interested in compact renewal)
  • American Beverage Association - $250,000 (opposes soda taxes - AB 669 last year)
  • Occidental Petrolium - $250,000 (opposes oil severance tax)
  • KP (Kaiser Permanente) Financial Services - $250,000 (opposes health insurance rate regulation)
  • State Building Trades Council - $250,000 (wants high speed rail)
  • Blue Shield of California - $100,000 (opposes health insurance rate regulation)

BEST SB ADS: In what I believe a poor showing by Madison Avenue, the only ad worth watching was Clint Eastwood: Halftime in America. If you didn't get teary-eyed, you hate America. Although, for some reason, I'm really craving bacon this morning.

THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL AD YOU MISSED: Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) ran an ad against Senator Debbie Stabanow that is drawing anger in Michigan's growing Asian community.

Did Ron Artest pay for that halftime shout-out?

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California Pot Industry's Next Move: Ballot Initiative For State Regulation
Peter Hecht @
A proposed ballot initiative aimed for the November elections begs a key question looming over California's medical marijuana industry: Can stricter state regulation keep the federal government from shutting it down?

SEIU Local 1000 asks courts to dismiss furlough lawsuits
Jon Ortiz @
As part of its agreement with Gov. Jerry Brown's administration, SEIU Local 1000 has filed requests for dismissal of five furlough lawsuits in Alameda, Sacramento and San Francisco superior courts.

More CalSTRS Pressure On Lawmakers
John Fensterwald @
The decision last week by the board of the California State Teachers Retirement System to lower the expected rate of return on investments from 7.75 percent to 7.50 percent equates to an additional $475 million that school districts and the State Legislature must eventually contribute annually to make up for the shortfall and keep the pension fund healthy.

Gay marriage: Appeals court to decide fate of Prop. 8 on Tuesday
Maura Dolan @
A federal appeals court is expected to rule Tuesday on the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot measure that banned gay marriage in California.

Proposition 8 decision to be released on Tuesday
Torey Van Oot @
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to release its opinion on the constitutionality of California's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage Tuesday morning.

Community Colleges Face Change In California
Dan Walters @
California's 112 community colleges, the nation's largest higher education system, may change a lot if Gov. Jerry Brown has his way.

Calif. ballot could be crowded with tax-hike plans
JULIET WILLIAMS, Associated Press @
Proponents of a so-called "millionaire's tax" say they will begin collecting signatures for an initiative that would raise income taxes on California's wealthiest residents, even as Gov. Jerry Brown and another group push their own tax-hike campaigns.

On 'Saturday Night Live,' Newt Gingrich Is Moon President [video]
Michael A. Memoli @
As Newt Gingrich was holding a news conference in Las Vegas on Saturday night to discuss the way forward for his campaign after another Mitt Romney victory, an alternate reality was playing out on the eighth-floor stage of "Saturday Night Live," a future in which Gingrich was president. Of the moon.

Issue of the week: UC Davis chancellor
As investigations continue into police use of pepper spray on protesters in November, the faculty at UC Davis are voting this week and next on resolutions regarding the leadership of Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi.

A Rational Approach To Rail
George Skelton @
New priorities -- start in urban areas, build on what's in place -- could propel the bullet train.

Obama Holds Edge Over Romney In General Election Matchup, Poll Finds
Boosted by improved public confidence in his economic stewardship, President Obama for the first time holds a clear edge over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a hypothetical general-election matchup, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Seattle Plans For A New Basketball Arena, Eyes Sacramento Kings
Seattle officials have been in talks for eight months on plans to build a new arena, and they have an eye on the Sacramento Kings, according to news reports this weekend in Seattle.

Cal Grant Participation Connected To Default Rates
Nanette Asimov @
A little-known California law has dealt a blow to nearly half of the for-profit college campuses in the state, barring them from offering students a coveted Cal Grant this year. The law cracks down for the first time on...

Defense cuts test lawmakers' resolve on deficits
DONNA CASSATA, Associated Press @
President Barack Obama's call to shrink the military, shut bases and cancel weapons to meet the demand for budget cuts tests the resolve of lawmakers who came to Washington determined to slash the deficit.

Eliana Lopez Hires Lawyers In Ross Mirkarimi Case
Phillip Matier,Andrew Ross @
San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi 's wife, who so far has refused to cooperate with investigators in the domestic-violence case against him, has herself a new set of lawyers - including one who has experience with a...

Local Cities Report Sales Taxes Are Increasing; Property Taxes Remain Flat
There's plenty of talk these days about how the economy is looking up, thanks to a bit more hiring, more consumer spending and an upswing in consumer optimism.

GOP Torn Again Over Tax Extension
Jake Sherman and Manu Raju @
Bob Corker has called extending the tax cut a 'very slippery slope.'

Trutanich Surprises Groups By Listing Them As Backers
Jack Leonard @
Officials with three law enforcement organizations say they have yet to formally decide whom to back, if anyone, in this year's race for district attorney. Trutanich, L.A.'s city attorney, is the obvious front-runner.

San Bernardino Poised To Lay Off 77 Employees
The action comes after the dissolution Wednesday of the agencies, spurred by a Dec. 29 state Supreme Court decision upholding legislation calling for the shuttering of California's roughly 400 redevelopment agencies.

Congressional Places Of Residence A Tricky Topic As Some Valley House Members Live Outside Their Districts
Michael Doyle @
Republican Rep. Jeff Denham has a ranch in Atwater, a residence in Turlock and his wife and children with him in northern Virginia. His Democratic opponent has a family in Houston, while he seeks election in the San Joaquin Valley.

Obama administration rejects California's Medi-Cal copays
Kevin Yamamura @
Federal health officials rejected California's bid to charge Medi-Cal copayments for everything from drugs to hospital visits, dealing a new blow to the state budget but relief to low-income patients and their providers.

Assemblyman renews fight against illegal school fees
Bolstered by a recent court ruling, a Southern California assemblyman filed legislation last week that seeks to crack down on school districts that charge parents and students fees that violate state law.

California Negotiating With Banks Over Mortgage Settlement
Alejandro Lazo @
California is back at the negotiating table to potentially take part in a multi-state deal with the nation's largest mortgage servicers over faulty foreclosure practices.

Rick Orlov's Tipoff: Rick Caruso Changes His Party Affiliation
Rick Orlov, Staff Writer @
Developer Rick Caruso has left the GOP, signaling he is increasingly serious about his potential run for mayor in an overwhelmingly Democratic city.