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THE NOONER for February 1, 2012

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  • CD12 (San Francisco) - added businessman John Dennis (R)
  • CD38 (Whittier) - removed State Senator Ron Calderon (D) (endorses Linda Sanchez)
  • AD57 (Whittier) - removed Ana Valancia (D) (endorses Rudy Bermudez)


With 153 races, there is a lot to digest from the campaign finance reports submitted at both the state and federal levels by last night. I'm parsing the data to have it posted on the AroundTheCapitol district pages soon. Some of the congressional numbers are up, although the FEC hasn't updated their data files with all of the reports yet.

Here are some notes I made from a quick glance...lots more coming in the next couple of days.

  • CD30: Howard Berman brought in the bucks with his annual Beverly Hills fundraiser, adding $1,001,506 to his account and ending the period with $2,858,161. Brad Sherman raised only $126,079, but has $3,680,937 on hand.
  • CD24: Abel Maldanado only raised $50,000, repaid a $250,000 loan to himself, and ended with $640,299. Lois Capps raised $321,644 and ended the year with $1,030,963.
  • CD07: Ami Bera continued his strong fundraising with a $256,326 haul, ending with cash on hand of $918,874. Dan Lungren raised $178,607 and ended with $521,206.
  • CD35: Gloria Negrete McLeod raised $77,985 and ends with $120,716 on hand, while Joe Baca raised $138,029 and ended with $253,153.
  • Laura Richardson raised $103,016 and ended with $137,357. She continues to have $437,983 in debts.
    CD44: Laura Richardson raised $103,016 and ended with $137,357. She continues to have $437,983 in debts.
  • CD47Gary DeLong raised $45,461 and has $367,486 on hand, Troy Edgar raised $31,162 and ended with $456,349, and Steve Kuykendall raised $46,643 and ended with $37,659.
  • SD19Jason Hodge raised $188,657 and ended with 168,136 on hand, Hannah-Beth Jackson raised 309,256 and has $263,159 on hand. Republican Mike Stoker has not opened a committee yet.
  • SD05: Bill Berryhill raised $320,625 and has $269,221 on hand, while Cathleen Galgiani collected $152,750 and has $95,402 on hand.
  • AD50: Richard Bloom raised 53,874 and has $115,828 on hand, Betsy Butler raised 393,528 and has $367,246 on hand, Torie Osborn $245,728 with $443,342 on hand.

Anyway, lots of reports to get through...

California Democratic Party: $9,267,112
California Republican Party: $438,928

NON-CAMPAIGN: Former State Senator Dean Florez spent $136,443 in 2011 from an account set up for a 2014 controller bid that he is not expected to make. He raised no money for the account, which was funded when he was still in the senate, and spent the money on office space, staff, restaurants and flowers. I'm sure he's not the only one...

MUST BE NICE: Sally Lieber kicked in $100,000 of her own money on Monday for her race against Jerry Hill.

CONDUCTOR HAT: Dan Walters writes that Jerry Brown is redesigning the high speed rail project to reduce the price tag.


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Measure To Scale Back Three-strikes Law Passes State Assembly
Local @
A group of Stanford University professors backing an initiative to scale back Californias tough three strikes law will continue to aim for the November ballot, even as the state Assembly on Tuesday passed a similar measure that wouldnt appear before voters until 2014.

California Campaign Disclosure Bill Rejected By Assembly
Jim Sanders @
Legislation to require more public disclosure of contributors by independent expenditure committees supporting candidates or ballot measures was rejected today by the Assembly.

Gov. Jerry Brown Gets Wide Array Of Support For Tax-hike Initiative
Steven Harmon @
Early contributions to Gov. Jerry Brown's tax-hike initiative show a wide span of interests are beginning to line up behind it.

Political Inside Game, Outside Game... All In One Day
John Myers @
You don't get many political multi-tasking days like this one: heated debate over legislation down to its final day to survive, a new alarm over the state's finances, and public disclosure of all the campaign cash raised by candidates and campaigns in 2011.

Measure to scale back Three-Strikes law passes state Assembly - but no vote til 2014
Tracey Kaplan @
A group of Stanford University professors backing an initiative to scale back California's tough three strikes law will continue to aim for the November ballot, even as the state Assembly on Tuesday passed a similar measure that wouldn't appear before voters until 2014.

Jerry Brown Negotiates Gambling Deals As Tribes Fill Campaign Fund
Gov. Jerry Brown is raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for his tax campaign from California Indian tribes at the same time many tribes are seeking to renegotiate lucrative gambling compacts with him.

Assembly Changes Mind And Passes Three-strikes Legislation
Jim Sanders @
One day after turning thumbs down, the Assembly today passed legislation that would ask voters to alter California's "three strikes" criminal sentencing law.

Loss In Video-game Lawsuit Hits California Taxpayers In Wallet
State lawmakers agreed Monday to pay $12.99 million to settle various claims, including those from lawsuits alleging that the state illegally tried to ban the sale of violent video games and that it provided inadequate protection of forests.

Obama Campaign To Use Square For Fundraising
Casey Newton, Benny Evangelista @
Here's a sign that mobile payments are gaining wider adoption: President Obama's re-election campaign will raise funds using Square. In a coup for the San Francisco startup, which shares space with The Chronicle at...

Jerry Brown, Lawmakers Back Bill Protecting School Bus Money
Kevin Yamamura @
Rural and urban school districts in California that make heavy use of buses appear safe -- for now.

Brown Renews Call For Pension Reform
How representative is this not-so-silent minority? Gov. Jerry Brown no doubt has been wondering, too, and increasingly calling on lawmakers to pass his 12-point pension reform plan.

Colbert Super Pac Got $500 From California's Gavin Newsom [updated]
On politics in the Golden State

Jerry Brown Orders Review, Finds Missing X-ray Machine, Dental Chairs
David Siders @
Last year, Gov. Jerry Brown was confiscating state-issued cellphones and cars. This year, he's finding grout pumps and chairs.

Jerry Brown Plans To Cut Back High-speed Rail To Save It
Dan Walters @
Gov. Jerry Brown is scaling back the state's highly controversial bullet train project to keep it alive. Just three months ago, his administration unveiled – with great fanfare – a revised "business plan" for building the north-south bullet train system to answer the embryonic project's many critics.

Assembly bill seeks softening of Three Strikes law
The Associated Press @
The state Assembly has passed legislation that would ask voters to revise California's Three Strikes law as a way to reduce prison sentences and save money.

Jerry Brown's Tax Initiative Rivals Not Backing Down
The backers of two tax initiatives that are competing with one favored by Gov. Jerry Brown are not backing down.

Gov. Jerry Brown gets wide array of support for tax-hike initiative
Steven Harmon @
Business, labor, tribal groups line up behind Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative with big bucks

California Senate Preserves Redevelopment Money For Housing
The day before local redevelopment programs begin shutting down, state lawmakers acted Tuesday to allow cities and counties to build affordable housing using $1.36 billion held for that purpose by agencies that are closing.