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THE NOONER for January 24, 2012

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QUICK CORRECTION: Betsy Butler got 57% of the vote in the AD50 pre-endorsement conference. It goes to caucus at convention, where fewer local activists get to vote. This leads many observers to think she's likely to get the 60% necessary for the official party endorsement.

Jerry Brown's Budget Ups The Stakes Over California Education
Dan Walters @
The state budget contains hundreds of specific provisions but none is bigger, more complicated, more politicized, more emotional - or more important - than the 30 or so billion dollars that it spends on K-12 education.

Former CA Assembly Speaker's Got A Brand New Career--as TV Political Analyst
Carla Marinucci @
Fabian Nunez, who as California Assembly Speaker became one of the state’s most prominent Latino lawmakers, is taking on a new media career — joining a team of 2012 election analysts with powerhouse Spanish-language Univision Communications.

Brown's Early Tax Initiative Donors: Hospitals, Oil, Tribes | Capital Notes -- From Kqed's John Myers
What these early dollars seem to clearly show is that Governor Brown is eager to crate a coalition of support for his tax hike that spans the political spectrum. And that includes those who don't agree with him on every issue.

Animal Activist Tom Hayden Urges Jerry Brown To Stop, Think Of Dog Sutter
David Siders @
Tom Hayden, the former state senator and animal rights activist urged Gov. Jerry Brown in an online video today to look at his dog, Sutter, before repealing a state law requiring animal shelters to keep dogs and cats longer before euthanizing them.

Obama's State Of The Union Will Include New Push For Tax Reform
Michael A. Memoli @
President Obama will use his State of the Union address this evening to make a renewed case for an overhaul of the tax reform, one of a host of "common sense" ideas advisers say he'll offer to shore up the American economy and tackle the growing deficit.

What California Wants From Obama's State Of The Union: Path To Prosperity
Josh Richman @
As the president prepares to take the podium at 6 p.m. Pacific time for his final State of the Union before he asks the Union to re-elect him, most people say they want to hear him chart a path back to prosperity for all. Jobs. A chicken in every pot. Maybe even an Xbox on every plasma TV. At the least, a release from post-recession gloom.

Doomed Redevelopment Agencies Leave Debt Of $30 Billion
Teri Sforza @
As the lights are fading to black for California's 425 redevelopment agencies, their successors will inherit $29.8 billion in unpaid long-term debt, according to the latest figures from the state controller's office.

Warren Buffett Blames Federal Law For Mitt Romney's 15% Tax Rate
Jim Puzzanghera @
Billionaire investor Warren Buffet said he doesn't blame Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his 15% tax rate, saying it was misguided federal law that allowed the very wealthy who make a living "shoving around money" to pay a lower rate than average Americans.

Former Assembly leader Fabian Núñez to be TV political analyst
Jim Sanders @
ez will serve as a political analyst during this presidential election year for Univision Communications, a major national Spanish-language media firm.

State Senate votes to extend mortgage protections
The Associated Press @
The state Senate has voted to extend a law passed during the peak of the mortgage crisis that provides added protections for property owners, renters and neighbors of foreclosed properties.

Supreme Court Rejects California Anti-animal Cruelty Law On Pigs
The Supreme Court struck down an anti-animal cruelty law that sought to prevent sick or wobbly pigs from being sent into slaughterhouses, ruling that federal regulation already requires careful inspections of such animals.

CalPERS Earned 1.1% Last Year As Stocks Declined After 12.5% Gain In 2010 - Bloomberg
In the fiscal year ended June 30, Calpers earned 20.7 percent, its best result in 14 years, led by gains in stocks and private equity. In the first six months of the current fiscal year, the fund is down 4.5 percent, Dear told the board in a report. Calpers assumes it will earn an average 7.75 percent annually to meet its obligations.

UC Picks Richmond For Lawrence Berkeley Lab Campus
Carolyn Jones @
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory has chosen to build its new research facility on the Richmond shoreline, a move that could rank the city with Livermore and Berkeley as a new hub for scientific innovation. The lab's new...

Animal activist Tom Hayden urges Jerry Brown to stop, think of dog Sutter
David Siders @
Tom Hayden, the former state senator and animal rights activist, urged Gov. Jerry Brown in an online video today to look at his dog, Sutter, before repealing a state law requiring animal shelters to keep dogs and cats longer before euthanizing them.

Occidental Gives $250,000 Boost To Brown Drive For Higher California Taxes - Bloomberg
A contribution of $250,000 was made by the State Building & Construction Trades Council of California, according to the filings. Budget cuts have imperiled public-works projects that are important to union laborers, said Sandy Harrison, a spokesman for the council.

As CHW Splits From Catholic Church, Patients Will Notice Little Change
Darrell Smith and Rick Daysog @
Catholic Healthcare West, which operates six hospitals in the Sacramento region, is changing its name to Dignity Health and cutting its affiliation to the Catholic Church.

Obama To Double Down On Green Energy Tonight Despite Solyndra
Wyatt Buchanan, Michael Collier, Richard Dunham, Bob Egelko, Joe Garofoli, Marisa Lagos, Carolyn Lochhead, Carla Marinucci, @
Obama to double down on green energy tonight despite Solyndra

Report: L.A. Lost Out On More Than $125 Million In Federal Money
Amanda Covarrubias @
Los Angeles lost out on more than $125 million in potential federal stimulus money because of a lack of oversight across the various departments pursuing the funds, City Controller Wendy Greuel said Monday.

The New, New Jerry Brown: Thinking Big
Peter Schrag @
Jerry Brown, justly famous through a long public career for reinventing himself, last week re-emerged as that – for him -- most improbable of figures, Gov. Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, his gung-ho father.

Oakland Proposes Fewer Layoffs Over Redevelopment
Local @
City leaders are proposing to lay off the equivalent of 105 full-time employees and consolidate several departments to close a sudden $28 million deficit following the loss of redevelopment funding.

Hollywood Money Flows To Calif. Congress Members
Hollywood is threatening politicians with one thing they hold very dear: campaign cash.

Romney taxes: Critics rip loopholes, lack of Social Security help
Tom Hamburger @
and deductions available to the very rich. During a morning tele-conference, economists at the Center for American Progress said Romney's returns highlight advantages the very wealthy receive today and the further benefits they would receive if Romney became president and enacted the tax plan he has proposed.