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THE NOONER for January 6, 2012

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  • SD31 - added retired air force officer Richard Roth (D)
  • AD08 - added attorney Larry Miles (D)
  • AD58 - added teacher Cristina Garcia (D)

TWEET DU JOUR: @MattRexroad - "Assemblywoman Hayashi thanks Assemblyman Donnelly who thanks Governor Brown. Closest thing to High Speed Rail working in CA right now."

BUDGET SURPRISE: I was driving my rental car through traffic, looking at the temperature reading 90 degrees in Burbank (Seriously, January?), and illegally reading my iPhone. The tweets started--the governor was going to release the budget at 2:30pm, after a version was accidentally leaked on the web. At least he didn't do it on New Year's Eve, which Arnold Schwarzenegger did with his 2009-10 budget proposal.

Well, at least now we can watch the California Supreme Court's hearing on which state senate redistricting maps to use, which is Tuesday at 9am on CalChannel.


  • The Governor: I am the only honest person in Sacramento. #winning
  • Legislative Democrats: Folks facing a primary challenge can't vote for $2 billion in combined CalWORKs/MediCal/IHSS cuts. Is there any alternative? #NoWayOut
  • Legislative Republicans: Good plan to continue the shrinking of California government, the governor's triggers will cut it $5.4 billion more, and we don't even have to vote for it. #WeLoveProp25
  • Business: Budget and tax proposal looks like a Pete Wilson plan we can live with. #PleasantlySurprised
  • Labor: Can we support this budget and fund the tax initiative under promises that things will be better in 2013-14? #RockAndHardPlace
  • Counties: This governor may be the best thing for us or the worst thing. #WhichIsIt
  • Cities: Remember when we were relevant? #OverplayedHand
  • Do-gooders: Did a Democratic governor really just propose kicking a couple hundred thousand poor parents off welfare? #WTF

The indispensable Capitol Morning Report has lots of public reactions on a free page.

DONNELLY: Assemblymember Tim Donnelly's week is getting worse. The San Bernardino County Sheriff reports that he did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. While the violation is usually a misdemeanor, it becomes a felony when the weapon is loaded and and is "readily accessible" to the person. (Penal Code 25400(c)(6)). Conviction of a felony would require Donnelly to forfeit his Assembly office The San Bernardino County District Attorney is investigating, reports the Bee.

#FAILED: The referendum backed by Assemblymember Donnelly to overturn the California Dream Act didn't get enough signatures by today's deadline. But, he did get his name in lights. Perhaps someone should fix the web page so that the deadline doesn't keep ticking negative.

GONNA BE JUICY: The reports on last night's first face-off between Howard Berman and Brad Sherman send a signal of just how nasty the race may be. [LADN, LATLA Weekly]

DROPPED: After a personal appeal from Governor Jerry Brown at yesterday morning's board meeting, the California State Association of Counties has suspended its realignment initiative. You have to wonder if they knew about the proposed $1 billion cut to CalWORKs at the time, which will put a lot more poor people on county safety nets.

THE BIG NUMBER: U.S. unemployment dropped to 8.5% in December. Is it possible it will drop below the politically magical point of 8% before the November election?


  • Pete Aguilar is considering a run in CD31, not CD32. Fat fingers following the holidays.

Rick Santorum jeered after comparing gay marriage to polygamy
James Oliphant @
Those skeptical of whether Rick Santorum has what it takes to win a general election contest this fall have focused on, among other things, his drumbeating on social issues in a year when Republican strategists believe hitting President Obama on the economy is the way to win. And Santorum’s potential vulnerability on that score was on display Thursday night in New Hampshire, where he was challenged on his views on same-sex marriage.

Gov. Jerry Brown's New Budget Plan Targets Schools
Anthony York and Nicholas Riccardi @
Public education funds would be cut by $4.8 billion if voters reject a proposed tax hike the governor hopes to place on ballot.

Counties, Sheriffs To Decide Today On Jerry Brown Initiative
Kevin Yamamura @
Counties and sheriffs organizations are expected to decide today whether to pursue their own initiative protecting about $6 billion in annual state revenues - or back Gov. Jerry Brown's measure that would do the same while asking voters for higher taxes.

Jerry Brown budget plan cuts welfare, threatens deeper cuts if taxes fail
Gov. Jerry Brown released a new budget Thursday that would slash health and welfare programs for the poor and ask voters to pump nearly $5 billion back into education through higher taxes.

Gov. Jerry Brown's new budget plan targets schools
Anthony York and Nicholas Riccardi @
Public education funds would be cut by $4.8 billion if voters reject a proposed tax hike the governor hopes to place on ballot.

Jerry Brown Budget Plan Cuts Welfare, Threatens Deeper Cuts If Taxes Fail
Gov. Jerry Brown talks Thursday about his proposed budget, which calls for cuts and new revenue to bridge a projected $9.2 billion deficit through June 2013.

Gov. Brown budget cuts $1 billion from California welfare
Kevin Yamamura @
Gov. Jerry Brown will propose slashing nearly $1.4 billion in welfare and child care aid for the poor while holding voters liable for $5 billion in education funding with a November tax measure.

Jerry Brown proposes deep cuts to schools if voters reject tax plan
Anthony York and Nicholas Riccardi @
Gov. Jerry Brown's 2012 budget calls for $4.8 billion in cuts to public schools if voters reject the tax increases he is trying to place on the November ballot.

Steinberg: Senate won't make March cuts proposed by Brown
Torey Van Oot @
California's top Senate Democrat today shut the door on Gov. Jerry Brown's budget proposal to make deep cuts to social services programs in the first few months of the year.

Brown warns of school cuts if taxes rejected
JUDY LIN, Associated Press @
California faces a smaller budget deficit in the coming fiscal year but will require nearly $5 billion in cuts to public education if voters reject Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to raise taxes in the fall, the governor's office said Thursday in releasing its budget proposal for the 2012-13 fiscal year.

Jerry Brown's Budget Eliminates 3,000 State Jobs, Axes Agencies
Jon Ortiz @
Gov. Jerry Brown's new budget plan would eliminate a few thousand state jobs and consolidate or ax nearly 50 state organizations, according to documents released this afternoon.

Jerry Brown makes first campaign pitch in budget
JUDY LIN, Associated Press @
Gov. Jerry Brown made his first campaign pitch in releasing his 2012-13 budget proposal, telling Californians they must choose between paying higher taxes or accepting cuts that would result in three weeks less school, higher college tuition fees and fewer staff to patrol the state's scenic forests and beaches.

Brown's Budget Would Slash Safety Net
Daniel Weintraub @
The state’s health and social safety net for its poorest residents would be slashed even if voters approve a tax increase that Gov. Jerry Brown proposes for the November ballot, Brown said Thursday as he released his spending blueprint for the coming year. And if the voters reject new taxes, he said, California’s schools and universities would go on the chopping block.

Wishful Thinking Already Pushes State Budget :: Fox&hounds
For Republican legislators, the growing economy means that the state can make out just fine without the $6.9 billion tax increase the governor wants to put on the November ballot.

Schools Will Be Cut $4.8 Billion If Taxes Don't Pass, Gov. Jerry Brown Says
Steven Harmon @
Brown decided to release his budget several days before expected. He called an impromptu news conference Thursday afternoon to unveil a budget that outlined his plan to close a $9.2 billion deficit.

Jerry Brown's Budget Glitch ... Or His Commitment To Punctuality
David Siders @
It was only a few hours and one computer glitch ago that Gov. Jerry Brown was freely dodging questions about his annual spending plan, telling reporters this morning to wait for its release next week.

Jerry Brown Asks California Voters to Pay $6.9 Billion in New Taxes
Gov. Jerry Brown called on California voters to approve $6.9 billion in temporary new taxes, including a surcharge on big earners.

Effort To Repeal California Dream Act Comes Up Short
Critics of illegal immigration announced Friday that they were unable to obtain the needed 500,000 petition signatures to ask voters to repeal the California Dream Act signed into law last year by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Districts Get Power, If Not Cash, In Gov’s Budget
California schools could gain billions or once again face the threat of a midyear budget cut under the 2012-13 budget proposal released in Sacramento yesterday by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Surprise! The New State Budget | Capital Notes -- From Kqed's John Myers
The $137.3 billion spending plan offers yet more controversial spending cuts, but ones that appear to be rooted in some actual retooling of existing state government practices -- perhaps a sign that Brown knows that the system, as it exists, doesn't give him as many options.

Handguns And Shoplifting: Another Week In The California Assembly
Michael J. Mishak @
For those not keeping score, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly's (R-San Bernardino) run-in with airport police over a loaded gun Wednesday was only the latest political "oops" for California lawmakers.