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THE NOONER for November 14, 2011

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  • CD02 - added activist Andy Caffrey (G)
  • CD02 - added financial planner Dan Roberts (R)
  • CD25 - added Congressman Elton Gallegly (R)
  • CD26 - removed Congressman Elton Gallegly (R)

TWEET DU JOUR: @davidcolburn "People are camping out in tents for the next five days for tickets to the Twilight premiere. WHERE ARE THE RIOT POLICE?"

WAITING FOR THE #: FAIR Districts 2012, the committee leading the State Senate redistricting referendum, submitted signatures up through yesterday. While the organization promised a number of signatures "late Sunday night," I haven't been able to get a response as to how many were turned in.


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SOCAL SCRAMBLE? The Antelope Valley Press last week reported last week that Congressman Elton Gallegly is either planning on retiring or running in CD25 against fellow Republican Buck McKeon. "'As near as I can pin him, down, he's running against me,' said McKeon, who said he met with Gallegly last week." This is consistent with what I'm hearing from locals as Gallegly isn't sold on running in the Ventura's CD26.

This opens CD26 up for Republican candidates that have held back awaiting Gallegly's decision. The most likely serious candidate is State Senator Tony Strickland. While the district may be tough for the conservative Strickland, it's not much more difficult than SD27, and open congressional seats only come around so often. Both districts saw Meg Whitman edge Jerry Brown by a point, although CD26 was much friendlier to Obama in 2008 (+16.4%) than SD27 (+3.8%), most likely because of the large Latino population in Oxnard. If Strickland indeed is out of the Senate race, look to termed-out Assemblymember Cameron Smyth to run.

Meanwhile, it is now considered more likely than not that former Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg will run in SD27, while Fran Pavley moves north to her condo in Oxnard. Reportedly, Darrell Steinberg is pushing this option, feeling it's the best way to take SD27, necessary in the path to two-thirds. From Oxnard, Pavley can either run in SD19, a solidly Democratic centered in Santa Barbara, or for CD26. While the rumors generally have her taking the Senate option (perhaps to stay closer to her developmentally disabled adult son), although with five men (four Dems and 1 Rep) running, CD26 has to be attractive for a woman in a top-two scenario.

Assemblymember Julia Brownley is another possible female candidate in the congressional or senate district, rather than her other option: wait two years and challenge Senator Ted Lieu in a district that is now much more Santa Monica than Torrance-centric.

Of course, all of the above scenarios assume the Commission's districts, or something like them, are used next year. In addition to the State Senate referendum, the congressional lines are being challenged in federal court.

FOR REAL: Niners move to 8-1 (who needs the Kings?)

OH, HALLINAN: Former SF DA sued by bicyclist after accident

CONGRATULATIONS: Assemblymember Fiona Ma and SD19 candidate Jason Hodge exchanged vows with each other on Saturday. Look for coverage of their wedding in next Sunday's Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle.

MUST SEE: If you're in Detroit, see the We Will Rise exhibit at the Charles Wright Museum of African-American History. You won't be sorry.

IN MEMORIUM: State Senator Teresa Hughes (1932-2011)

And, to the headlines:

Another Munger ... Another Initiative
Joel Fox @
Molly Munger, sister of Charles Munger the Stanford physicist who financed the successful congressional redistricting initiative Proposition 20, is set to fund an initiative to raise money for schools through an income tax increase.

Vallejo 1-cent Sales Tax Measure B Up By 71 Votes
Carolyn Jones @
Another election, another nail-biter in Vallejo. Measure B, a 1-cent sales tax that would help rescue the North Bay city from its budgetary quagmire, was leading by 71 votes Saturday, with several hundred provisional...

Supreme Court to review Obama healthcare law ahead of election
David G. Savage @
The Supreme Court agreed today to decide the fate of President Obama’s healthcare law and its requirement that all Americans have basic health insurance by 2014.

Brown Will Look To Build On Tax Measures' Success
Wyatt Buchanan @
Last week, counties, cities and school districts across the state won strong support from voters for new and increased taxes, and their success could be a model for Gov. Jerry Brown as he plans to ask California voters to increase taxes next November.

Jerry Brown Staying On Political-fundraising Sidelines
Gov. Jerry Brown has big plans for next year's ballot: tax increases, pension changes and a funding guarantee for local law enforcement.

Little-known State Board Overturns Employee Terminations
Jack Dolan @
The Personnel Board in the last three years ordered agencies to re-hire 93 workers, often with back pay and benefits.

Sharmin Bock Spent Big For 3rd-place Finish
Phillip Matier,Andrew Ross @
San Francisco district attorney candidate Sharmin Bock wins the Meg Whitman award for campaign spending. Bock - along with her mom, other relatives and a few well-heeled friends - kicked in more than $430,000 for her...

So what's up with the SEIU Local 1000 furlough case?
Jon Ortiz @
An attorney with SEIU Local 1000 says the union will continue to press litigation against "special fund" furloughs, even though the courts have slimmed down the case to covering employees in just a handful of state departments.

Supreme Court will hear health care case this term
Jesse J. Holland @
WASHINGTON -- In a case that could rival the historic Bush v. Gore ruling in shaking the political landscape, the Supreme Court said Monday it will hear arguments next March over President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

Brown Pension Plan: No Early Employer Savings?
Ed Mendel @
Requiring current workers to pay an equal share of normal pension costs, a 50-50 split with employers, may not be allowed under court rulings many believe limit pension changes to new hires, which can take decades to yield savings.

Dan Walters: Data differ greatly in California property tax debate
It's amazing that more than three decades after its passage, Proposition 13 is still such a polarizing political symbol.

Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Health Law
The justices agreed to hear a challenge to the 2010 health care overhaul law, setting the stage for a ruling in the midst of the 2012 presidential race.

Editorial: LAO report lays out conundrum of pensions
In a recent report, the Legislative Analyst's Office gives Gov. Jerry Brown's pension reform plan decent marks. But the "buts" in the LAO's analysis are daunting, a sobering discussion of how difficult it will be -- perhaps even impossible -- to tame the retirement tiger that each year consumes a bigger and bigger chunk of budgets.

Obama Administration To Announce Effort To Expand Health-care Workforce
The Obama administration will announce Monday as much as $1 billion in funding to hire, train and deploy health-care workers, part of the White House’s broader “We Can’t Wait” agenda to bolster the economy after President Obama’s jobs bill stalled in Congress.

Republican Gary Johnson is not the average presidential candidate
Kate Linthicum @
The former New Mexico governor, known nationally as 'the marijuana guy,' supports drug decriminalization, sympathizes with Occupy protesters and barnstorms on a bicycle.

Buffett: My plan to tax the rich
MJ Lee @
He differentiates his own tax proposal from the president's plan to increase taxes on millionaires.

UC Berkeley, Oakland Brace For Occupy Clashes
Carolyn Jones @
Protesters, police and public officials in the East Bay were preparing Sunday for what they expect to be a tumultuous week in the Occupy movement, with a police raid of a tent city outside Oakland City Hall expected as...

CalTrans Fires Two Implicated In Bay Bridge Testing Problems
A surveyor takes measurements, at right, from a foundation platform of the old San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Monday. The new bridge’s elevated roadway is under construction in the background, just east of the main tower.

How The Occupy Movement Can Move Forward
Sterling Clifford @
Having argued more than once that the Occupy movement needs to develop a set of common principles, a coherent agenda and a leadership structure, we thought we’d ask a political professional to offer advice on where the movement can go from here.

California State University considers 9% tuition hike
Laurel Rosenhall @
California State University trustees will vote Wednesday on raising fees by $498, or about 9 percent, for fall 2012. That would bring annual tuition for undergrads at CSU's 23 campuses to $5,970, not including books, room or board. Most campuses charge an additional $1,000 in local fees.