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THE NOONER for November 4, 2011

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Morning from Sandy Eggo. Off to San Jose and back down here tonight. Thankfully, the Capital Notes podcast is early this week, so I'm counting on John and Anthony to make the flight manageable.

I just got through security, where, after holding me after the "empty all your pockets so we can your junk" machine, the TSA agent said "You're free to go." Next week, I'm expecting Miranda rights when they check my ID.

TWEET DU JOUR: @SuzanneYada: "Visalia has 4G. Berkeley does not. Discuss."

SINGLE DIGITS!!! "Assembly budget officials expect California to face a deficit of about $5 billion to $8 billion next fiscal year, higher than the $3.1 billion projected by Gov. Jerry Brown, according to a legislative memo obtained by The Bee." [Kevin Yamamura @ Sac Bee]

The memo goes on to say that, well, triggers may or may not be pulled. Of course, in two weeks, we'll have a pretty good idea when the Legislative Analyst's Office releases it's five-year fiscal outlook.

NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY: California Forward, which saw one of it's main bills pass the Legislature with no "no" votes only to be vetoed by the governor, has given up will politics as usual. The organization, led by several California insiders, has decided to go to the ballot.

The list of fixes endorsed by California Forward includes shifting to a two-year budget and curbing last-minute legislative amendments by requiring that all bills are made available to the public at least three days before final passage. [Torey Van Oot @ Sac Bee]

If successfuly with signatures, California Forward would be on the November ballot, courtesy of a bill that was amended 2 days before final passage.

$$$ - The California Republican Party yesterday reported collecting $205,000 from Los Alamitos Race Course, a foreclosure resale company and Republican officeholders, which the party turned over to FAIR, the committee seeking signatures to subject the State Senate lines to a referendum. Having raised $1.8 million in large contributions, the FAIR committee may have enough dough to collect the 504,760 valid signatures. We hear that they are close, but that they are finding that those last 100,000 are a lot harder to get than the first 100,000. It's a nail-biter.

Meanwhile, the SB 202 referendum appears dead. Has anyone figured out why Mercury Insurance chairman George Joseph gave the CA GOP $1 million for the State Senate redistricting referendum? The party was likely to support his auto insurance initiative regardless, he's not a regular big donor, and there isn't a significant reason for him to care about whether Republicans keep 1/3 in the State Senate. Total head-scratcher.

OLD IS THE NEW: BANG's Lisa Vorderbrueggen on Bay Area district changes.


FRIDAY FOLLIES: Presidential Candidate Signatures [h/t Shane Goldmacher]

If you're like me, your signature is crap. When I have to sign 100 documents, I have 100 wildly different signatures. But, I type my name perfectly.

LAURA'S LIABILITIES: House to launch ethics investigation of Rep. Laura Richardson [Richard Simon @ LA Times]

Seriously? Your staff complains that they were asked to work on your campaign? In Sacramento, that's a privilege. #signofanawfulboss

HEY LOOK AT ME!: Ventura County supervisor Peter Foy has submitted an initiative to cut perks for local electeds.

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT: Riverside County may charge inmates for incarceration costs [Abby Sewell @ LA Times]

EYEBROW-RAISER: Hedge fund exec Orin Kramer gave Bill Lockyer $10,000 for his Controller bid.

eureka!, give us some headlines...

Assembly Budget Aides Expecting $5 Billion To $8 Billion Deficit
Kevin Yamamura @
Assembly budget officials expect California to face a deficit of about $5 billion to $8 billion next fiscal year, higher than the $3.1 billion projected by Gov. Jerry Brown, according to a legislative memo obtained by The Bee.

Reform/revenue Plan For '12 Ballot
John Fensterwald @
A partnership of education, parent, and business groups is aiming to put on the November 2012 ballot an initiative combining sweeping education reforms with a tax increase dedicated to preschool to twelfth grade, called The 2012 Kids Education Plan.

GOP Flagging In Effort To Reverse Initiative Change
Martin Wisckol @
The Democratic Legislature drew its share of flak earlier this year when it changed the rules for statewide ballot measures, forcing them off primary ballots and onto consolidated general election ballots. A group of Republicans launched a referendum effort to ask voters to return initiatives to the primary ballots, but the Sacramento Bee is reporting that they’ve failed to raised enough money to collect the 505,000 signatures needed to qualify the measure for the ballot.

New Pension Push Could Help Jerry Brown
Dan Walters @
Accepting a substantial version of Brown's reforms – not just its low-hanging fruit, such as pension-spiking – may be the unions' best weapon against the tougher initiative.

Matt Kokkonen Urges Voters To Oppose Abel Maldonado's House Bid | The Tribune & Sanluisobispo.com
Bob Cuddy @
In one of the first shots fired in what is expected to be a heated campaign, a well-known Central Coast conservative is warning fellow Republicans to keep Abel Maldonado from being elected to Congress next year.

California Forward Proposes New Government Overhaul Plan
Torey Van Oot @
A leading California think tank on Thursday rolled out its latest ballot proposal to tackle the Golden State's fiscal and governance woes.

Gary Johnson 'the marijuana guy' takes 2012 pitch to L.A.
Kate Linthicum @
The International Drug Policy Reform Conference in downtown Los Angeles might not seem like a sensible campaign stop for a Republican presidential hopeful. There was reggae music blasting, little lapel pins shaped like marijuana leaves, and a speech by California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the uber-liberal former mayor of San Francisco who is famous for granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The Buzz: Push to block California ballot law short of cash
With the clock ticking, opponents of a new law limiting future ballot initiatives and referendums to November elections have failed to raise the cash so far that's needed to qualify a proposal for the ballot.

Podcast: Money Brawl
Some of the greatest political fights in California have been about taxpayer dollars -- who pays them, who spends them, who's spending too many of them. And two classic high price tag fights both made news this week.

Dccc Buys Radio Ads Going After 25 House Republicans : Roll Call Politics
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today announced radio spots aimed at 25 House Republicans they hope to unseat next fall to reclaim the majority.

Sacto 9-1-1: Occupy Sacramento Protesters Arraigned; Deal In Offing?
Andy Furillo @
Four dozen Occupy Sacramento defendants charged with misdemeanor curfew violations pleaded not guilty today and had future court dates set for them by Sacramento Superior Court judges, officials said.

L.A. Councilwoman Jan Perry Resigning Leadership Post
Amanda Covarrubias @
The No. 2-ranking official on the Los Angeles City Council said Thursday she is resigning from her leadership post, partly out of unhappiness with what she described as behind-the-scenes maneuvering over redistricting and the council presidency.

California Rail Agency Requests Billions To Start Construction
Ralph Vartabedian and Dan Weikel @
California's bullet train agency formally requests a multibillion-dollar appropriation to start construction next year, after dozens of people from across the state attacked the $98-billion project's cost, rationale and effects on communities.

Top Democrat calls for Gov. Jan Brewer's ouster over redistricting
Kathleen Hennessey, Washington Bureau @
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Rep. Steve Israel suggested that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer should be impeached for her role in ousting the independent official at the helm of the state’s redistricting commission.

Democrats targeting Reps. Jeff Denham and Dan Lungren again in political ads
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will be returning to the Central Valley airwaves next week, with ads targeting Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Atwater, and Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Gold River. Get ready for a lot more of this.

Immigration Bill Splits House GOP
Jesse Helfrich @
House Republicans are split over an immigration bill that is backed by presidential candidate Mitt Romney as the measure is attracting escalating criticism from industry groups and rank-and-file members.

State: Obama Testing Waiver Will Cost $3.1 Billion | State, Waiver, Teacher

Feds probe Sacramento law enforcement weapon sales
DON THOMPSON, Associated Press @
Federal agents have issued search warrants and expect to file weapons charges against law enforcement officers from several Sacramento-area agencies.

AM Alert: California controller John Chiang leads seminar on small businesses
Micaela Massimino @
Controller John Chiang is joining state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier in Contra Costa County to lead a seminar on small businesses and regional business opportunities.

Some Credit Unions Also Do Controversial Payday Loans, Advocates Warn
While many Californians are considering transferring their money from banks to credit unions by tomorrow as part of "Bank Transfer Day," consumer advocates are urging customers to look closely at the business practices of some credit unions.

Nurses Join Occupy SF To March For Tax
Michael Cabanatuan @
About 200 nurses joined Occupy San Francisco protesters Thursday and marched from the Federal Reserve building up California Street to Wells Fargo Bank's main branch, promoting a tax on financial transactions. The...