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THE NOONER for October 26, 2011

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  • CD09 - added businessman John McDonald (R)
  • CD09 - added businessman Robert Silva (R)
  • SD05 - added San Joaquin supervisor Leroy Ornellas (R)
  • AD11 - added Patricia Hernandez (D)

THE HEADLINE: Jerry Brown To Propose Public Pension Changes Thursday [David Siders @ Sac Bee]

As a conference committee meets in Carson to hear from a parade of interested parties, the governor wants to nudge Democrats to be bolder than public employee groups. Will the new plan be different from the governor's "12-Point Pension Plan" released last May?

JOSEPH AFTER ALL: If you have been thoroughly confused by the guessing game of who was the angel that delivered $1 million to the California Republican Party to help the State Senate redistricting referendum, you are not alone. When Jon Fleischman first proclaimed from the mountaintop that the angel had arrived, most of us thought it was George Joseph, chairman of Mercury Insurance. The thinking was that the money would be used for both the redistricting and SB 202 referenda, as Joseph would love to see his auto insurance rates initiative on a June, rather than November, ballot. By simply qualifying the SB 202 referendum, the ballot measures (including SB 202) would be back on in June. Then, yesterday, Steven Harmon wrote that the spokesperson for Joseph said that he would not be financially supporting the SB 202 referendum.

As observers started to rethink who the angel might be, the California Republican Party submitted a campaign finance report that revealed that, indeed, the angel is George Joseph. With more than $800,000 given by the party over the last couple of weeks to the redistricting referendum, it's pretty clear that most of the Joseph money is being spent on redistricting and not being saved for SB 202. Which leaves us the question, why is he making the play?

Millionaires don't write million-dollar checks to politics for fun or ideology. It is to gain a financial advantage, punish an enemy, or to build a platform for a run for office. The 90-year-old Joseph can only be seen as pursuing the first. Rolling the dice to get a couple of State Senate seats doesn't help him with his goal of changing Prop 103 at all. There has to be a bigger play, and we will have to wait and see what it is.

OUCH: San Diego Union Tribune to the California GOP: "Stop crabbing about districts and run candidates who appeal to independents and Latinos."


On October 27, 2011 at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, the Leadership California Institute will hold Candidate Forum 2012, an all-day event which will feature candidates from all over the state running under the newly drawn legislative boundaries.

Confirmed speakers include:
Former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown . Former Senate Minority Leader Jim Brulte . Former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg . Former Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle
Sunne Wright McPeak, Former Secretary of Business, Transportation and Housing

For more information: www.leadershipcaliforniainstitute.org

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SIDING WITH THE 1%: California teacher's union suggests it might oppose millionaire's tax [Steven Harmon @ Merc News]

TWEET DU JOUR: @ShaneGoldmacher: "Between Mark Block bit.ly/rz2GJv and SF Mayor Ed Lee's viral vid bit.ly/thsrz3, it's been a good week for mustaches on YouTube"

EXECUTING THE DEATH PENALTY: Death penalty foes launch initiative drive [Kevin Fagan @ SF Chron]

GLENN BECK ON OCCUPY OAKLAND: @glennbeck: "I was so crazy for saying there will be riots in the street …oh wait – Full Blown Riots Erupt in Oakland: bit.ly/tUoGQT"

Dude, you may be right, but you're still crazy.

THE CAIN COMMERCIAL: Colbert gives his spin

And, we have the headlines...

Jerry Brown To Propose Public Pension Changes Thursday
David Siders @
Gov. Jerry Brown will give lawmakers his plan for pension changes on Thursday, the governor said in a letter to legislators this afternoon, though it remains unclear what Brown will propose.

Medical Marijuana Advocates Back 2012 California Ballot Measure To Regulate Industry
Medical marijuana advocates, decrying a federal government crackdown on dispensaries and a failure of state lawmakers to act, said Tuesday that they are drafting a 2012 ballot initiative to impose statewide oversight of California's burgeoning medicinal cannabis trade.

Teacher's Union Suggests It Might Oppose Millionaire's Tax
Steven Harmon @
President of states largest teachers union says tax wouldnt raise enough money

California Lifts Suspension Of Green Energy Tax Credit
California lifts one-month suspension of sales tax credit for purchase of equipment used to manufacture alternative energy products.

Death Penalty Foes Launch Initiative Drive
Kevin Fagan @
Capital punishment opponents launched a drive Tuesday to place an initiative on the November 2012 ballot to replace the death penalty in California with a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole....

Medical marijuana advocates back 2012 California ballot measure to regulate industry
Medical marijuana advocates, decrying a federal government crackdown on dispensaries and a failure of state lawmakers to act, said Tuesday that they are drafting a 2012 ballot initiative to impose statewide oversight of California's burgeoning medicinal cannabis trade.

Pension Board Lowers Investment Projections At Villaraigosa's Urging
Rick Orlov @
Bowing to pressure from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Los Angeles' budget director, the city's civilian pension board agreed Tuesday to phase in lower expectations of how much the retirement fund will earn from its investments.

Teacher's union suggests it might oppose millionaire's tax
President of state's largest teacher's union says it wouldn't raise enough money

Fight Turns Ugly To Win Gay Votes In Mayor's Race
With less than two weeks to go until San Francisco elects its next mayor, a surprise issue has emerged in the pitched battle for the city's gay vote. Accusations that City Attorney and mayoral candidate Dennis Herrera...

Dan Walters: Financial facts don't back anti-Proposition 13 propaganda
It's an article of faith - indeed, blind faith - among those on California's political left that the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978 began the state's downward spiral.

A New Look At Taxing Business Property » Ventura County Star
Timm Herdt @
Among advocates for public schools, universities, parks and other state services that have been the victims of substantial state spending reductions, a hunt is on these days for a tax increase that would both generate the substantial revenue needed to prevent further cuts and also be able to win the support of economically battered California voters.

SCOTUS health review call looms
Jennifer Haberkorn @
The high court could decide on Nov. 10 whether to review the new health care law's constitutionality.

San Carlos school board candidates tackle modern-day education, modernized schools
The candidates seeking election to the San Carlos School District board may not see eye-to-eye on everything, but they all agree something needs to be done about overcrowded classrooms.

California panel resumes green energy tax breaks
JUDY LIN, Associated Press @
A state panel voted Tuesday to resume a tax break program for clean energy manufacturers after lawmakers found the effort has been working as intended to help foster alternative energy in California.

Mitt Romney is '110% behind' Ohio law limiting union power
Kim Geiger @
After refusing to comment on a controversial effort by Ohio Gov. John Kasich to limit public employees’ collective bargaining rights, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Wednesday delivered an enthusiastic endorsement of the measure.

New voter laws alarm minorities
Minority voters have long had problems exercising their right to vote in certain parts of the country -- and minority lawmakers fear the situation will become worse in 2012.

Villaraigosa Urges 3-year Break On Business Tax For Firms Moving To L.A.
John Hoeffel @
In another bid to buff the city’s appeal for businesses looking for a new home, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa proposed making permanent a program that gives companies moving into Los Angeles a three-year break on paying the business tax on their gross receipts.

Delta Plan Critics See Conflict Of Interest In State Use Of Water Agency Employee
Mike Taugher @
State Water Contractors executive on loan to develop plan for aqueduct around the Delta

Let Us Camp, "Occupy" Protesters Say
Sometimes, to work outside the system, you still need permission from the system. Demonstrators with Occupy Orange County, after staging a spirited rally against rules on where and when they can protest in Irvine, won that permission Tuesday.