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THE NOONER for October 7, 2011

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[disclaimer: there is 1 bad word in today's Nooner]


  • SD33: Added Assemblymember Ricardo Lara
  • AD46: Removed LA council deputy Damian Carroll
  • AD57: Removed Assemblymember Ricardo Lara

WE KNEW HIM WHEN: Today is Shane Goldmacher's last day at the Los Angeles Times, as he take a few deserved weeks off before joining the National Journal in DC November 1. He writes:

"I want to thank all of you who've helped me along my way during the last six years covering Sacramento – at the Times, the Sacramento Bee and Capitol Weekly. Thanks for taking time to explain complex policies, share story tips and wade through my many questions. Of course, who can forget the many all-nighters we spent together at the Capitol (and for those lucky enough not to be in the building – on Twitter).

Reporters are often only as good and well-informed as their sources. So thanks for all the times you made me look smart. Those others times, well, that's on me."

Thank you, Shane. The Capitol beat reporters are one of the most valuable assets around the capitol, and you will be missed.

SENATE SHOWDOWN: It now appears very likely that Ricardo Lara will jump into the SD33 race against fellow Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal. The redrawing of this Long Beach Senate district up to the city of Vernon makes it one of five majority Latino State Senate seats (50.6% Latino CVAP), and the only one not currently held by a Latino, and the only one up in 2012. The other four are SD14 (Rubio), SD20 (McLeod), SD24 (De Leon), and SD32 (Ron Calderon).

With Lara moving to SD33, that clears the way for Ian Calderon in AD57, and providing a hat trick of Calderatti on the ballot (along with Ron Calderon in CD38 and Tom Calderon in AD58). However, reiterated in a press release from the Bonnie Lowenthal campaign today, Ron Calderon is on record supporting her, and Assemblymembers Hector de la Torre and Gil Cedillo jumped on Bonnie's bandwagon today as well.

If anyone has a flowchart of the politics involved, that might be helpful...

Related political trivia...Alan and Bonnie Lowenthal are the first divorced couple to serve concurrently in the State Legislature. Ricardo Lara would be the first openly gay Latino elected to the State Senate. Former Senate Pro Tem Art Torres came out in 2009, long after leaving the Legislature and after serving as chair of the California Democratic Party between 1995 and 2009. 


THE BILLS: The governor signed two bills from our top 24 bills yesterday (and 1 from our honorable mentions), putting his signature on and SB 222 (Evans), AB 210 (Hernandez). The first two require health plans to cover maternity care and were the subject of the anger of Noreen Evans toward Roger Hernandez, as she accused him of stealing her bill. In the end, the bills were double-joined.  The honorable mention, SB 734, was the fight between labor and manufacturers supporting the bill and workforce investment boards and counties opposing the bill.

Yesterday's actions leave 304 bills, according to my count, including some of the session's most watched legislative fights. Here's a recap of our top 22 list (24 bills with similar bills) again:

20. SB 136 (Yee): Public contracts: prevailing wages.
- labor v. local government and business

19. AB 1182 (Roger Hernandez): CalWORKs eligibility: asset limits: vehicles. - VETOED
- advocates for the poor v. advocates for fiscal discipline

18. AB 22 (Mendoza): Employment: credit reports.
- consumers groups and labor v. the Chamber and credit reporting agencies

17. AB 267 (Swanson): Employment contracts.
- labor and trial lawyers v. the Chamber

16. SB 676 (Leno): Industrial hemp.
- farmers, environmentalists and Seth Rogen v. law enforcement

15. SB 791 (Simitian): Health care: mammograms.
- ta-tas v. doctors

14. SB 397 (Yee): Online voter registration.
- Dems v. Reps

13. SB 746 (Lieu): Tanning facilities.
- health community v. nanny state and tanning salons

12. SB 161 (Huff): Schools: emergency medical assistance: administration of epilepsy medication.
- moms of sick kids and school districts v. California Nurses Association and California Teachers Association

11. AB 144 (Ammiano and Portantino): Firearms.
- cops and gun violence groups v. NRA

10. AB 809 (Feuer): Firearms.
- ditto v. ditto

#9.5 SB 914 (Leno): Search warrants: portable electronic devices.
- newspapers and civil liberties groups v. cops and DAs

9. AB 210 (Roger Hernández): Maternity services./SB 222 (Alquist and Evans): Maternity services. - SIGNED
- policy: babies v. health insurers
- politics: Noreen Evans v. Roger Hernandez

8. AB 183 (Ma): Alcoholic beverage licenses: self-service checkouts.
- MADD, labor and cops v. Fresh & Easy, the Chamber and the Grocers

7. SB 185 (Hernandez): Public postsecondary education.
- education and civil rights groups v. Ward Connerly and conservative bakers

6. SB 833 (Vargas): Solid waste: disposal facilities: San Diego County.
- tribes and environmentalists v. counties, labor and waste industry

5. AB 376 (Fong and Huffman): Shark fins.
- the authors, Jennifer Fearing and Bill Wong v. Leland Yee, Ted Lieu and gelatinous gourmands

4. AB 353 (Allen and Cedillo): Vehicles: checkpoints./AB 1389 (Allen): Vehicles: sobriety checkpoints: impoundment.
immigrants rights groups v. police organizations

3. SB 469 (Vargas): Land use: development project review: superstores.
- labor v. Wal-Mart, Chamber and local government

#2.5. AB 101 (John A. Pérez): Child care: family child care providers: bargaining representative. - VETOED 
SEIU v. child care industry

2. AB 131 (Cedillo): Student financial aid.
immigration rights and education groups v. John and Ken

1. SB 202 (Hancock): Elections: ballot measures.
- Dems, labor and voter reform groups v. Reps and critics of guts and amends

The guv's actions this far leaves lots of suspense for the weekend ahead. Governor, if you're getting your Nooner lovin' today, you'd make my Vegas weekend much less stressful if you'd sign my easy little bill that passed the two houses 107-7...

MONEY MATTERS: Meanwhile, The Sacramento Bee has done the heavy lifting and put together a table with the office expenditures of all Assembly members, including committee and leadership office budgets. Here are the top five:

compiled by the Sacramento Bee
NameReported member expenditureTotal with augmentationSource of augmentation
Chuck Calderon, D-Whittier $284,497 $608,000 Majority Floor Leader
John Perez, D-Los Angeles * $225,939 $599,145 Assembly Speaker
Felipe Fuentes, D-Sylmar $282,016 $591,000 Appropriations Committee chairman
Jose Solorio, D-Santa Ana $246,132 $565,000 Insurance Committee chairman and select committee
Mike Feuer, D-Los Angeles $293,736 $556,000 Judiciary Committee chairman & Majority Policy Leader
* excludes caucus expenditures 

The rest of the list is available on the SacBee's site.

FRIDAY EYE CANDY: Slate's animation of the horse race for the GOP nomination

FRIDAY SMILE-CRACKER: The Onion: Last American Who Knew What The Fuck He Was Doing Dies

And then there were bills...


  • AB 6 by Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes (D-Los Angeles) – CalWORKs and CalFresh.
  • AB 29 by Assemblymember John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) – Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development. A signing message can be found here.
  • AB 69 by Assemblymember Jim Beall (D-San Jose) – Senior nutrition benefits.
  • AB 152 by Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes (D-Los Angeles) – Income tax credits for voluntary donations to food banks and State Emergency Food Assistance Program.
  • AB 210 by Assemblymember Roger Hernandez (D-Baldwin Park) - Maternity services.
  • AB 341 by Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro (D-Eureka) – Solid waste: diversion.
  • AB 402 by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) – CalFresh program: School Lunch Program information.
  • AB 410 by Assemblymember Sandre Swanson (D-Oakland) – Regulations: adoption: disability access.
  • AB 418 by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) – Tidelands and submerged lands: City and County of San Francisco: Pier 70.
  • AB 512 by Assemblymember Richard Gordon (D-Redwood City) – Local government renewable energy self-generation program.
  • AB 554 by Assemblymember Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego) – Employment: workforce services.
  • AB 565 by Assemblymember William W. Monning (D-Santa Cruz) – Conservation: State Coastal Conservancy.
  • AB 581 by Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) – California Healthy Food Financing Initiative.
  • AB 631 by Assemblymember Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco) – Public utilities: electric vehicle charging stations.
  • AB 766 by Assemblymember William W. Monning (D-Santa Cruz) – Public works: payroll records.
  • AB 892 by Assemblymember Wilmer Amina Carter (D-Rialto) – Department of Transportation: environmental review process: federal pilot program.
  • AB 901 by Assemblymember V. Manuel Pérez (D-Coachella) – Economic development: small business.
  • AB 959 by Assemblymember Brian Jones (R-La Mesa) – CalWORKs and CalFresh: reporting.
  • AB 981 by Assemblymember Ben Hueso (D-Chula Vista) – California Pollution Control Financing Authority: Capital Access Loan Program.
  • AB 982 by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) – Energy: land exchange for renewable energy-related projects.
  • AB 1149 by Assemblymember Richard Gordon (D-Redwood City) – Beverage containers: recycling and litter reduction: funds.
  • AB 1314 by Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) – Air resources: Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program.
  • AB 1392 by Assemblymember Steven Bradford (D-Inglewood) – Energy.
  • AB 1398 by Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro (D-Eureka) – Employment of minors: agricultural packing plants.
  • AB 1423 by Assemblymember Henry Perea (D-Fresno) – Income taxes: federal conformity: Regulated Investment Company Modernization Act of 2010.
  • SB 43 by Senator Carol Liu (D-Pasadena) – CalFresh Employment and Training program.
  • SB 108 by Senator Michael Rubio (D-Bakersfield) – Surface mining: idle mines.
  • SB 222 by Senator Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) - Maternity services.
  • SB 225 by Senator Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) – California Pollution Control Financing Authority: Capital Access Loan Program.
  • SB 299 by Senator Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) - Employment: pregnancy or childbirth leave.
  • SB 502 by Senator Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) - Hospital Infant Feeding Act.
  • SB 555 by Senator Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley) – Local government: community facilities districts.
  • SB 570 by Senator Michael Rubio (D-Bakersfield) – San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District: high polluter vehicles: schoolbuses.
  • SB 617 by Senator Ronald Calderon (D-Montebello) – State government: financial and administrative accountability.
  • SB 698 by Senator Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) – Workforce development: high-performance boards.
  • SB 734 by Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) – State and local workforce investment boards: funding.


  • AB 696 by Assemblymember Ben Hueso (D-Chula Vista) – Bergeson-Peace Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank Act.
  • AB 700 by Assemblymember Robert Blumenfield (D-Van Nuys) – Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank. [veto message]
  • AB 1379 by Assemblymember Steven Bradford (D-Inglewood) – Economic development: public pension funds. [veto message]

    Yo eleven! Eureka, what are people reading?

    Jerry Brown Signs Bill Nixing Fingerprinting Of Food Stamp Recipients
    David Siders @
    Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation this morning eliminating the state's requirement that food stamp applicants be fingerprinted, a bid to increase participation in the federally-funded CalFresh program.

    Initiative Power To Make Laws Is Equal To Legislative Power
    Joel Fox @
    Last night in Los Angeles, I sat on a panel at a Zocalo Public Square event to discuss the initiative process. My fellow panelists were former California Supreme Court Justice, Carlos Moreno, former Sacramento Bee editorial page editor, Peter Schrag, and Bob Stern, President of the Center for Governmental Studies. The League of Women Voters Trudy Schafer moderated. The League of Women Voters of Los Angeles and the California Supreme Court Historical Society sponsored the event.

    Lobbyists' Golf Tourney Raises $25k For Capitol Kids
    Laurel Rosenhall @
    Lobbyists are used to hitting the golf course to help their clients give to political campaigns and schmooze with lawmakers.

    California's Realignment Finances Very Shaky
    Dan Walters @
    Gov. Jerry Brown assembled a phalanx of local politicians and cops the other day to assure the public that the "realignment" of some criminal justice, health and social service functions to counties will not endanger anyone.

    Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Measure Outlawing Prisoner Cellphones
    Shane Goldmacher @
    Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Thursday a measure making it a crime for prisoners to be caught with cellphones, saying he hoped to “break up an expanding criminal network” that uses the devices from behind bars.

    Maternity Care A Must In Health Plans With New Law
    Victoria Colliver @
    In an effort to help improve the health of mothers and infants in California, Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday signed into law a measure that will prevent health insurers from excluding maternity care as a covered benefit....

    Jerry Brown Signs Bill Requiring Insurers To Cover Maternity Care
    David Siders @
    Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation requiring health insurance plans in California to cover childbirth and other maternity services, eliminating an exception that allowed some smaller plans to exclude those services.

    Rollin Post Dies At 81; Veteran Bay Area Political Reporter
    Mark Z. Barabak @
    In his 40-year broadcast career, respected TV journalist Rollin Post covered nine presidential campaigns and 18 national political conventions, as well as a multitude of state and local contests.

    Jerry Brown toughens law on cellphones in prison
    Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Thursday making it a misdemeanor for prison guards or visitors to smuggle cellphones to inmates, a bid to reduce inmates' ability to organize gang activity and other crimes from behind bars.

    Black-listed In Azerbaijan A 'Disappointment I Can Live With'
    David Siders @
    State Sen. Joe Simitian, black-listed by the Azerbaijani government after traveling to a separatist region while on a diplomatic visit, was back at his Palo Alto office today, not entirely crestfallen.

    Obama Challenges Congress To Pass His Jobs Bill
    Jennifer Epstein and Carrie Budoff Brown @
    President Barack Obama took his national campaign for a new jobs bill back to the White House on Thursday, repeatedly warning Republicans to line up behind the measure or step up to “explain” their opposition to anxious voters.

    Utilities Commission To Work On Extending Public Goods Charge
    Laurel Rosenhall @
    The California Public Utilities Commission has agreed to take up Gov. Jerry Brown's request to figure out how to continue funding clean energy projects paid for by a soon-to-expire utility tax known as the "public goods charge."

    Television advertising in 2012 election could top $3 billion
    Kim Geiger @
    Candidates, party committees and outside groups combined could spend as much as $3.2 billion on television advertising in the 2012 election.

    Jerry Brown signs bill requiring insurers to cover maternity care
    David Siders @
    Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation requiring health insurance plans in California to cover childbirth and other maternity services, eliminating an exception that allowed some smaller plans to exclude those services.

    The College Bubble
    Nick Miller @
    Governments are broke, tuitions skyrocket, student-loan debt knows no ceiling, jobs are scarce--—are we headed toward a higher-education crash?

    Press Clips: A Consumer Guide To The New Civil War
    A few minutes later, he told an AP reporter of his belief that Texas could leave the union if its discontent with the federal government grows too great:

    Arrests Finally Come In Occupy Sacramento Protest
    Cynthia Hubert, Darrell Smith and Cathy Locke @
    Sacramento Police began arresting a group of about 19 Occupy Sacramento protesters about 12:40 a.m. today. The protesters were either lying or sitting at the entrance to Cesar Chavez Park at Ninth and K streets.

    Obama: Occupy Wall Street Protests Show Americans' Frustration
    Michael A. Memoli @
    President Obama said Thursday that the Occupy Wall Street protests show a "broad-based frustration" among Americans about how the U.S. financial system works.

    Jerry Brown signs pipeline bills in response to San Bruno blast
    David Siders @
    In response to last year's pipeline explosion in San Bruno, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation this morning requiring stricter oversight of natural gas transmission lines in California.

    CALPADS Goes To College
    Kathryn Baron @
    California's student data system has reached another milestone. By linking the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System, known as CALPADS, with two other data systems, state education officials tracked for the first time the number of high school graduates who enrolled in college - in and out of state.

    AM Alert: True Assembly spending varies widely by member
    Amy Chance @
    Jim Sanders of The Bee Capitol Bureau reported Thursday that the Assembly routinely underreports the amount of money used to run legislators' personal offices and overreports the operating costs of committees that do the brunt of the policy work in the house.

    Settlement: Calif. to prepare drinking water plan
    The Associated Press @
    California health officials have settled a lawsuit over a plan to improve the state's drinking water.

    Lobbyists' golf tourney raises $25K for Capitol kids
    Laurel Rosenhall @
    Lobbyists are used to hitting the golf course to help their clients give to political campaigns and schmooze with lawmakers.

    Sarah Palin Industry Faces Depression
    Ben Smith @
    The muted GOP reaction to Sarah Palin’s departure from the Republican presidential field Wednesday suggests the party had moved on months ago. Not so for the thriving cottage industry that grew at her feet, and whose future is now in danger.