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THE NOONER for September 30, 2011

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  • AD01 - Added Redding councilmember Rick Bosetti (R)

THE WEEKEND READ: Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair: California and Bust

BLAKESLEE: Renewed tax negotiations between Dems and GOP 5 likely if triggers are ready to be pulled in January.

PLAYING THE CORGI CARD: Yet another Fearing/Wong production supporting AB 376. We won't blame this vandalism outside Fox and Goose on them, though.

CONGRESSIONAL CHALLENGE: Former Republican Congressman George Radanovich and others yesterday filed a lawsuit alleging the Citizens' Commission congressional redistricting plan. The suit alleges that the plan violates the rights of minority voters under the federal Voting Rights Act, specifically black voters in Los Angeles and Asian voters in Orange County. 

Of course, the irony is that the suit argues that black voters should be packed into two districts to create two majority black districts, something the black members of Congress did not want, as it would likely ensure that one of the three black congresswoman (Bass, Richardson, and Waters) would not be re-elected. As it stands, Richardson is already considered an underdog against either African-American Isadore Hall or Janice Hahn, whose family has been considered almost honorary members of the community. 

In Orange County, the Vietnamese Republicans are upset because they are largely placed in an open Democratic-leaning seat that will likely elect someone from Long Beach. Of course, the final plan settled sticky issues in earlier plans that would have either pitted Loretta Sanchez against Dana Rohrabacher or John Campbell against Dana Rohrabacher

What's the Radanovich suit aiming to do?  It's a long shot, but if you shuffle lines around in the western corridor from Culver City down to Westminster, there are three possible effects that some in the GOP would like. First, if you pack black voters into two L.A. congressionals, it will have collateral effects throughout the L.A. basin, and could cause a shift in the San Gabriel Valley solving David Dreier's homelessness problem. And, if you go back to that plan where Sanchez and Rohrabacher are duking it out for a central/coastal seat in Orange County, the Gary Miller-Ed Royce showdown might be averted. And, as a sweetener, Long Beach's CD47 could pick up a few percentage of Republican voters, allowing Steve Kuykendall to return to Congress. (Although, it's nearly impossible seeing all three of these things happening...as each one would make the other ones less likely.)

However, it's important to note that some members of the California Republican delegation are not happy about the lawsuit. At the end of the day, Republicans are very likely losing two seats, even in what may be an awful election year for Democrats. It's simply demographics. Several members breathed a sigh of relief when the final plans were adopted and are quite fine with an end to all this redistricting stuff.

If you are John Campbell, Darrell Issa or Dana Rohrabacher, you're up $1,000 at the craps table and a new shooter betting the don't side just walked up to the table...




ANOTHER BUDGET LAWSUIT: Several Southern California cities filed a lawsuit challenging the state's redevelopment grab, although the case provides an interesting twist. The California Redevelopment Association and the League of California Cities already have a suit pending at the California Supreme Court on redevelopment that argues the grab violates local-protecting Proposition 22, but these cities now challenge that budget trailer bills that have out-year impacts may not be approved by a simple majority under Proposition 25. This argument eviscerates Prop. 25, as there are few things that are done in the budget--on the expenditures or cuts side--that don't have out-year effects. 

BLAH-BLAH-BLAH: There is now a campaign to get John and Ken off KFI-AM 640, after the shock talk jocks gave out an immigration activist's cell phone number on the air, reports the LAT. The activist, Jorge-Mario Cabrera, reports getting 400 hate-filled calls. Funny, when John and Ken gave my e-mail out on the air earlier this year in a rant against community colleges, I got two messages. I thought their listeners were just lazy.

Signed Bills

  • AB 44 by Assemblymember Dan Logue (R-Chico) – Inmates: release: notification.
  • AB 220 by Assemblymember Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana) – Interstate Compact for Juveniles.
  • AB 813 by Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher (R-San Diego) – Sex offenders: punishment: parole.
  • AB 898 by Assemblymember Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) – Crime victims: restitution: fine.
  • SB 179 by Senator Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) – Sex offenders: parole.
  • SB 534 by Senator Ellen Corbett (D-San Leandro) – Victims of sexual assault.
  • SB 576 by Senator Ronald Calderon (D-Montebello) – Sentencing.
  • SB 622 by Senator Ellen Corbett (D-San Leandro) – Sex offenders: registration.
  • SB 756 by Senator Curren Price (D-Los Angeles) –Sex offender registration.
  • SB 852 by Senator Tom Harman (R-Huntington Beach) – Corrections: victim notification.

Vetoed Bills

  • SB 296 by Senator Roderick Wright (D-Los Angeles) – Criminal street gangs: injunction: petition for exemption. [veto message]

    On to the those headines people are reading on atc...

  • Sam Blakeslee Predicts Replay Of Tax Measure Debate - Local @ mercurynews.com
    Republican Central Coast lawmaker Sam Blakeslee predicts a once-roiling debate over a statewide vote on a package of tax increases will resurface in time for the 2012 legislative session.

    Southern California Cities File Redevelopment Lawsuit - Kevin Yamamura @ blogs.sacbee.com
    In a lawsuit that could change ground rules on California budget writing, 10 Southern California cities and their redevelopment agencies are challenging methods used by state lawmakers in the budget process.

    Schwarzenegger Statues: Ex-governor Commissions Bronzes - yyAMCopy @ latimesblogs.latimes.com
    Schwarzenegger statues: The former California governor has commissioned at least seven Schwarzenegger statues as he gets busy in the aftermath of public outcry over revelations that he fathered a child with a household staffer.

    Brown's List Of "Public Safety" Bills Might Be Telling - Josh Richman @ ibabuzz.com
    Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bunch of bills today that he said will strengthen public safety in California, but what he didn’t sign might be just as interesting.

    Should CSU Pay Executives Using Private Foundation Dollars? - californiawatch.org
    Leaders at the state’s public four-year universities need to proceed carefully when it comes to using private dollars to supplement compensation packages for executives, lawmakers told California State University and University of California officials at a Senate Education Committee hearing this week.

    Jerry Brown has 'very good answer' on pensions, just not today - David Siders @ blogs.sacbee.com
    Gov. Jerry Brown, who is expected to propose a package of pension changes this fall, wouldn't answer when asked at a press conference today about some of his own appointees earning both public pensions and salaries, the subject of a Los Angeles Times story this morning.

    California Prison Pushback - Vauhini Vara and Bobby White @ online.wsj.com
    Starting Saturday, California counties no longer will send many of their nonviolent felons to state prisons, instead keeping thousands in local jails or even in home detention. The move aims to ease prison overcrowding that resulted in a stinging U.S. Supreme Court ruling in May.

    Former OCTA Board Member's New Job Exposes Conflict Of Interest Loophole - Tracy Wood @ voiceofoc.org
    Peter Buffa, a former public member of the Orange County Transportation Authority, had a surprise for board member Bill Campbell in June when Campbell and two other board members traveled to New York.

    UC Turns Career Tech Ed-friendly - toped.svefoundation.org
    A decade ago, 258 career technical education courses counted toward satisfying requirements for admission to the California State University or the University of California. Today, the number has grown to 9,079 courses, closing in on the 2012 goal of 10,000 courses that the Legislature set several years ago.

    Judges' War Gets New Ammo From Legislative Analyst - Dan Walters @ sacbee.com
    The Legislature's budget analyst has waded into the political war between the state court system's San Francisco-based leadership – including Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye – and hundreds of local trial court judges.

    CSU cautioned on foundation money for salaries - signonsandiego.com
    Leaders at the state's public four-year universities need to proceed carefully when it comes to using private dollars to supplement compensation packages for executives, lawmakers told California State University and University of California officials at a Senate Education Committee hearing this week.

    News Analysis: Health Care Adversaries Have Common Ground - nytimes.com
    The federal government and 26 states are heading into the Supreme Court disputing the means of the health care law, not so much the ends.

    California Budget Disaster Looms, But Slowly - John Wildermuth @ foxandhoundsdaily.com
    The California budget is beginning to look like a slow-motion train wreck, which everyone can see is coming but no one can do much about.

    Groups Want 'John And Ken' Show Off The Air - Paloma Esquivel @ latimes.com
    The hosts of the popular KFI talk show gave out the cellphone number of an immigrant rights activist. The activist, Jorge-Mario Cabrera, was inundated with hate-filled calls. Minority and immigrant rights organizations say they'll boycott the show's advertisers.

    Did Warren Buffett really disagree with Obama's tax plan? - James Oliphant @ latimes.com
    Republicans are getting a great deal of mileage out of an interview financier Warren Buffett gave Friday morning, contending that the billionaire failed to endorse President Obama’s jobs plan or the proposed tax hike that bears his name.

    Calif. Dems seek options after embezzlement scheme - JULIET WILLIAMS, Associated Press @ signonsandiego.com
    Democratic candidates whose campaign accounts may have been looted by their former treasurer are going before California's political watchdog agency in Sacramento to seek a reprieve from some of the state's campaign finance laws.

    Dan Walters: Judges' war gets new ammo from legislative analyst - sacbee.com
    The Legislature's budget analyst has waded into the political war between the state court system's San Francisco-based leadership – including Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye – and hundreds of local trial court judges.

    Scholarship foundation leadership is changing - signonsandiego.com
    An education foundation that provides scholarships to students from the Sweetwater Union High School District is undergoing a change in leadership with the arrival of Superintendent Ed Brand.

    Vanity Fair Looks At The Monster That Is Eating San Jose - Joel Fox @ foxandhoundsdaily.com
    When writer Michael Lewis asks a financial expert what state is the "scariest" financial place, she answers immediately: California. Lewis writes about California's fiscal problems by interviewing former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and leaders in the City of Vallejo fighting with the city's bankruptcy problem.

    San Diego Nudged Special Taxes Along - voiceofsandiego.org
    Special tax zones have proliferated with the help of the cash-strapped city. In one neighborhood, the city allotted itself the votes the tax needed to pass.

    Campaigns lowering expectations as key fundraising period ends - Kim Geiger, Michael A. Memoli and James Oliphant @ latimes.com
    Presidential candidates will tally three months worth of fundraising hauls Friday as the third financial quarter of the year comes to an end.