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THE NOONER for September 28, 2011

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POT, MEET KETTLE: Dan Walters: "Jerry Brown, California's 73-year-old governor, has been showing signs lately of becoming a grumpy old man."

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE: The expected stalemate over the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors redistricting didn't materialize, when Mark Ridley-Thomas left Gloria Molina standing at the altar in her effort to draw a second Latino seat on the five-member board. In the end, an incumbent-protection plan was adopted that keeps a seat for Don Knabe and also ensures that the west side/valley seat now held by Zev Yaroslavsky will continue to be the power broker seat. Sheila Kuehl wants to be the next power broker.

Had the vote gone as expected, Ridley-Thomas and Molina would have stuck together in a plan to draw two Latino seats, which would have blocked the requisite four votes to approve a redistricting plan. Had that happened, the task would have fallen to the trio of Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley, Sheriff Lee Baca and Assessor John R. Noguez. And, with the outcome from those three completely uncertain, Ridley-Thomas wasn't willing to risk it.

LACDP chair Eric Bauman tweets: "So let me understand, the LA County Board of Supes voted to keep the same districts despite all of LA's demographic changes since 2001. #DEM"

If there is no legal challenge, the biggest winner is Don Knabe and the biggest loser appears to be Alex Padilla.

Matt Rexroad tweets: "If MALDEF doesn't get fired up by Los Angeles County BOS lines then they should just shut down the whole organization. #potentialfail"

Meanwhile, over in the L.A. minors, Mike Hunt was a no-show.

SHOW ME THE MONEY: Yesterday, the California School Boards Association and the Assocation of California School Administrators announced that they would file a lawsuit alleging the Proposition 98 is underfunded by $2.1 billion in the budget. They have a decent case, although a lawsuit would likely just add to the $12.9 billion owed to Proposition 98 that will be repaid when it snows in Sacramento. However, could the lawsuit really be a play to block the $1.5 billion January budget trigger? After all, if the $4 billion in revenues tied to the triggers doesn't materialize, roughly $1.6 of that $2.1 billion of Proposition 98 "underfunding" would no longer be owed. So, if revenues go down and the trigger is not pulled for K-12, it becomes pretty close to a non-issue.
[Disclosure: Prop. 98 is my professional world, but have no firsthand knowledge of the strategy.]

Bills Signed

  • AB 900 (Buchanan and Gordon): Jobs and Economic Improvement Through Environmental Leadership Act of 2011
  • SB 292 (Padilla): California Environmental Quality Act: administrative and judicial review procedures: City of Los Angeles: stadium.
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  • On to the those headines people are reading on atc...

  • Jerry Brown Signs Los Angeles Stadium Bill - David Siders @ blogs.sacbee.com
    Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation this morning to accelerate judicial review of environmental challenges to a proposed NFL football stadium in Los Angeles, while also extending the same break to other large projects involving clean energy or downtown stadiums that get an environmental certification.

    California's Budget Faces New Legal Challenges - Shane Goldmacher @ latimes.com
    Education officials are suing state officials alleging that they've illegally been shortchanged out of $2 billion. And disability rights groups say they will sue to block $100 million in service cuts.

    Suit To Say Schools Owed $2 B More - toped.svefoundation.org
    In a lawsuit they’ll announce Wednesday, school boards and school administrators associations will contend that the Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown shorted K-12 schools and community colleges $2.1 billion owed to them under Proposition 98.

    Prop. 8 Lawsuit Videos Stay Under Wraps For Now - Bob Egelko @ sfgate.com
    The videos of last year's same-sex marriage trial in San Francisco will remain sealed, at least for now, while a federal appeals court considers arguments by sponsors of Proposition 8 that making the recordings public...

    Axelrod: Obama Faces 'titanic Struggle' To Win Re-election - James Oliphant @ latimes.com
    President Obama faces a “titanic struggle” to win re-election, his top campaign strategist, David Axelrod , said Tuesday, given high unemployment and the poisonous partisan atmosphere in Washington.

    California's budget faces new legal challenges - Shane Goldmacher @ latimes.com
    Education officials allege that Gov. Brown and lawmakers illegally shortchanged them by $2 billion. And disability rights groups plan to sue to block $100 million in service cuts. The suits add to the headaches facing the Capitol.

    California Still Collecting Above-average State Taxes - blogs.sacbee.com
    California may be mired in recession, but it's still collecting state taxes that are markedly higher, in proportion to its population, than the nation as a whole, according to a new data release by the U.S. Census Bureau.

    Jerry Brown Needs To Do More Than Complain - Dan Walters @ sacbee.com
    Jerry Brown, California's 73-year-old governor, has been showing signs lately of becoming a grumpy old man.

    Congressional Candidates Line Up Backers In Already Hot Races - Jean Merl @ latimesblogs.latimes.com
    Candidates in some of what already are shaping up to be next year’s hottest congressional races are adding to their endorsements lists at a brisk pace.

    Legal Opinion Could Spell Trouble For Plan To Roll Back L.A. Pension Costs - David Zahniser @ latimes.com
    The city's Fire and Police Pensions board has been told that retiree healthcare benefits are guaranteed, prompting one employee group to ask that a cap on benefits be blocked from going into effect.

    Cost Of Employer Health Coverage Climbs, Survey Finds - latimesblogs.latimes.com
    The cost of health insurance provided by employers for families jumped 9% this year over 2010 as rising healthcare expenses and other factors contributed to the largest premium increases in six years, a national survey shows. Annual insurance premiums for...

    L.A. County Rejects Bid For Second Latino-majority District - Los Angeles Times @ latimes.com
    After hours of emotional testimony from hundreds of speakers, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a political redistricting map late Tuesday largely preserving the status quo, protecting incumbents and rejecting demands that the board create a second Latino-majority district.

    Huge Turnout For County Redistricting Vote - La Daily News - dailynews.com
    An overflow crowd is jamming the county Hall of Administration today, with more than 600 people signed up to speak out on controversial plans to redraw the district boundaries for the Board of Supervisors.

    UC Alumni Reluctant To Donate - Jennifer Gollan @ baycitizen.org
    As the University of California's regents look for new sources of money to make up for state budget cuts, they are finding that university alumni are not as willing to donate as they may have hoped.

    Jerry Brown Signs Bill That Limits Delays To L.A. Stadium Project - Kate Linthicum and Sam Farmer @ latimes.com
    Anschutz Entertainment Group's plans to build an NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles get a boost with a new law that limits lawsuits. Gov. Jerry Brown signs a similar bill to streamline environmental reviews of other large construction projects.

    Obama's Top Lawyer To Help Argue California's Medicaid Case - blogs.sacbee.com
    The Supreme Court tussle over California's proposed Medicaid reimbursement cuts is getting livelier. Now, the Obama administration is weighing in personally.

    Promoting Jobs Bill In Denver, Obama Highlights $60 Billion For Schools - washingtonpost.com
    DENVER — As he has barnstormed the country to promote the American Jobs Act, President Obama has made the case that spending money now will pay off later for the United States’ global productivity and competitiveness. And one of the biggest investments he is proposing comes in education.

    New PAC Adds To Facebook's Growing Political Clout - californiawatch.org
    Palo Alto-based social networking giant Facebook is expanding its political footprint, confirming that it has filed the necessary paperwork to open a political action committee in advance of the 2012 elections.

    California Logging Industry's $18 Million State Subsidy Examined - sacbee.com
    California taxpayers subsidize the logging industry to the tune of $18 million a year, according to testimony at an Assembly hearing Tuesday.

    Eleventh-hour Lawmaking With Morning-after Questions - Anthony York @ latimes.com
    Passed in the chaos of the Legislature's last hours, a senator's 'gut and amend' bill on notifying women about breast cancer risks could bring a multimillion-dollar windfall to a business in his district.

    Eleventh-hour lawmaking with morning-after questions - Anthony York @ latimes.com
    Passed in the chaos of the Legislature's last hours, a senator's 'gut and amend' bill on notifying women about breast cancer risks could bring a multimillion-dollar windfall to a firm in his district.

    School officials say they'll sue California over latest state budget - sacbee.com
    Local school officials say they will sue California over $2.1 billion in education funding they believe state leaders should have provided in the June budget.