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THE NOONER for September 22, 2011

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  • CD15 - Removed Senator Ellen Corbett (D) (moved to bench)
  • CD15 - Added Dublin councilmember Eric Swalwell (D)
  • CD30 - Added author Susan Shelley (R)
  • AD05 - Added businessman Mark Belden (I)
  • AD10 - Added chiropractor Christian Gunderson (D)

TWEET DU JOUR/METROGEEK SWOON: @paulmitche11: "Congrats to @mayorcabaldon - SN&R's "Best politician to have a naughty #twitter daydream about" and "best public figure to fantasize about"

FIELD POLL: Two-thirds of voters have not heard of the redistricting commission's work.

Meanwhile, among registered voters, on the referendum:

Yes, keep current lines: 42%
No, to change them: 29%
Undecided 29% 

Of the 34% of voters who are aware of the commission's work, 52% support keeping the commission's lines, while 40% would like to see them redrawn.

DEM SPIN: "In Prop. 11, voters asked for districts to be drawn by an independent commission, and while the product may not be perfect, voters will stand with the commission and not the special interests backing a referendum.

REP SPIN: "When voters realize that the commission ignored the requirements of Proposition 11 in favor of special interests, they will side with independent, court-drawn plans."

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If qualified, a "Yes" vote upholds the commission's work. A "no" vote throws out the commission and instates the court's to-be-drawn plans. Thus, backers of the referendum will be campaigning for a "No" vote. Voter confusion is always a problem with referenda and creates problems in polling.

SIGNATURES STATUS: Little birdies were buzzing around my ears yesterday to inform me that the State Senate redistricting referendum (F.A.I.R.) has gathered around 200,000 signatures through both direct mail and paid signature gathering. One complication is that organizers expected to pay between $1-$1.50 per signature, considering the relatively few numbers of funded initiatives in the field right now. But, then came Mercury's George Joseph and his $8.2 million to qualify an initiative to rewrite auto insurance-regulating Prop. 103. This has pushed the price on the street to around $2.60.

That doesn't mean that F.A.I.R. now has to pay $2.60. However, that's the price to beat to be the primary ask by gatherers. Thus, in front of the grocery store, you won't hear redistricting first, but rather "Would you like your auto insurance rates lowered?" Only after a voter signs stops and signs Mercury's petition will they be asked about redistricting. It's like being on the second page of Google search results.

F.A.I.R. yesterday said that it is collecting signatures "faster than expected," although independent political analysts from both parties were skeptical that it's all rainbows and unicorns in the campaign. Leaders are scrambling for money and finding it harder than expected to raise. That said, the committee reported $42,500 yesterday from a couple of business interests and Jarvis.

VETO MESSAGE DU JOUR: SB 386 (Harman) - "This bill would order state park staff to put certain information on the internet and answer inquiries about park closures. A good idea but not one that needs a law.

"What the parks do need is sufficient funding to stay open -- something I feel compelled to note the author and his colleagues refused to let the people vote on."

Give it to the governor...he calls them like he sees them...

Signed Bills

  • AB 214 by Assemblymember Mike Davis (D-Los Angeles) – Professional photocopiers.
  • AB 261 by Assemblymember Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento) – Property tax: tax-defaulted property.
  • AB 289 by Assemblymember Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) – Sales and use taxes: exemption: charitable thrift stores.
  • AB 348 by Assemblymember Joan Buchanan (D-San Ramon) – Highways: Safety Enhancement-Double Fine Zone.
  • AB 560 by Assemblymember Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo) – Professional limited liability partnerships.
  • AB 623 by Assemblymember Das G. Williams (D-Santa Barbara) – Alcoholic beverage licensees: limited off-sale retail wine license.
  • AB 636 by Assemblymember Stephen T. Knight (R-Lancaster) – Military service: benefits.
  • AB 667 by Assemblymember Holly J. Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) – Medi-Cal: subacute care program.
  • AB 689 by Assemblymember Robert Blumenfield (D-Van Nuys) – Insurance: annuity transactions.
  • AB 1023 by Assemblymember Donald P. Wagner (R-Irvine) – Maintenance of the codes.
  • AB 1074 by Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes (D-Los Angeles) – Personal liability immunity: telecommunications service providers.
  • AB 1128 by Assemblymember Warren T. Furutani (D-Long Beach) – Vehicles: Terminal Island Freeway: special permits.
  • AB 1338 by Assemblymember Roger Hernandez (D-Baldwin Park) – Redevelopment.
  • AB 1430 by Committee on Local Government – The Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000 omnibus bill.
  • AB X1 16 by Assemblymember Robert Blumenfield (D-Van Nuys) – Local Revenue Fund 2011.
  • AB X1 17 by Assemblymember Robert Blumenfield (D-Van Nuys) – Criminal Justice Realignment of 2011.
  • AB X1 30 by Assemblymember Robert Blumenfield (D-Van Nuys) – Budget Act of 2011: revisions.
  • AB X1 32 by Assemblymember Robert Blumenfield (D-Van Nuys) – Education finance.
  • SB 32 by Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) – Alcoholic beverages: definitions: rectifiers.
  • SB 131 by Senator Ted Gaines (R-Fair Oaks) – Insurance: surplus line brokers: statement of business transacted.
  • SB 193 by Committee on Governance and Finance – Validations.
  • SB 428 by Senator Tony Strickland (R-Thousand Oaks) – Lester's Law of 2011.
  • SB 495 by Senator Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) – Unclaimed property.
  • SB 506 by Senator Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) – State finance: warrants.
  • SB 608 by Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) – Prison Industry Authority: nonprofit organizations: prison-made goods.
  • SB 619 by Senator Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) – California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009: exemptions.
  • SB 647 by Committee on Judiciary – Civil law: omnibus bill.
  • SB X1 4 by Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review – Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Account.

    Vetoed Bills

  • SB 386 by Senator Tom Harman (R-Huntington Beach) – State parks: proposed closures: public notice. [veto message]
  • SB 715 by Senator Ronald Calderon (D-Montebello) – Annuity transactions. [veto message]
  • SB 847 by Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) – Medical Marijuana Program: zoning restrictions: residential use. [veto message]

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    On to the hottest headines on atc...

  • Jerry Brown Plans Initiative To Guarantee Law Enforcement Funds - David Siders @ blogs.sacbee.com
    Gov. Jerry Brown said this morning he will put on the November 2012 ballot a constitutional guarantee of funding for law enforcement realignment, the shift of certain offenders from state prisons to local control.

    GOP option: Nest state Senate districts in Assembly maps - Malcolm Maclachlan @ capitolweekly.net
    According to Tony Quinn, a GOP political consultant and special witness for the Republicans challenging the maps, they’ve opened up an old-fashioned option for settling their legal challenge to the new Senate maps: nest the Senate districts into the Assembly maps produced by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission. The lawsuit is part of a larger effort that also includes a proposed voter referendum that would reject the maps the commission drew for the Assembly.

    Jerry Brown Vetoes Parks Bill, Signs 'infused' Spirit, Budget Bills - David Siders @ blogs.sacbee.com
    Even though he endorsed the idea, Gov. Jerry Brown today vetoed one of the more innocuous bills of the legislative session, a measure to require the Department of Parks and Recreation to post information on its website before closing a state park.

    Jerry Brown Talks Shark Fins, Taxes In Sacramento - Anthony York @ latimesblogs.latimes.com
    Gov. Jerry Brown promised a series of bill signings and vetoes Tuesday, bemoaning “a legislative machine that is running out of control” as he works through hundreds of bills on his desk.

    UC Davis Unveils Major Initiative To Increase Size Of Student Body - sacbee.com
    Calling it a response to the dramatic drop in state funding, UC Davis' chancellor today announced a plan to increase the campus' undergraduate population by one fifth, one of the biggest leaps in years.

    Fish Tale | California Water Wars - John Howard @ calwaterwars.com
    Endangered fish species in the Delta must be protected…it’s the law. But the law must be applied in a lawful manner and a federal judge has repeatedly found that federal agencies have failed in that effort. Phrases such as unjustified, clearly erroneous, unlawful, bad science and others have been levied at the fishery agencies responsible for federal rules that govern the flow of water through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The result of this failure to comply with law has been an ongoing legal effort that never should have taken place if the agencies had done their job right from the beginning. Once again the judge has directed the agencies to rework portions of the biological opinions that govern flows through the Delta to farmers and 25 million Californians. Hopefully they got the message and will correctly rewrite these rules.

    'Buffett Rule' A Bust In California - George Skelton @ latimes.com
    If President Obama really wants to see the "Buffett Rule" in action, he should look at California's tax system. The state has been plagued by it for years.

    Prosecutor, Councilman To Take On Pete Stark - Josh Richman @ ibabuzz.com
    An East Bay prosecutor and city councilman is announcing today that he’ll challenge Rep. Pete Stark in next June’s primary for the newly drawn 15th Congressional District.

    Field Poll: California's voters inclined to support new political maps - sacbee.com
    California voters are inclined to support the political maps drawn by a commission they created, but nearly two-thirds are unfamiliar with the work of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, a new Field Poll shows.

    Coverage rises as young adults take advantage of Obama health law - Noam N. Levey, Washington Bureau @ latimes.com
    As many as a million young adults have signed up for health insurance in the last year, new data indicate, suggesting the success of an early benefit of the healthcare law President Obama signed last year.

    Jerry Brown vetoes parks bill, signs 'infused' spirit, budget bills - David Siders @ blogs.sacbee.com
    Even though he endorsed the idea, Gov. Jerry Brown today vetoed one of the more innocuous bills of the legislative session, a measure to require the Department of Parks and Recreation to post information on its website before closing a state park.

    Jerry Brown wants to ensure funds for inmate shift to counties - sacbee.com
    Gov. Jerry Brown said Wednesday he plans to place on the November 2012 ballot a funding guarantee for prison realignment, the state's shift of responsibility for certain offenders to local government.

    Million young adults get health coverage under law - mercurynews.com
    WASHINGTON -- At least one part of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul has proven popular. With the economy sputtering, the number of young adults covered by health insurance grew by about a million as families flocked to take advantage of a new benefit in the law.

    Small Business, State Mandates And Sb 469 - Joel Fox @ foxandhoundsdaily.com
    The first question to those seeking the governor's veto of SB 469 at a news conference was a challenge about the bill's effect on small business. Appropriately so. SB 469 is aimed at slowing - some would say stopping - construction of superstore centers such as Wal-Mart and Target Superstores. The measure by Senator Juan Vargas sets up state requirements for an economic impact report before a superstore construction can proceed.

    UC Davis chancellor airs enrollment growth plan - The Associated Press @ signonsandiego.com
    The chancellor of the University of California's Davis campus is proposing a major increase in the size of the school's student body to compensate for cuts in state funding.

    House Conservatives Revolt On Spending Bill - David Rogers @ politico.com
    A stopgap spending bill to keep the government funded past Sept. 30 collapsed in the House late Wednesday in a return of the same brinkmanship politics that so soured voters on Congress in the debt fight over the summer.

    Complicated, messy, expensive: The 2012 election campaigns - Greg Lucas @ capitolweekly.net
    Newly configured legislative districts mean new opportunities triggering feverish clawing by candidates for higher or safer office, which, in turn, spawns equally furious jockeying for the seats they vacate.

    Brown Vetoes Pot Shop Bill - Patrick McGreevy @ latimes.com
    The bill would have barred medical marijuana dispensaries within 600 feet of homes. The governor signed measures on wine and alcohol infused with fruits and vegetables.

    Jerry Brown Wants To Ensure Funds For Inmate Shift To Counties - sacbee.com
    Gov. Jerry Brown discusses the impending shift of state prisoners to counties at a Sacramento Convention Center meeting of law enforcement officials.

    Legislation Would End Office Bike Bans - accessing this site, you accept our @ baycitizen.org
    Groundbreaking legislation introduced by Supervisor and mayoral candidate John Avalos yesterday would allow the thousands of people who pedal to ...

    Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill Keeping Pot-shops Away From Homes - latimesblogs.latimes.com
    Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday vetoed a bill barring medical marijuana dispensaries from within 600 feet of homes in California, saying it steps on the powers of cities and counties that already have authority to regulate pot shops. Brown noted...