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THE NOONER for September 20, 2011

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  • CD35 - Removed Assemblymember Norma Torres (D) - expected to run for reelection in AD52

FROZEN DOUGH: The LAT's Patrick McGreevy reports that the Fair Political Practices Commission is holding a special meeting next Friday to discuss whether campaigns that were clients of Kinde Durkee should be given reporting and contribution limit flexibility. With literally hundreds of committee accounts apparently frozen, candidates want to know whether someone that has maxed out ($7,800 for state legislative elections) can go back to that same donor to replenish their coffers.

Meanwhile, Durkee client California Young Democrats sent out a fundraising appeal "Donate on ActBlue to help with the recovery effort." 

THE RED MEAT: Flashreport's Annual Top 20 Bills To Veto

TOP BILL SEARCHES: With 70,000 visits sent to aroundthecapitol.com each month from search engines, it's pretty cool to look at what people are searching for on search engines that brings them to the site. The following are the top 5 pending bills bringing people to aroundthecapitol.com in the last 7 days, with much of the traffic driven by talk radio.

  1. AB 499 (Atkins): Minors: medical care: consent 
  2. AB 131 (Cedillo): Student financial aid
  3. AB 353 (Allen and Cedillo): Vehicles: checkpoints
  4. AB 144 (Ammiano and Portantino): Firearms 
  5. SB 469 (V. Manuel Perez): Land use: development project review: superstores

IN IT TO WIN IT: State Senator Gloria McLeod reiterated that, despite Congressman Joe Baca's decision to run in CD35, she's still a candidate. Baca lives in CD31, but chose CD35 because 1) it's a safer Democratic seat or 2) because he was yielding to Congressman Jerry Lewis (R-Redlands), depending who you ask. McLeod beat Baca, Jr. for the State Senate in 2006 and is termed out in 2014. We're betting Norma Torres is running for reelection.

AMAZON'S MOTIVE? They came in like a lion and out like a lamb. Just why did Amazon.com back down from the referendum and cut a deal with Democrats at the end of session?

As a reminder of what happened in the frenzied waning days of session, Amazon agreed to commence collecting sales taxes on September 15, unless a federal uniform sales tax for online retailers is adopted. The deal was approved in AB 155 (Charles Calderon) on a bipartisan vote.

There essentially were four, perhaps overlapping possibilities, and I'll rank them from least probable to most.

  1. Amazon feared a two-thirds vote could pass the Legislature, eliminating the possibility of a referendum. (least likely)
  2. Amazon has a need to expand distribution and technical facilities, which will likely land it in California, thus requiring it to collect sales tax anyway.
  3. Amazon didn't want a public and ugly fight with Wal-mart and Target on the California ballot and to be branded "anti-California."
  4. Amazon worried about the validity of the legal argument that, as a budget-related bill, the tax included in the budget package wasn't subject to referendum. (most likely)

Obviously, it is in Amazon's interest to have a national, uniform sales tax, but it's not for technical reasons. There are plenty of online databases that an intern could integrate with Amazon's billing system for the price of a case of Red Bull. What Amazon really wants is a uniform national sales tax that, on average, is lower than local sales taxes. This will continue to ensure a modest price advantage. While the difference between 5% and 7.75% doesn't seem like much on that $5 Hunger Games paperback, it is a $47 difference on that new $1,699 MacBook Air that I want. People drive over the border to Oregon to save that kind of dough.

The most interesting question is whether a budget-related bill is subject to referendum. There are several specific types of bills that are not subject to referendum, each of which goes into effect immediately upon signing it. All other bills go into effect 90 days (or close to 90 days, such as bills signed by the governor leading up to October 10) after enactment. This gives a would-be referendum effort time to collect sufficient signatures, at which point the effectiveness of the bill is "stayed." 

Specifically, the following bills are not subject to referendum (Cal. Const. art. II, § 9):

  • statutes except urgency statutes
  • statutes calling elections
  • statutes providing for tax levies or appropriations for usual current expenses of the State

Before Proposition 25, most bills that were adopted as part of the state budget were urgency bills and adopted with a two-thirds vote. Clearly, these were not subject to referendum. However, Proposition 25 eliminated the requirement to use urgency clauses by creating a new creature--a simple majority "bill relating to the state budget" that went into effect immediately.

This issue was raised both in the campaign and during the budget's aftermath. While the Legislature's lawyers opined that, absent a specific clause in Proposition 25 making it clear the new majority-vote-budget-trailers were subject to referendum, then they weren't. However, there are plenty of lawyers that would argue the other side, and they would point to the ballot arguments in which opponents claimed Prop. 25 "[e]liminates voter rights to use the referendum process to reject hidden taxes and repeal bad laws at the ballot." That's the sort of thing judges look for in determining the "intent" of the voters in ballot measures. If the opponent claims a gray area law will do something and voters approve it anyway, courts are more likely to defer to the public arguments.

It is very possible that Amazon would have spent $5-10 million preparing for a campaign to overturn the tax and then have the whole issue kicked off the ballot. I would bet, as much as for any other reason, that's why Amazon backed down and cut a deal with the Legislature.

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California Assembly says budget records lawsuit 'unfounded' - sacbee.com
The California Assembly has criticized as "unfounded and unnecessary" a public-records lawsuit filed by The Bee and Los Angeles Times seeking access to current fiscal records.

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Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, speaking about climate change at a United Nations forum in New York this morning, said he will "keep pushing regional governments around the world to come off the sidelines" to enact green energy programs such as California did during his tenure.

California Won't Slip Back Into Recession, UCLA Study Predicts - Walter Hamilton @ latimes.com
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Californians Know They Need Long-term Care Coverage, But Don't Buy It - Herbert A. Sample @ healthycal.org
For the second time in as many months, a survey of Californians has found they are more aware than ever of the potential need for long-term health care in the future. But, paradoxically, fewer are taking steps to prepare for that costly possibility.

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