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THE NOONER for September 19, 2011

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  • CD15 - Added State Senator Ellen Corbett (D)
  • CD36 - Added physician Raul Ruiz (D)
  • CD37 - Moved Mervin Evans (D) to US Senate 
  • SD01 - Added accountant Scott Moody (R)
  • AD67 - Added Murrieta school board member Kenneth Dickson (R)

LESSONS FROM MEXICO: Niners suck in Spanish as well.

HEADLINE GOP WANTED: "Republicans woo Latinos on jobs, economy"

HEADLINE GOP GOT: "Ron Paul wins California Republican straw poll"

TWEET DU JOUR: @thewyatt: "Just saw burglar alarm ad tied to #cabudget realignment plan on CBS primetime in sac. #cashingin"

EAST BAY SCRAMBLE: State Senator Ellen Corbett filed a Statement of Organization to the FEC last week for a congressional bid in CD15, where longtime incumbent Pete Stark is running for reelection. It is a free ride for Corbett, as she is termed out of SD10 in 2014. Now, what is interesting is that, if Corbett is successful in her congressional bid, there would be a vacancy election in 2013 for the old Senate District 10, which is quite similar to the new SD10, minus San Leandro, Pleasanton and part of San Jose.

The special election would likely draw Assemblymembers Mary Hayashi and Bob Wieckowski. Hayashi will be termed out of the Assembly in 2012, and the new SD10 is the most Asian Senate seat in the state, with 40% Asian population and 33% Asian citizen voting age population (CVAP).

During his taping with the Daily Show, Assemblymember Tim Donnelly reportedly threatened to sponsor a referendum against AB 131 (Cedillo), if Governor Jerry Brown signs it. AB 131, also known as the California Dream Act, would allow certain undocumented students who graduated from California high school to access fee waivers in community colleges, entitlement Cal Grants and, if sufficient funds are available to cover all eligible citizens, competitive Cal Grants.

For the purposes of The Nooner, let's set aside the policy of the Dream Act and instead talk the politics of a possible referendum. As full disclosure, both professionally and personally, I support AB 131, as well as the more important federal DREAM Act (which provides a path to citizenship after college graduation or military service). The absence of any federal immigration policy since IRCA in 1986 has created a generation of young people that are stuck in an educational and economic prison and we need to solve it.

Moving on to a possible referendum...assuming Brown signs the bill...

First, could Donnelly qualify a referendum? He would have 90 days from the date the governor signs the bill to gather 504,760 signatures, including the time it takes to obtain title and summary from the Attorney General (10 days) and the time to print petitions. It's a much more difficult hurdle than a statutory initiative. With this accelerated timeline, it could very well take $2-3 million to qualify the referendum, assuming Donnelly is successful motivating a Tea Party-type revolt. While there's little interest by volunteers in gathering signatures for a State Senate redistricting referendum, make no doubt that there is significant passion behind this issue (with a media-driven effort likely by John and Ken), and it wouldn't take much to see folks in front of grocery stores for Thanksgiving. (Will the grocery stores be open for Thanksgiving?)

It is doubtful that Donnelly could raise the money in this short of time. If there was a longer period for qualification, certainly, this could be a direct mail cash cow. However, referenda are built on big and fast money. There is no reason for business interests to get involved, as the bill doesn't cost the state much and this is the type of issue from which boycotts germinate.

A patron would be needed to write a big check -- perhaps someone that is willing to jump in to challenge Dianne Feinstein next year and wants to make a name quickly. One such person could be David Dreier, who reported a net worth of between $5.3 and $17.7 million in 2009, and is desperately looking for a political future. Of course, that's nothing compared to Darrell Issa, who reported $161 million to $452 million, and who has a penchant for spending his own money on political ambitions. 

Perhaps the California Republican Party should be spending its money on a Dream Act referendum rather than the redistricting referendum. Getting state senate seats realigned might save Sam Blakeslee and maybe Bill Berryhill, but they won't materially help the party long-term. The problem is that the party is bending over backwards to be friendly to Latino voters right now, and doesn't want to do anything that smells like Proposition 187.

That said, if Governor Brown signs SB 202 and AB 131, and Donnelly succeeded in qualifying a referendum on AB 131, the referendum would be on the November 2012 ballot. While AB 131 is essentially a state issue, the Dream Act at the federal level continues to be a hot-button issue, and it could easily impact the U.S. Senate race (assuming they find a candidate) and several congressional races. With the amount of economic angst among voters, particularly with the skyrocketing cost of higher education, I would not want to be a legislator on the ballot in a swing or leaning Dem district arguing for the Dream Act. Just compare the arguments on AB 131:

Pro: "We want to provide scholarships to certain children of long-time undocumented immigrants who, through no fault of their own, were brought here by their parents and enrolled in California schools. Over time, the small investment will pay back our economy many times over."

Con: "At a time of skyrocketing college costs and not enough room for your kid to go to colege, it makes no sense for illegal immigrants to get scholarships that could otherwise make college more affordable for legal citizens."

Remember, in November 1994, the unemployment rate was 7.9%, and Prop. 187 won 59-41%. According to exit polls, 27% of Latino voters favored it. We were talking about kicking schoolchildren out of the classroom and sick people out of hospitals--much harsher than denying scholarships to undocumented students.

I hated the racial politics of Prop. 187, and it did hurt the brands of the California Republican Party and Pete Wilson among many Latino voters (most of whom were Democratic voters by economics anyway). Nevertheless, as the Latino population continues to grow, the number of Republican Latinos will grow, but probably at the same pace as Democratic Latinos. Young people and poor people are disproportionately Democrats and will continue to be and, Latinos are disproportionately young and poor. 

Back to AB 131 and a possible referendum. Make no mistake that with 12.1% unemployment and the cuts our higher education systems have taken, Tim Donnelly is on to something. Meanwhile, the Republican Party spent its weekend in Los Angeles wearing sombreros and serapes to make good with Latino voters and disguise its anti-illegal immigrant platform (which was not amended). Instead, they might want to drop the GOP Dream Act of grabbing a huge swath of Latino voters, go for the read meat and capitalize on huge voter anxiety. If they don't, they could lose congressional seats like Brian Bilbray's, as Tea Party candidates ride John and Ken to Washington.

Again, I fully support the bill and would hate to be fighting a referendum next year, but I am also quite familiar with the vitriol out there. Frequently dismissed by even his colleagues as too far to the right, Tim Donnelly may be the mainstream on this issue, particularly in this economic and political environment. Fortunately for Dream Act supporters, the odds of qualifying a referendum are also extraordinarily small.

Tell me if I am way off base on the politics...

DEPT OF CORRECTIONS: Yes, that's the second time I have spelled "jefe" "hefe." I am, after all, el gringo's gringo.

Signed Bills

  • ABX1 21 (Blumenfield): Public health: managed care plan taxes.
  • SB 335 (Hernandez and Steinberg): Medi-Cal: hospitals: quality assurance fee.

Vetoed Bills

  • SBX1 6 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review): Budget Act of 2011: Director of Finance: reductions. [veto message]

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