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THE NOONER for September 15, 2011

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Good morning...another miserable day in paradise. I'm watching 15 guys sweeping seaweed off a 25-yard section of beach. Now, that's a Jobs Bill we can all believe in.


  • CD16 - Added businessman Case Lawrence (R)
  • SD25 - Added businesswoman Ameenah Fuller (D)
  • AD09 - Removed Gary Davis (D)
  • AD20 - Added Union City councilmember Mark Green (N)
  • AD38 - Added Hart UHSD member Paul Strickland (R)

TWEET DU JOUR: @BacteriaBear: "Word from the boss. Bear market for bills over the next 26 days. Sutter is lifting his leg on your bills, not me!"

$$$: A little birdie finds it odd that Robert Loewen, an attorney for Gibson, Dunn wrote a $5,000 check to FAIR, the redistricting referendum committee.  Gibson Dunn is the law firm for the Redistricting Commission, of whose work product the referendum seeks to overturn.

SB 202, EXPLAINED: CW's John Howard covers the new pension initiative submitted yesterday by People's Advocate (Ted Costa).

DONNELLY ON THE DAILY: The Bee reports that a crew from The Daily Show was in the Capitol yesterday taping a segment with Assemblymember Tim Donnelly. "A staffer the Twin Peaks Republican would say only that the topic for the interview with the satirical newscast is 'direct democracy.' It was unclear Wednesday when the segment would air."

SERIOUSLY? The National Republican Congressional Committee yesterday launched a television ad against Dennis Cardoza. From all indications, Cardoza is retiring and yielding CD16 to his friend and fellow blue dog Jim Costa. And, you claim Democrats waste money...

PULLING BACK: Attribute it to the miserable political climate or difficulty raising money in the even worse economic climate, we have had a significant retreat in the Sacramento-area races in the last couple of weeks. Dan Lungren decided against challenging Tom McClintock in CD04, Alyson Huber decided against taking a run in CD07 (possibly against Lungren), and, yesterday, Gary Davis released that he is running for Elk Grove mayor rather than AD08. This morning, Dan Morain attributes the timidity on the Democratic side to a national Democratic malaise.

This leaves one sticky situation to unravel--AD07, where Assemblymembers Roger Dickinson and Richard Pan have showed no signs of backing down from a face-off. Did Gary Davis get a signal from Pan that he was willing to move? Our sources say nothing has been telegraphed and that neither Dickinson nor Pan want to move. Remember, unlike running for Congress, to run for the state Legislature, candidates need to move by November 6.

Some (i.e. Dickinson's supporters) have pushed Pan to step aside for two years, when AD07 will open up when Dickinson runs for SD06. Backers of this strategy point out that Dickinson is termed out in 2014, while Pan still has four years left. Of course, if Dickinson won the Senate race, Pan wouldn't get a chance until after the next redistricting. That's not really a career ladder Pan wants to climb.

Pan has three choices. Defer to Dickinson and sit out for two years, stay and fight Dickinson in AD07, or grab an apartment 20 miles south in Elk Grove and run for AD09. In any of these scenarios, he can run for SD06 in 2014. While everything we have heard points to a face-off, the last option still seems the most attractive for Pan.

NEED YOUR HELP: With 153 races on the ballot next year, it takes a lot to track who jumps in and out. Browse the candidate list and let me know [scott@scottlay.com] if anyone is missing or should be included.

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On to the hottest headines on atc...

Jerry Brown Warns Of 'Veto Blues' As He Mulls About 600 Bills - David Siders @ blogs.sacbee.com
Gov. Jerry Brown said this morning that he will veto many of the hundreds of bills passed by the Legislature last week, calling many of them unnecessary.

CSU Rate Splits CalPERS Board Along Labor Lines - Ed Mendel @ calpensions.com
Labor members on the CalPERS board yesterday blocked a Brown administration request for a $50 million increase in CSU employer pension contributions, a delay urged by labor unions who want to bargain new contracts first.

GOP Legislator Tim Donnelly To Appear On 'The Daily Show' - Torey Van Oot @ blogs.sacbee.com
A production crew for "The Daily Show" was spotted late this afternoon under the dome, taping a segment with GOP Assemblyman Tim Donnelly.

California Could Pose Problem For Obama's Healthcare Reform - Noam N. Levey @ latimes.com
California was seen as a model for healthcare reform. Now, the cash-strapped state is seeking to impose some of the toughest limits on government-subsidized healthcare. If approved, the limits could herald deep cutbacks to Medicaid nationwide.

Mitt Romney Fundraising In CA Friday..but Not Stopping By State's Big GOP Convention - Carla Marinucci @ sfgate.com
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be fundraising hard in California this week -- on the opening day of the state GOP convention Friday in Los Angeles. But don't look for him to drop in to the gathering of the nation's largest Republican party -- there are no such plans.

Evans' In-your-face Style Makes Waves In Legislature - pressdemocrat.com
Democratic State Sen. Noreen Evans’ increasingly bare-knuckles political style is earning her blowback from members of her own party, some of whom nearly derailed two of the senator’s bills that affect fishing interests on the North Coast.

3 Big Bills In A Pile Of Minutia - George Skelton @ latimes.com
Of the 600 bills on his desk, the governor should sign AB 144 on guns and SB 202 on elections and pass on AB 101 on baby-sitting.

Proposed Ballot Initiative To Cut Public Pensions - John Howard @ capitolweekly.net
The group founded by the advocates of the tax-cutting Proposition 13 are crafting a ballot initiative that urges across-the-board cuts in public pensions and sets ups a new, CalPERS-style state retirement system for private employees.

Endorsements Rolling In For Assembly, Congressional Candidates - latimesblogs.latimes.com
Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz likes not one but two of the candidates for a new San Fernando Valley seat in the state Assembly. On Wednesday, he endorsed Democratic businesswoman Laurette Healey for the 46th District not long after...

CSAC Polling On Possible Initiative For Constituional Funding Protections - blogs.pe.com
The California State Association of Counties is hiring a pollster to gauge the popularity of a possible initiative to guarantee funding for realignment, Riverside County Supervisor John Tavaglione, the group's president, said Tuesday.

Another pension initiative qualifies for signature collection - Jon Ortiz @ blogs.sacbee.com
A sweeping measure that would curb pensions for current government employees, retirees and future hires has been given approval to collect signatures to qualify it for a statewide vote.

Gov. Brown To Legislature: Get Ready For The 'veto Blues' : Politics Blog - Wyatt Buchanan @ sfgate.com
Gov. Jerry Brown today fired a warning shot to state lawmakers, essentially telling them the legislation they have worked on for months is not likely to become law. "I'm going to veto a lot of...

House Election Results Cloud Obama's Jobs Plan Pitch - James Oliphant @ latimes.com
President Obama travels to North Carolina on Wednesday dogged by poor economic news, threats of resistance on the Hill, sagging poll numbers and Democratic losses in a pair of special House elections.

Twin Defeats Spark Democratic Fears - Jonathan Martin and Ben Smith and Jake Sherman @ politico.com
HOWARD BEACH, N.Y.—The Democratic Party’s rare loss of a congressional seat in its urban heartland Tuesday, accompanied by a blowout defeat in a Nevada special election, marked the latest in a string of demoralizing setbacks that threatened to deepen the party’s crisis of confidence and raise concerns about President Barack Obama’s political fortunes.

Obama jobs plan: Raise taxes on health care - Matt DoBias @ politico.com
One provision of the plan makes health plans taxable for people who make more than $200,000.

Jerry Brown Rips Republicans, Says Jarvis Group Is Their Jockey - sacbee.com
SAN FRANCISCO – Still smarting from the Legislature's defeat of his tax and jobs plan, Gov. Jerry Brown accused Republican lawmakers Wednesday of an "unconstitutional delegation of power," saying they are controlled by the anti-tax group Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Brown tells Calif. lawmakers to brace for vetoes - JUDY LIN, Associated Press @ signonsandiego.com
Gov. Jerry Brown warned California lawmakers Wednesday that they soon will be "playing the veto blues" as he considers some 600 bills passed by the Legislature before its session ended last week.

Legislature Lets Rich Guys Win Again - John Wildermuth @ foxandhoundsdaily.com
Once again, the California Legislature has shown it slavishly follows the Golden Rule: He's who's got the gold, makes the rules.

CalPERS Board Censures Member After Sexual Harassment Reprimand - latimesblogs.latimes.com
The board of the California Public Employees' Retirement System has censured board member J.J. Jelincic after he was officially reprimanded for sexually harassing co-workers when he was an investment officer at the pension fund.

When Campaign Funds Go Missing - John Bresnahan and Jonathan Allen @ politico.com
A California Democratic treasurer stands accused of the ultimate political betrayal: stealing from campaign accounts that she was entrusted with overseeing.

Lawmakers Depart, But Bills Remain For Brown To Ponder - Alisen Boada @ capitolweekly.net
The lawmakers are out of town, the Capitol is quiet and the governor is back at his desk after a Vegas trip. But as the lawmakers fled back to their districts, they deposited scores of bills on the desk of Gov. Brown, who has a month to sign them, veto them or let them become law without his signature. Since he actually reads the bills - not all governors do, believe it or not - and actually writes his own veto messages, he'll be at his desk quite awhile.

Jerry Brown accuses GOP of unconstitutional delegation of power - David Siders @ blogs.sacbee.com
Still smarting from the Legislature's defeat of his tax and jobs plan, Gov. Jerry Brown accused Republican lawmakers tonight of an "unconstitutional delegation of power," saying they are controlled by the anti-tax group Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.