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THE NOONER for August 22, 2011

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  • CD26 (Ventura) - Added businessman David Cruz Thayne (D)

DOES DUCHENY?  In Friday's list of questions, I dropped the "Ducheny v. Vargas?" question because I believed the showdown for CD51 was certain. Meanwhile, I've heard that Denise is still debating making the run...

DREAMWEAVERS: CD30 - Howard Berman, who was once rumored as a possible successor to Jack Valenti for head of the MPAA (before Chris Dodd was tapped), is finding serious love from the industry.  LA Observed has a copy of the invitation from Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen for a $1,000 per person funder at the Beverly Hilton on November 10.  Meanwhile, Brad Sherman has the Big Vegan Cheese.

RETIRE, RELOCATE OR RETRENCH? Jerry Lewis in the PE: "I'm certainly inclined, should I decide to run for re-election, to run in [CD31]," Lewis said, before adding, "but in the meantime, a lot of people are urging me to look at other options as well."

CD31 is likely the district for Joe Baca...  Jerry Brown won it by 7.2% and Barack Obama won it by 15.2%.

CAPITOL GAINES: When I was a kid, when dad moved out and got an apartment, it meant mom and dad were splitting up.  Now, it means mom and dad are staying together--in the Legislature.

HOPE FOR HAHN: The LB Press-Telegram's Eric Bradley reports: "Congresswoman Janice Hahn, one of three Democrats who have declared a run for the new San Pedro- Carson-Compton district, on Friday released poll results commissioned by her campaign that showed her as the pick of 47 percent of likely voters in the June 2012 primary.

"Long Beach Rep. Laura Richardson had 24 percent and Assemblyman Isadore Hall of Compton took 7 percent; 22 percent were undecided.

"Hall, an African-American who has been endorsed by the California Legislative Black Caucus, was unknown to 70 percent of the likely voters polled."

AMAZON-SIZED CAMPAIGN: Amazon.com reports kicking in another $2.25 million to its campaign to overturn California's new enforcement of sales and use taxes for online purchases. This brings the total to $5.25 million.

PROCTOLOGICAL POLITICS:  When you can't fund them, audit them! JLAC meets 9am on Wednesday.  Check out the wish list of legislators for projects for the State Auditor:

  1. 2011–118: California Statewide Communities Development Authority and California Municipal Finance Authority–Joint Powers Authorities (Feuer)
  2. 2011–119: Physical Therapy Board of California (Hayashi)
  3. 2011–120: CalTrans, Managing State Property – 710 Freeway Extension Corridor (Portantino)
  4. 2011–121: Domestic Violence Probation Payments (Ma)
  5. 2011– 122: WCB, Land Acquisition Program (Halderman and Sen. La Malfa)
  6. 2011–123: OSPR, Oil Spill Prevention Administration Fund (Huffman)
  7. 2011–124: Local School Bonds (Norby)
  8. 2011–125: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission (Sen. Wright)
  9. 2011–126: Non–Profit Hospitals (Sen. Corbett)
  10. 2011–127: Metropolitan Transportation Commission (Sen. DeSaulnier)
  11. 2011–128: Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (Lara)
  12. 2011– 129: CDCR, Juvenile Justice Realignment (Huber)
  13. 2011–130: PUC, Low–Income Energy Programs (Knight)

On to the headines...

Villaraigosa's Bold Jabs At Gov. Brown And Property Tax - George Skelton @ latimes.com
Ask Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa whether he covets Gov. Jerry Brown's job and he answers: "If this were about running for governor, I wouldn't be tacking Prop. 13 on my forehead." That certainly makes sense, at least based on conventional wisdom.

CalPERS Boosts Cost Of Terminating Pension Plans - Ed Mendel @ calpensions.com
In a sign of the uncertain times, the CalPERS board last week approved a sharp increase in the cost of terminating pension plans, a rare action said to be taken each year by only one or two of the more than 2,000 retirement plans in the giant system.

Referendum Of Redevelopment Law Shelved By Proponent - Torey Van Oot @ blogs.sacbee.com
Proponents have abandoned an effort to overturn a new law allowing rebirth of some redevelopment agencies shuttered under this year's budget package.

Dan Walters: Older Democratic Politicians Clogging Up The Waiting Line - sacbee.com
The new congressional, legislative and Board of Equalization districts drawn by an independent commission made a long-evident political reality official: California, once a Republican bastion, is now solidly, even overwhelmingly, Democratic.

UC Income From Tuition Will Surpass State Funding For The First Time - Larry Gordon @ latimes.com
Propelled by budget crises in California and elsewhere, the burden of paying for education at a public college or university, once heavily subsidized by taxpayers, is shifting to students and their families.

Grocery Union Vote Backs Strike At Ralphs, Vons And Albertsons - latimesblogs.latimes.com
Members of a union that represents 62,000 grocery workers in southern California overwhelmingly voted to approve to strike if a new labor deal cannot be reached with leadership from Vons, Ralphs and Albertsons supermarkets.

Mitt Romney Fundraising, Tripling Home Size In CA -- But Not Coming To CA GOP Convention - Carla Marinucci @ sfgate.com
GOP 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been busily fundraising in California, and making plans to expand his $12 million La Jolla mansion here -- but don't look for him to attend the gathering of the nation's largest Republican party in the state.

The California Majority Report // Gov. Jerry Brown Fundraiser Tonight To Kick Off New California Democratic Party Effort Targeting La County For Vote By Mail Program - camajorityreport.com
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Unemployment Highest Among Teens, Minorities, Men - californiawatch.org
California's unemployment rate remains the second-highest in the nation – 12 percent in July – but among some demographic groups, joblessness is even higher. 

California Data Spill Shows Risk Of Online Health Records - Health Med Fit @ mercurynews.com
Electronic records can lower costs, cut bureaucracy and ultimately save lives. The government is offering bonuses to early adopters and threatening penalties and cuts in payments to medical providers who refuse to change. But there are not-so-hidden costs with modernization.

Why Perry, Romney Must Come To Ca’s GOP Confab « Calbuzz - calbuzz.com
A candidate with volunteers and organization spread around in a variety of congressional districts, might well pick up a lot more delegates.

BART Under Siege As New Protests, Lawsuits Loom - Zusha Elinson @ baycitizen.org
Early last month, a BART police officer shot and killed a knife-wielding homeless man at the San Francisco Civic Center station. The incident provoked a series of small protests that drew little attention until Aug. 11, when the transit agency took the unusual step of shutting down cellphone service for several hours as activists prepared for another rally.

Relief Delayed For Prisoners Deemed Wrongfully Convicted - Carol J. Williams @ latimes.com
U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson failed for years to rule on a number of eligible habeas corpus petitions. In one case, the prisoner died in the sixth year of the judge's inaction.

Convicted Of Unlawful Sex With Girl, 17, Recruiter Is Still In National Guard - Charles Piller @ sacbee.com
She was a 17-year-old student in Fresno, curious about joining the California National Guard. He was a recruiter looking to meet his quota, with an eye for opportunity.

Rick Perry's Jobs Record - Miracle Or Illusion? - Joe Garofoli,Carla Marinucci @ sfgate.com
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is running for president on the strength of what supporters call "the Texas miracle" - a phenomenal rate of job growth in the Lone Star State that has accounted for 297,000 new jobs since 2009,...

California's voting lines of contention - Los Angeles Times @ latimes.com
Funny, isn't it, that California Republicans pressed so hard to get a nonpartisan citizens commission instead of the usual political bosses to shape congressional and legislative districts, but now call the whole process a corrupt backroom deal. That couldn't be because the results appear to help the prospects of Democrats, now, could it?

New Dropout Rates May Be Accurate But Tell You Little And Could Get Worse - toped.svefoundation.org
What may be most notable in these numbers, however, and certainly most significant, is that just one third of the graduates are non-Hispanic whites; Latinos make up over 41 percent, Asians another 10 percent. This is our economic future and the real challenge to our education system.

Obama Sees 'Tipping Point' In Libya - Glenn Thrush and Charles Hoskinson @ politico.com
President Barack Obama isn’t quite ready to declare the end of Muammar Qadhafi’s regime, but he calls Sunday’s rebel attack on the Libyan dictator’s Tripoli compound a “tipping point” in the wave of democratic protest sweeping the Middle East.

After Dive, Pool Cleaning Firms See Demand Resurface - Cyndia Zwahlen @ latimes.com
The recession and its aftermath killed off many pool cleaning businesses as cash-strapped homeowners looked to economize or lost their homes altogether. But the pool cleaning companies that managed to stay afloat are seeing a bit of a resurgence.

Obama Edict On Deportation A Relief To Undocumented Students - sacbee.com
For years, Roberto Guzman was afraid to drive to class at Sacramento City College for fear he would be pulled over and deported to Mexico.

Federal Penalty Likely To Slow Charter Growth - John Fensterwald @ toped.svefoundation.org
No one was more surprised than Eric Premack to learn last week that the federal Department of Education had docked California $11.5 million from an expected $51.5 million in critical grants for new charter schools this year – and may whack up to $40 million next year. Premack, the executive director of the Charter Schools Development Center in Sacramento, said that 13 years ago, he drafted the language creating the program for its sponsor, former Sen. David Durenberger of Minnesota. The law didn’t include the requirement that federal officials are now using to cut the state’s funding.

Anonymous Planning Another BART Protest - Vivian Ho @ sfgate.com
Anonymous is anyone, and therefore it's everyone. It's a cause, an idea, a network, a rallying point, its supporters say. But it's a movement that has no structure, no leader, no rules. And yet this is the group - and...

Marin General Hospital Offers 25 Percent Discounts To Patients Who Pay Bills Promptly - Health Med Fit @ mercurynews.com
Marin General Hospital is offering a 25 percent discount to customers with health insurance who pay promptly and as much as half off the sticker price for customers who pay on time despite a lack of insurance.

Cup's Yacht Plan Threatens Our Wide-open Bay Views - John King @ sfgate.com
San Francisco has an awkward relationship with extreme wealth. City politics tilt to the left end of the spectrum, yet such civic treasures as the Giants ' ballpark and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass exist because of private...