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THE NOONER for August 11, 2011

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  • SD15 (San Jose) - added Cupertino Councilmember Barry Chang
  • AD62 (Inglewood) - added Mervin Evans

It's a busy morning for me, so this will be quick...  Also, the news seems to be the calm before the storm, as candidates hold off making definitive decisions until after the commission adopts the final plans on Monday.  From everything we hear, there will be no changes to the proposed maps we've been looking at over the last couple of weeks.

LUNGREN/MCCLINTOCK? The Bee's Dan Morain writes up the rumor that Dan Lungren may take on Tom McClintock in CD03.  Lungren's CD07 is trending Dem, and Lungren and House leadership wouldn't mind retiring McClintock.  The best part of the story is that, if it happens, we'll likely have two candidates that live in CD07 running for CD03.


Top 10 Obama Congressional Districts
CD13 - Oakland 87.1%
CD12 - San Francisco 83.8%
CD44 - Carson 81.5%
CD40 - Downey 80.3%
CD37 - Culver City 78.2%
CD14 - San Mateo 73.3%
CD02 - North Coast 71.5%
CD20 - Monterey 71.4%
CD05 - Napa-Santa Rosa 70.7%
CD18 - Silicon Valley 69.6%


Bottom 10 Obama Congressional Districts
CD23 - Kern 35.1%
CD50 - East SD Co. 39.0%
CD08 - SB High Desert 41.5%
CD01 - Northeast Cal 42.0%
CD22 - Fresno 42.3%
CD42 - Corona 42.9%
CD04 - Foothills 43.0%
CD25 - S. Clarita/Palmdale 43.4%
CD39 - Fullerton 44.7%
CD45 - Irvine 45.7%


To the headlines...

California Voters May Finally Get On Presidential Candidates' Radar - George Skelton @ latimes.com
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that could -- if enough other states follow suit -- lead to the guaranteed election of the candidate who receives the most popular votes. That would mean a lot more focus on California.

In Front Of Angry Crowd, Water District Extends Health Care Benefits - voiceofsandiego.org
A rancorous meeting underscored just how much the Otay Water District struggled to explain its rationale for guaranteeing retiree health care for its employees during a down economy.

Parent Trigger Law Puts AFT In "Kill Mode" - Kathryn Baron @ toped.svefoundation.org
Parent Revolution, the Los Angeles-based group responsible for California's Parent Trigger law, did something rare in education politics: it outmaneuvered a powerful teachers' union.

Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board - Greg Lucas @ capitolweekly.net
Elimination of it was called for by Gov. Jerry Brown in the revised budget he unveiled in May, even though five of the board’s seven members are gubernatorial appointees. This target of taxpayer ire and the potential budget ax is the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

Sacramento County, City Put $22 Million Toward Redevelopment Agency - sacbee.com
The county and city of Sacramento have contributed about $22 million to keep their redevelopment agency running another year.

National Popular Vote - Law Or Ploy? - Debra J. Saunders @ sfgate.com
Gov. Jerry Brown believes that "the occupant of the White House should be the candidate who wins the most votes." On Monday, he signed a National Popular Vote bill that could hand the state's 55 electoral votes, not to...

California Audit Criticizes L.A. Community College Building Program - Gale Holland and Michael Finnegan @ latimes.com
Controller John Chiang finds $140 million in questionable spending and cites 'shoddy fiscal management.' His office also sees 'possible malfeasance' in the district's selection of an inspector general last year to investigate allegations of waste and corruption in the construction program.

Battle Over Online Class Fees Moves To Capitol - Nanette Asimov @ sfgate.com
Efforts to quickly legalize student access fees for community college cyber-classes - fees that are banned by state law but which may be rampant across California campuses - have hit a snag in the state Capitol. Darrell...

Glendale Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - latimesblogs.latimes.com
The Glendale City Council approved a total ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in the city Tuesday night. The ban is slated to take effect Sept. 9, about two weeks before an existing moratorium prohibiting dispensaries from opening expires, the Glendale...

Nervous Democrats Say President Obama Must Be Bolder On Economy - washingtonpost.com
With President Obama’s reelection on the line, Democrats are increasingly anxious about what they see as his failure to advance a coherent and muscular strategy for addressing the nation’s economic ills.

New Fee May Drain Firefighting Budget - DON THOMPSON @ sacbee.com
A California law that imposes an annual wildfire fee on rural residents may have an unintended consequence - sapping the state fire agency of money it needs to fight wildland blazes, officials said Wednesday.

Battle over online class fees moves to Capitol - Nanette Asimov @ sfgate.com
Efforts to quickly legalize student access fees for community college cyber-classes - fees that are banned by state law but which may be rampant across California campuses - have hit a snag in the state Capitol.

State Fire Fee May Not Be $150 For All Homes - Michael Gardner @ signonsandiego.com
A state board Wednesday signaled that it may adopt a sliding-scale approach to new backcountry fire fees instead of a blanket $150 per year surcharge.

Indian Pols Emerge As Big Fundraisers - Alex Isenstadt @ politico.com
Indian American candidates are emerging as a fundraising force in the 2012 campaign season, raking in cash from a well-heeled and tight-knit community seeking to expand its political influence.

GOP Candidates In Debate Have Little Room For Error - Maeve Reston and Paul West @ latimes.com
With Texas Gov. Rick Perry waiting in the wings and several candidates pinning their survival hopes on Iowa's straw-vote test, the question is who will be able to turn the latest economic calamities to their advantage and gain ground.

California Insurance Commissioner: Downgraded Insurers Strong - latimesblogs.latimes.com
Standard & Poor's decision to downgrade the credit ratings of five U.S.-based insurance companies should not be interpreted as a sign that their financial strength has weakened, said California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.

Another Nail In The High Speed Rail Coffin - Joel Fox @ foxandhoundsdaily.com
As reported by the AP's Adam Weintraub, supporters of the rail are now having second thoughts. He quoted rail supporter Senator Alan Lowenthal, "We really need to re-examine what we're spending and what we're going to get for it."

California Cash Has Buoyed Texan Rick Perry - californiawatch.org
The news this week that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is all but certain to enter the Republican presidential field has no doubt come as welcome news to some conservative Californians.

California Aims To Make Employee Discipline More Consistent - sacbee.com
California government is like a bad parent: wildly inconsistent when it comes to disciplining bad behavior.

London Falling | Nbc Los Angeles - Uncategorized @ nbclosangeles.com

Bill To Raise Auto Dealer Documentation Fees Gains Momentum - Jerry Hirsch @ latimes.com
Consumer groups, law enforcement agencies and car retailers back the legislation, which would raise the fees for processing auto purchases and leases at least $25. It also would require dealers to tell buyers if a vehicle has been totaled or salvaged.

Veto sends huge data cache into state limbo - capitolweekly.net
When Gov. Brown abolished the state office that coordinates and researches higher education, he cut the money but left dangling the fate of hundreds of millions of academic records – including confidential student information.