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THE NOONER for August 2, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about the mess in AD50, where supporters of Torie Osborn are unhappy about Speaker Perez's rumored support of Betsy Butler's move north from the new AD62.  AD62 is considered an African-American seat and is currently held by Steven Bradford. Torie is championed by the gay and lesbian community as a former executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Add the Jewish community to the unhappy residents of AD50 and other Los Angeles-area Assembly districts.  If any community was caught sleeping during the Citizens Redistricting Commission, it was the Jewish community.  Instead of fighting to maintain a district similar to the existing AD42, which unifies Westside Jews with SF Valley Jews, the community didn't fight and is now split in half--between AD50 and AD46.  

Clearly, Michael Berman didn't draw these maps.

This has left some candidates, particularly attorney Andrew Lachman, with one leg in each district and a tough decision to make.  While he has strong ties to the Westside Jewish community in AD50, it's going to be tough to survive the top-two primary with Butler and Osborn, and many of the big-name endorsements are already taken.  

To the north, AD46 looks to be the target of charter school executive Brian Johnson.  While Johnson has raised $200k, whoever emerges as the serious contender against him will likely find a dollar-for-dollar independent expenditure match to that cash from the California Teachers Association and other labor groups.  With that support and enough SF Valley connections, I wouldn't be surprised if Andrew went north to AD46.

THE CODEWORD FOR UPSIDE-DOWN MORTGAGE:  "Now is not a good time for me to move." (a frequent response to the question why some top names are taking a pass on state legislative districts)

OUCH: Former Assemblyman Russ Bogh reported yesterday paying off debts from his 2010 Senate run, using $107,241.60 from his own pockets.

OUCH^2:  @KQEDCapital_Notes: CADem Party raised $1.8 mil over last 3 months, has $7.85 mil in bank. CAGOP raised $392k, has just $220k in bank.

DRY TIMES: Finally, more bad news around the capitol.  Last week, it was the closure (temporary or otherside) of L Street Wine Lounge.  Today, it's word that Brew It Up closed.  We keep getting more reasons to drown our sorrows, but fewer places to drown them.

Goodwin Liu, Education Justice - John Fensterwald @ toped.svefoundation.org
In Liu, the associate dean and professor of constitutional law at UC Berkeley School of Law, Gov. Jerry Brown nominated a national expert on education law and an advocate for equitable school funding. He has contributed a rare combination of a broad legal analysis and detailed proposals for school finance reform.

California Assembly Refuses To Make Public Its Members' Budgets - sacbee.com
The California Assembly says the public has no right to see lawmakers' current office budgets and spending projections, documents that could show whether punishment is doled out for key votes.

Jerry Brown Fundraising Focuses On Oakland Schools, Not Reelection - latimesblogs.latimes.com
Gov. Jerry Brown raised just $45,000 in the first six months of his governorship, according to campaign finance records filed Monday. In July, Brown received an additional $26,000 from a tribal casino run by the Lytton tribe in Santa Rosa....

Republican Prez Candidates Coming To Napa For Tea Party Express Throwdown - Joe Garofoli @ sfgate.com
Even though the California Republican primary has been pushed back to the political calendar Siberia of June, "more than one" Republican presidential candidate is likely to be in Napa on Aug.27...

Dan Walters: California's Big Stake In The Federal Deal - sacbee.com
When Gov. Jerry Brown and state legislators were working on a state budget deal this year, they were talking about the general fund budget, which was finally pegged at $85.9 billion.

Competition, Communities Dominate Redistricting Reactions - John Myers @ blogs.kqed.org
Perhaps Angelo Ancheta, a member of California's Citizens Redistricting Commission, didn't know he was invoking the memory of one of the state's legendary politicians last week as the panel finished its work -- a politician who took great pride as a master of the gerrymander.

Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris Rake In Campaign Cash - sacbee.com
Two of California's top statewide elected officials didn't waste much time refueling their campaign accounts for bids in 2014 – and possibly beyond – in their first six months on the job.

Schwarzenegger Pays Former Chief Of Staff For 'Campaign Consulting' - Anthony York @ latimesblogs.latimes.com
Arnold Schwarzenegger had one final parting gift for his chief of staff on his way out the door of the governor's office. New campaign filings show Schwarzenegger paid Susan Kennedy $50,000 out of his “Dream Team” ballot measure committee earlier this year.

California Pe.com | Southern California News | News For Inland Southern California - JUDY LIN @ pe.com
State lawmakers and policy analysts on Monday were trying to figure out how the tentative federal deal to cut $900 billion over the next decade could affect California. So far, it's unclear.

Barbara Boxer And Dianne Feinstein Support Debt Deal : Politics Blog - Carolyn Lochhead @ sfgate.com
California Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer will support the $2.4 trillion debt deal. Boxer spokesperson Zac Coile said Boxer will support the deal, "because it will prevent a...

Disputed Radio Ad Reflects Changing Political Landscape - Joel Fox @ foxandhoundsdaily.com
By now you probably have heard the deceitful radio ad funded by a group called Californians Against Identity Theft that is attempting to discourage people from signing initiative and referendum petitions by scaring them into believing their signatures on the petitions could lead to identity theft. The dishonesty of the pitch has brought rebuke from across the political spectrum and by groups that battle identity theft.

Senate Panel To Discuss Environmental 'Reform' For L.A. Stadium - Patrick McGreevy @ latimesblogs.latimes.com
State lawmakers plan to hold a hearing this month to consider whether to introduce legislation that would protect a proposed football stadium in downtown Los Angeles from environmental lawsuits.

Private Industry Pay Hikes Top Government’s - Handling Hard Times - The Orange County Register - economy.ocregister.com
Increases in private industry wages and benefits outstripped those in state and local government in June for the fifth quarter in a row as budget cuts hit public employees, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

Gov. Signs Bill Cracking Down On Prostitution In Massage Parlors - latimesblogs.latimes.com
Gov. Jerry Brown acted Monday to make it harder for massage parlors to operate as fronts for prostitution in California. The governor signed the legislation after The Times reported a proliferation in the number of erotic massage parlors in Los...

Remap II: Dueling And Outcast Incumbents Galore - calbuzz.com
Having exhausted our splenetic humours, if not our administrative remedies, on the Calbuzz screed against whining and complaining about the proposed district maps from the Citizens Redistricting Commission, we finally found time to check in with policy analyst Eric McGhee, top chrome dome on redistricting at the Public Policy Institute of California, for a clearer sense about the partisan implications of the new maps.

Caffeinated-beer Ban Signed By Governor - Patrick McGreevy @ latimesblogs.latimes.com
Companies will no longer be able to produce or sell beer infused with caffeine in California starting Jan. 1 after Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed legislation introduced because of the health risks of the beverages.

Governor Brown Should Sign Law To Reform Ballot Measures - Justine Sarver @ calitics.com
With the stroke of a pen, Governor Brown can start fixing California's broken ballot-measure system this week. A bill that would ban paying per-signature "bounty" payments to petition signature-gatherers - Sen. Ellen Corbett's SB 168, which my organization is sponsoring - is on the Governor's desk now. The bill is good for California and I urge the governor to sign it.

Expiring Gas Tax May Be Next Battle On The Hill - Byron Tau and Ben Smith @ politico.com
In normal times, renewing the federal excise tax on gasoline would be another routine vote in Congress. But as the past month of rancorous and intensely partisan debate about raising the debt ceiling has shown, the times are anything but normal.

Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill Banning Some Paid Signature Gathering : Politics Blog - Marisa Lagos @ sfgate.com
Gov. Jerry Brown smacked down a bill Monday that would have banned the practice of paying people for each signature they secure when working to qualify initiatives and other ballot measures. The...

House Passes Debt Ceiling Bill - Politics - Capitol Hill - Msnbc.com - msnbc.msn.com
The measure still must gain approval in the Senate before it goes to the White House where President Barack Obama has promised to sign it into law. It passed the House 269-161.

Highly Paid Prison Doctor Cleared To See Patients - latimesblogs.latimes.com
Jeffrey Rohlfing, a prison doctor who was paid more than $777,000 in 2010 despite not having treated a patient for six years because of alleged incompetence, was cleared to start examining inmates again Monday. "He has been granted privileges to...

Rancho Cordova Councilman To Seek New Assembly Seat - Jim Sanders @ blogs.sacbee.com
Longtime Rancho Cordova Councilman Ken Cooley will run for a suburban capital-area Assembly seat unless an incumbent legislator, Alyson Huber, moves into that district to qualify for the ballot.