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THE NOONER for July 6, 2011

THE JUICY JUNGLE: Well, it's humpday of the second house policy deadline week, which provides for lots of legislative showdowns.  One of the biggest is set for this afternoon, as the Senate Health Committee hears AB 52, which would give the Insurance Commish rate approval authority over health insurance rates. Not unexpected, Commish Dave Jones, labor, trial lawyers and do-gooders want it, and the insurers, the chamber, and CMA hate it.  I love me a good legislative brawl...  (Disclosure:  my organization supports the bill.)

MUST READ: Whores, Budgets, Huffing And Puffing On The Trail (CalBuzz)

POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE: Dan Walters was watching session yesterday and found the irony in the post-holiday resolution for Fourth of July, particularly after both houses had per diem sessions on Friday.  Well, at least the Republicans won something.  Yamamura looks at what the GOP did and didn't get in the budget debate.

TAPS TIME:  Is the Master Plan for Higher Education dead?  The gov't relations director at UC Riverside believes so.  Meanwhile, we have this headline from the LA Times: "California pays more than 1,400 workers in excess of $200,000".

Why aren't those jobs ever advertised in the Morning Report?

eureka...do us your nooner headline magic...

Whores, Budgets, Huffing And Puffing On The Trail - Andy Borowitz @ calbuzz.com
When Jerry Brown whacked $71 million from the budget for the Division of Law Enforcement in the Attorney General’s office, Kamala Harris fumed that the cuts would “cripple California’s statewide anti-gang and drug trafficking operations.” Which surely was not Krusty’s intention. Naw, his target were those in league with the Los Angeles Police Protective League, which leaked the voice recorder message in which Anne Gust Brown some unidentified woman was heard referring to GOP rival Meg Whitman as a “whore.”

California Master Plan (1960-2011) - Lars Walton @ huffingtonpost.com
The California Master Plan was born in Sacramento in the spring of 1960, the loving creation of Governor Pat Brown and University of California President Clark Kerr. The Plan lived a full and vibrant life, passing quietly in its sleep on June 30, in a Shakespearean twist of tragedy, dying from a wound inflicted by the signature of its creator's son, Governor Jerry Brown and the passage of the California State Budget.

Ex San Francisco Public Defender / CPUC Commissioner Geoffrey Brown Denies Wrongdoing; Threatens Legal Action Against Complainant in Connection with Sham Charity CaliforniaALL - lesliebrodie.posterous.com
Brown, according to confidential sources familiar with the situation, categorically denies any wrongdoing on his part.In reaction to complainant's request for an inquiry to the State Bar of California Board of Governors (See http://tinyurl.com/californiaallbog ) Brown immediately sent the complainant a cease

Assembly Passes Bill To Require Contributions Of Gays In Textbooks - Patrick McGreevy @ latimes.com
The bill is sent to the governor; he has 12 days to sign it or veto it.

Possible Education Cuts Could Shorten School Year - Joshua Emerson Smith @ californiawatch.org
The budget Gov. Jerry Brown signed last week is based on optimistic revenue projections and contained a last-minute education bill that grants protections for teachers.

Dan Walters: With California Budget Done, Other Issues Loom - Dan Walters @ sacbee.com
Few, if any, California legislators can remember a summer not dominated by a political stalemate over a late and unbalanced state budget.

CSU Campuses Top List Of Colleges With Fastest-Growing Tuition - Erica Perez @ californiawatch.org
All but one of the California State University campuses are on a new list produced by the U.S. Department of Education showing colleges with the fastest-rising tuition and fees -- and those campuses will have to submit reports to the federal government explaining the rapid increase.

An On-time State Budget, Thanks To Prop. 25 - Timm Herdt @ vcstar.com
About two years ago, Kenneth Burt started pushing an idea that he thought California voters just might be receptive to, and one that he believed could break the chaotic cycle of late budgets that had made California a national laughingstock.

California Pays More Than 1,400 Workers In Excess Of $200,000 - Jack Dolan @ latimes.com
Many are prison doctors, dentists or nurses, and other medical professionals. Total compensation can be pushed higher by payouts for unused vacation and sick time. Last year, a prison doctor collected $777,423 and a dentist took home $599,403.

Calif. Bill Targets Excess Health Insurance Rates - ADAM WEINTRAUB, Associated Press @ signonsandiego.com
A bill that would allow California state officials to reject health insurance rate increases is under intense lobbying pressure as it faces a key committee vote this week.

California Republicans Win Tax Argument, Little Else - Kevin Yamamura @ sacbee.com
Just before Gov. Jerry Brown signed the state budget with little fanfare last week, Assembly Republicans celebrated at Downtown Ford, standing before cars they said would become cheaper overnight because they blocked tax extensions.

Hundreds Of Calif. State Workers Earn 6 Figures - Marisa Lagos @ sfgate.com
As California's elected leaders took drastic steps to cut spending last year, the state was paying hundreds of its workers six-figure earnings that far exceeded base salaries, according to newly released compensation...

Governor Gets Bill Requiring California Textbooks To Reflect Gay Contributions - latimesblogs.latimes.com
Textbooks and history classes in California schools would be required to include the contributions of gays, lesbians and trangender Americans under legislation approved Tuesday by the state Assembly and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown. The legislation sparked a spirited debate,...

CSU Chancellor To Seek 12% Tuition Increase - Nanette Asimov @ sfgate.com
California State University Chancellor Charles Reed will ask trustees next week to raise tuition by 12 percent, or $588 a year, to help offset a cut in state funding of at least $650 million. The new prices would take affect immediately for the fall semester, the university reported.

Who Gives, Who Receives In Calif.? - blogs.pe.com
A common subplot in California public-policy debates is the state's political geography. Last week's proposal to create a "South California" is no exception.

Health Care Reform 'Repeal And Replace' Plans Grind To A Halt - Jennifer Haberkorn @ politico.com
When they took control of the House, Republicans could barely stop talking about their plans to “repeal and replace” the health care reform law.

Deal On Charter Regulation - toped.svefoundation.org
Charter schools will have to follow state public records, open meeting, and conflict of interest laws. They will also have to make higher academic gains on standardized tests and serve proportionally the same numbers of special education and low-income students as in the surrounding neighborhood or school district to have their charters renewed.

Farmworkers' Rodriguez Puts Heat On Brown - Marisa Lagos,Wyatt Buchanan @ sfgate.com
It was surreal outside the governor's Capitol office Tuesday night, where dozens of farmworkers and their supporters held vigil for hours, waiting to see if Gov. Jerry Brown would sign a bill making it easier for the...

Chinese, Spanish Speakers' Voting Rights Not Met In Alameda County - Emily Hartley @ californiawatch.org
All voting materials in Alameda County must be available in Chinese, Spanish and English, according to an agreement between the county and the federal government announced yesterday.

Russian Lawyer Was Tortured Before Dying In Prison, Review Finds - Sergei L. Loiko @ latimes.com
The death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in Moscow's Sailor's Silence prison was described Tuesday in a report by the Presidential Human Rights Council, which called for an investigation into possible corruption on the part of officials involved in the imprisonment of Magnitsky on tax evasion charges.

Summoning Lawmakers, Obama Seeks To Break Debt Impasse - Christi Parsons and Lisa Mascaro, Washington Bureau @ latimes.com
President Obama is calling congressional leaders to the White House for talks this week on raising the national debt limit, deepening his involvement in the political standoff to head off a potential crisis of federal government default.

Obama Rejects Short-term Budget Deal - Josh Gerstein @ politico.com
President Barack Obama summoned congressional leaders to the White House for a meeting Thursday to “drive towards” a final deal to reduce the federal debt over the next decade.