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THE NOONER for July 1, 2011

The governor signed the budget yesterday in time for the beginning of the new fiscal year, and took a few swipes using his blue pencil.  The guv vetoed 40% of the funding for the Commission on the Status of Women (mostly female Dem lawmakers), gave the courts the largest veto, and ELIMINATED the California Postsecondary Education Commission.


Just wondering, if your agency was eliminated effective 12:01am, do you show up to work today?

He also vetoed funding for the California Longitudinal Teacher Integrated Data Education (CalTIDES).  One has to wonder if that was on CTA's wish list as well.  CTA has emerged as the biggest winner of the budget deal.

For those that lost money, remember legislators lost lots too--roughly $575,000.  However, the Assembly will play a little catchup for a short session today to ensure those per diem checks come in over the long weekend.  (For the uninitiated, per diem stops if the house doesn't convene for more than three days.)

Grover Norquist counsels congressional Republicans to follow the budget strategy lead of California's legislative Republicans.  Apparently, he's also counseling both sides in the NBA talks.

With many of us hitting the airports for the long weekend, Senator Ted Lieu sets the example by going for the full patdown at LAX, characterizing it as an "interesting experience."

Finally, as a reminder, those yellow stickers on your hybrid are now just ugly bumperstickers, and you no longer can drive solo in the carpool lane.  As a consolation, that new Nissan Leaf is now $328 cheaper, after the vehicle license fee dropped 0.5% at midnight.  Now, if you could just get one...

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!

Jerry Brown Signs Budget After Making More Cuts - Marisa Lagos,Wyatt Buchanan @ sfgate.com
Gov. Jerry Brown today signed a budget that closes the state's $26.6 billion deficit, but first he used his line-item veto authority to cut millions more dollars in spending for courts, transportation and educational...

California's $85.9 Billion Budget: Here Are The Major Provisions - sacbee.com
After a veto fight with his own party and unresolved differences with Republicans, Gov. Jerry Brown signed an on-time $85.9 billion spending plan Thursday that slashes higher education and the safety net while counting on a windfall of tax revenues.

John Chiang-sponsored Bills Are A Tough Sell In The Legislature - blogs.sacbee.com
Five bills sponsored by Chiang were killed by Assembly Democrats during the past week. The moves highlight the tough crowd that Chiang faces in the Legislature after he cost each rank-and-file lawmaker $4,830 during a 12-day pay block.

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Rare, On-time State Budget - latimesblogs.latimes.com
Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Thursday a state budget pact struck with Democratic lawmakers that will curb services the state offers, marking only the second time California has enacted an on-time and balanced spending plan in a decade. Democratic...

Riverside Legislators Urge Changes To Budget-related Bill - blogs.pe.com
Several Riverside County legislators sent a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown today urging him to demand changes to budget legislation that would land hard on four newbie cities in the county.

Amazon Fights California Sales Tax Requirement - Marc Lifsher and Andrea Chang @ latimes.com
Amazon seeks to avoid collecting sales taxes from California residents by cutting ties to affiliates in California who steer business to its site.

Amazon Won't Collect Sales Tax; Cuts Off California Affiliates - latimesblogs.latimes.com
Amazon.com has terminated its relationship with approximately 10,000 Internet business partners in California after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law that requires out-of-state electronic retailers to collect sales tax on purchases from Golden State customers. The termination took effect Wednesday...

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Rare On-time Calif. Budget - By JUDY LIN, Associated Press @ sfgate.com
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed California's new budget with a contingency plan to cut schools and community colleges deeper if revenues don't hold.

$48 Million Grab From Oc Becomes Law - Total Buzz - The Orange County Register - totalbuzz.ocregister.com
Gov. Jerry Brown signed Thursday evening the trailer bills associated with the state budget, meaning the $48 million grab of Orange County money is now officially law.

Gov. Jerry Brown signs rare, on-time state budget - Shane Goldmacher @ latimes.com
Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Thursday a state budget pact struck with Democratic lawmakers that will curb services the state offers, marking only the second time California has enacted an on-time and balanced spending plan in a decade.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Wows Conservatives In The Oc: "heavy On Candor, Light On Pander" : Politics Blog - Carla Marinucci @ sfgate.com
Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry was a whirlwind in the Golden State Thursday, racking up the miles, talking up his record -- and meeting with potential supporters and donors. ...

New Inland Cities Brace For Worst In State Budget - JIM MILLER and SANDRA STOKLEY @ pe.com
Gov. Jerry Brown signed state budget legislation Thursday that Inland officials say will gut the finances of California's newest cities, all of which are in Riverside County: Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Menifee and Wildomar.

Jerry Brown Signs California Budget Without Fanfare - Steven Harmon @ contracostatimes.com
He limited access to the signing ceremony - allowing only a pool of photographers and a single reporter - and took no questions in a terse cap to a long and arduous path to closing a $26.6 billion deficit.

Redevelopment Change Likely Headed For Court Fight - JUDY LIN, Associated Press @ signonsandiego.com
California's budget for the new fiscal year includes major changes to community redevelopment agencies, which Gov. Jerry Brown and other critics say drain tax money from schools and public safety.

Brown Vetoes Teacher Database - toped.svefoundation.org
In a compromise with the Legislature, Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed money for one of two education databases he wanted to eliminate.

Budget: Good Or Bad, It's Done | Capital Notes -- From Kqed's John Myers - blogs.kqed.org
What will Brown, the Legislature, interest groups, and the press do with the summer now that the big battle is over?

The Buzz: John Chiang-sponsored Bills Are A Tough Sell In California Legislature - sacbee.com
Many California lawmakers have sharply criticized Controller John Chiang's decision in June to cut off their pay, but some appear to be going beyond words to signal their frustration.

California's Sales And Vehicle Taxes Head Down - Shane Goldmacher and Esmeralda Bermudez @ latimes.com
As the new state budget takes effect, temporary California tax hikes on sales and vehicles expire.

Brown Signs Trailer Bill Over Objections - toped.svefoundation.org
In addition, although county superintendents cannot require three-year budget projections, AB 114 does not prevent school districts from doing them and using those forecasts to budget cautiously.

Budget Making Back To The Future... - Fred Silva @ foxandhoundsdaily.com
In an era when more and more Californians are demanding accountability and transparency in government, our budgeting process has slid back into the cloaked era of the past.