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THE NOONER for June 23, 2011

Quick budget update...I usually write The Nooner before heading to the gym in the morning, but the Senate GOP just had a presser on the budget.  No big surprises, and nothing that makes the "way out" clear.

GOP says there are votes to put the tax extensions on the ballot, only if:

  • no "bridge taxes"
  • pension reform, spending cap must be separate items included on the ballot

That would be "No Deal," Howie.  Back to my pre-workout ramble.

And then there were bills...

While most of the Capitol focus has been on the budget, John Chiang and Plan B, policy committees are tackling some weighty legislative issues this week.  Senate Budget Chair Mark Leno stated yesterday to expect a budget vote next week, although everyone seems stuck on the $5 billion problem.  

Perhaps the most interesting legislative fight is over AB 46, the disincorporation of the 100-resident City of Vernon, authored by Assembly Speaker John Perez.  The bill passed the Senate Governance and Finance Committee yesterday on a 6-3 vote.

I know nothing about the city of Vernon and don't have a particular perspective on the bill. However, I know a good political fight and lucrative lobbying opportunity when I see one.  

Supporters of the bill include the City of Los Angeles, lots of mayors, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Common Cause, Communications Workers of America, and Service Employees International Union.  Sounds like a solid Dem bill that'll sail through, right? 

 Not so simple. Opponents of the bill include the California Labor Federation, League of California Cities, the Teamsters, the State Building and Construction Trades and, uh, lots of meatpackers.

Vernon spent $566,884 on lobbying related expenses in the FIRST QUARTER alone, with most going to Lathem & Watkins and Nielsen Merksamer, and smaller contracts with Capitol Advocacy, Joe Gonsalves, and KP Public Affairs.  I almost can't wait for next month's second quarter report.  That's $5,670 per resident, or the equivalent of my city of Davis spending $372 million defending its existence--in one quarter.

Meanwhile, the vigils continue for SB 104, the farmworker card check bill.  Author and Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg sent to the governor minutes after the budget veto, and will be speaking to the vigil attendees today. Steinberg is also fasting today, which is something all legislators might be doing next month.  The governor has until Tuesday to act, and you have to imagine the tie between the bill and the budget continues...

Speaking of the budget standoff, legislators aren't the only ones hurting.  An unlikely casualty are test-only smog shops.  In May, the Legislature passed and the governor signed SB 94, which lifted the normal 60-day notice the DMV sends car owners for registration.  The hope was that there would be a deal on the "bridge" taxes until an election, and SB 94 ensured that DMV didn't send out renewal notices for lower VLFs for around 4 million owners who renew in July and August.  

Anyway, about half of these 4 million registrants would ordinarily be visiting smog check shops leading up to the renewal but haven't gotten the reminder.  Thus, the shops are angry, cash-strapped, and fearful of the crush of customers once the DMV returns to sending out renewal notices after the VLF falls on July 1.  Read more perspectives on the comments on SB 94 on aroundthecapitol.

Fortunately, I drive a Prius, so while my yellow stickers are defunct next week, at least I won't be waiting in line for a smog.

By popular demand, the Nooner is now being archived at: http://www.aroundthecapitol.com/nooner/

eureka!, how to do you rank the headlines du jour?


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Public Records Act Requires Disclosure Of County Retiree Pension Information - Jen Faught @ publicceo.com
By now, most local government officials and employees know that their names and associated salary and benefit information are generally considered a matter of public record under the California Public Records Act ("Act"). Back in 2007, the California Supreme Court ruled that disclosure of individual salary information did not violate the constitutional right to privacy. (International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21 AFL CIO v. Superior Court (2007) 42 Cal.4th 319.) Citing a strong public policy in favor of government transparency and the ability of the public to monitor government spending, the Court held that public employees did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their salaries. Only in certain specific situations, such as when an employee's personal safety requires anonymity, can public agencies prevent the disclosure of employee salary information.

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By Josh Richman Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 at 8:49 am in 2012 presidential election, Assembly, California State Senate, Mitt Romney, U.S. House.