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THE NOONER for June 20, 2011

Hopefully, you had the opportunity to check out from Capitol politics over the weekend.  Fortunately, we have reporters that were paying attention...

Friday's Capital Notes podcast featured John Myers, Shane Goldmacher and Kevin Yamamura.  Anthony York was gallivanting with the governor in Blythe, talking solar.

Speaking of solar, can you say BUDGET WEATHER???  Someone unplug the A/C to the chambers.  Being unpaid AND uncomfortable might just do it.  Just keep it flowing to the committee rooms, as a lot of us will be spending time in some pretty long committee hearings this week.  (wonder how long this fasting for SB 104 will last amidst the long days in the Capitol)

Back to business...Myers has a great blog post looking at the discretion Controller John Chiang has in deciding whether legislators will get paid or not. As HJTA threatens a lawsuit, Yamamura reports that Chiang did halt the weekly per diem checks pending his decision.  Of course, Chiang, who is eyeing the treasurer's office, loves the media attention of the decision that he truly doesn't want to make.  It's a no-win situation for him.  While the politically smart thing to do is to halt the paychecks, for which he would receive accolades from editorial boards, financially squeezing his fellow Democrats into an all-cuts budget won't win him favors with either the electeds or labor.  Nobody in this town wants a deal by the June 30 payday (which will be around $6,345 for rank-and file legislators) than John Chiang.

Steve Glazer proudly tweets a $665.56 Cafe Press check from sales of @SutterBrown merchandise.

The Bee pulls this quote from UCSD political science prof Thad Kousser:  "If (Gov. Jerry Brown) signs the budget with gimmicks, then he turns into Arnold Schwarzenegger." Eureka, roll video.  On a serious note, we're proud of you Thad.  You've come a long way since being a fellow, er, "associate" per Lockyer's preference, for Tom Hayden.  There is indeed hope beyond the building.

California: Reforming Ourselves Into Oblivion - Peter Schrag @ californiaprogressreport.com
As the Sacramento Democrats huff and puff about Gov. Jerry Brown’s veto of their gimmick-heavy budget and the punditocracy decides which of them is most at fault, the real story gets missed -- again.

Redistricting's Complicated Odd-even Phenomenon - Lisa Vorderbrueggen @ mercurynews.com
Keep San Francisco Odd, as some of the city's residents are demanding, shouldn't be a tall order, what with national headlines about campaigns to ban infant circumcision and block the sale of goldfish. But that's not what the demand is all about. Rather, it refers to a stupefying numbering phenomenon in the once-a-decade redrawing of California's political districts. The result of that process could sideline some state Senate incumbents and deprive millions of voters of even one senator while bestowing upon others the gift of two.

Prop. 13 Split Roll Would Be Ripoff - WAYNE LUSVARDI and CHARLES B. WARREN @ calwatchdog.com
Democrats in the California Legislature want to repeal the property tax reassessment protections of Proposition 13 for commercial properties under the dubious notion that there is a pot of California 49er gold at the end of the rainbow. Prop. 13's existing protections for homeowners would remain the same.

Redistricting draft draws criticism - sbsun.com
Crestline residents and other mountain dwellers were out in force Sunday afternoon, telling members of the California Citizens Redistrict Commission that they want to be represented by the same politicians who represent Lake Arrowhead and other mountain communities.

O.C. Latinos Give Redistrict Commssion An Earful - Martin Wisckol @ totalbuzz.ocregister.com
Unsurprisingly, Latino voters turned out in force at Saturday’s redistricting public hearing in Fullerton, complaining that splitting the Latino core of the county in two congressional and two state Senate districts unfairly diluted that ethnicity’s vote.

Recapping The Budget Story: Everyone Said No - Joel Fox @ foxandhoundsdaily.com
The governor said, we need to fix the state's fiscal condition with half tax increases and half spending cuts. He wanted a tax election in June.

Global-warming Lawsuit Rejected By Supreme Court - David G. Savage, Washington Bureau @ latimes.com
WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court killed a potentially enormous global-warming lawsuit against the nation's five largest electric power companies, ruling Monday that the regulation of greenhouse gases is entrusted to Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency .

State's Ongoing Nutty Budget Battle - STEVEN GREENHUT @ calwatchdog.com
Watching the California budget drama unfold reminds me of the “Seinfeld” episode in which George Costanza pretends he has to sign papers on a house he’s leasing in the Hamptons as a way to skip a meeting of a foundation started by the parents of his late fiancée. The parents know he has no such house, and George knows that they know. Yet they all decide to make the two-hour drive to see it. “Once you get in that car, we are going all the way . . . to the Hamptons,” George says. “All right, you wanna get nuts? Come on. Let’s get nuts!” Well, California’s budget situation is about to get nuts.

Correction: Broken Budgets-internet Sales Story - The Associated Press @ signonsandiego.com
In a story June 19 about collecting sales tax on Internet sales, The Associated Press incorrectly reported that the $23 billion in uncollected sales and use tax could employ 46,000 teachers. That number should have been 460,000 teachers.

Congress Turns Bill Titles Into Acts Of Exaggeration - Richard Simon @ latimes.com
Bills in Congress used to have simple names, like the Civil Rights Act. But in these times of high partisanship, embellishment is all the rage. Hence gems like the Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act.

Jerry Brown's Burden Of Consistency - George Skelton @ latimes.com
The governor keeps his word on the California budget, and Democrats are dismayed.

Prejudice Against Mormon Candidates Persists, Poll Shows - Michael Muskal @ latimes.com
A significant bloc of American voters continues to oppose Mormons, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

Corgi’s Cash Contributed To California Coffers - ibabuzz.com
By Josh Richman Monday, June 20th, 2011 at 11:09 am in Gov. Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown, state budget.

Top Democrat Durbin Echoes Boehner Stance On Libya - Lisa Mascaro @ latimes.com
House Speaker John Boehner and the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate are now inadvertently sharing talking points on President Obama stance on Libya , both saying it doesn't pass the "straight face test."

John Yoo Defends Obama's War Powers In Libya - Josh Richman @ ibabuzz.com
Cal law professor John Yoo -- who as a Justice Department attorney helped build a legal framework for the "enhanced interrogation" techniques many consider to be torture and for other perceived Bush Administration transgressions -- has found a new way to make Bay Area liberals mad: supporting President Barack Obama's stance on his power to attack Libya.

GOP Lacks A Strong Contender From The South - Paul West, Washington Bureau @ latimes.com
The GOP field of presidential candidates lacks a strong contender from the South, something that has helped it win three times in the last quarter-century. Most big names have opted out, but might Texas Gov. Rick Perry fill the bill?