As I've written before, tonight at midnight is the constitutional deadline to amend bills and get them online to be considered this year before this Friday at midnight, the end of the legislative year.

The Assembly finished a couple of hours ago, but the State Senate is a little bit behind (partially because of the anti-vaccination podcast, which continued today and focused on the Senate.

I'm still waiting on some key actions tonight as the Senate continues its work, but I wanted to get a few updates out now, and I'll of course have more tomorrow.

As I mentioned, I'm watching many other bills tonight and awaiting language on others. Further, AB 48, the education bond, has lots of language that I have not fully analyzed yet. Because this is my policy background area, I don't want to write too much before doing so and until the Senate Education staff provides analysis. They must hear the bill within two days of referral by Rules, which might not be until tomorrow for hearing Friday. It would then need to go to the Senate Floor and then the Assembly Floor for concurrence in Senate amendments.

If you want to watch the Senate sausage being made, you can do so at

I hope that all makes sense. It's been a very long day and I frequently confuse myself.

Talk to you tomorrow as usual. I will also be posting tweets until the Senate is done and we see language. If you have a question, feel free to email me.