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California Elections: Senate District 17

Senate District 17

All Districts > SD17: Santa Cruz-SLO
[incumbent: Bill Monning (D-Carmel) - term limit: 2020 - Directory Page]

Probable Candidates: 2020

District Projection: Safe Democratic
2019-12-09 0500: Filings are still pending from most counties. This candidate list will continue to be updated for several days.
  • John Laird (Democratic) - Former member, State Assembly   [$$$]
  • Vicki Nohrden (Republican) - Non-Profit Director/Businesswoman  
  • Maria Cadenas (Democratic) - Nonprofit Director   [$$$]
  • John M. Neville (Democratic) -   
  • (i) = incumbent

    Until the filing period closes, candidates who have made gestures to a run are included. Some of these may not run, while others are likely to jump in.


    In the seat being vacated by term-limited Bill Monning, former Assemblymember and Natural Resources Agency Secretary under Jerry Brown John Laird stepped in early and strong.

    The district that stretches from Santa Cruz (where Laird lives) along the coast and to the Paso Robles wine country is solid Democratic territory, even though it overlaps with moderate Republican

    Jordan Cunningham

    's Assembly . . .

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    District Geography

    Counties: Monterey (19.4%), San Luis Obispo (31.6%), Santa Clara (19.8%), Santa Cruz (29.2%) of 546,122 registered voters.

    2016 Presidential Race

    • Hillary Clinton (D) 63.4%
    • Donald Trump (R) 29.6%

    2014 Gubernatorial Race

    • Edmund G. ("Jerry") Brown, Jr. (D) 66.0%
    • Neel Kashkari (R) 34.1%

    2012 Presidential Race

    • Barack Obama (D) 62.8%
    • Mitt Romney (R) 33.9%


    2010 Census Demographics for SD17
    Citizen Voting-Age Population 2.5% 6.4% 17.1%
    Total Population 2.2% 7.1% 30.9%

    The Bench (likely future candidates)