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California Elections: Congressional District 12

Congressional District 12

All Districts > CD12: San Francisco
[incumbent: Nancy Pelosi Directory Page]

Probable Candidates: 2020

District Projection: Safe Democratic
  • Agatha Bacelar (Democratic) - Multimedia Content Manager  
  • Shahid Buttar (Democratic) - Lawyer/Advocate/Artist  
  • John Dennis (Republican) - Real Estate Developer  
  • (i) Nancy Pelosi (Democratic) - Member of Congress  
  • Tom Gallagher (Democratic) -   
  • DeAnna Lorraine (Republican) - Author  
  • (i) = incumbent

    Until the filing period closes, candidates who have made gestures to a run are included. Some of these may not run, while others are likely to jump in.


    Most people expect that 2020 will be the final election for seventy-nine year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But, if she doesn't run, it's not because of her age, but rather the deal with progressives that she would bow out after two more runs for Speaker.

    Party leaders in Congress generally retire mid-term for the pomp and circumstance, rather than wait until the term is up and nobody is in Washington. Assuming . . .

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    District Geography

    County: San Francisco (100%) of 442,999 registered voters.

    2016 Presidential Race

    • Hillary Clinton (D) 86.2%
    • Donald Trump (R) 8.7%

    2014 Gubernatorial Race

    • Edmund G. ("Jerry") Brown, Jr. (D) 88.6%
    • Neel Kashkari (R) 11.4%

    2012 Presidential Race

    • Barack Obama (D) 84.0%
    • Mitt Romney (R) 12.5%


    2010 Census Demographics for CD12
    Citizen Voting-Age Population 26.8% 6.7% 9.7%
    Total Population 31.5% 6.1% 14.7%

    The Bench (likely future candidates)