Congressional District 03
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All Districts > CD03: Yolano-Yuba-Lake
[incumbent: John Garamendi (D) - term limit: none]

Probable Candidates - 2014

District Projection: Likely Democrat | ATC Partisan Index = 55.2 D
  • Dan Logue (Republican) - Small Businessman/Assemblyman  
  • (i) John Garamendi (Democratic) - Congressman/Rancher  
  • (i) = incumbent

    Until the filing period closes, candidates who have made gestures to a run are included. Some of these may not run, while others are likely to jump in.

    2012 Presidential Race

    • Barack Obama (D) 54.3%
    • Mitt Romney (R) 43.1%

    2010 Gubernatorial Race

    • Jerry Brown (D) 50.4%
    • Meg Whitman (R) 42.7%

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    District Voter Registration


    February 10: District changed from "Safe Democrat" to "Likely Democrat." The factors used are national anti-incumbent polling results, year-end fundraising numbers (bouyed by a Logue personal loan), and the water issue. If Kim Vann were the GOP candidate, district would be "Leans Democrat."

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    Reported Fundraising
    (Total for this cycle)
    CandidateContributionsExpendituresCash on HandDebtFiling Period Close
    Garamendi, John$737,576$500,239$247,977$6743/31/14
    Logue, Daniel$255,964$117,350$282,829$152,6903/31/14
    Source: Federal Elections Commission

    2012 General Results

    November 6 General Election Results
    Final Results
    CandidateVotesPercentPrecincts Reporting
    John Garamendi (D)126,88254.2%485 of 485
    Kim Vann (R)107,08645.8%485 of 485

    County Breakdown | Vote Count Tracker
    Source: California Secretary of State

    2012 Primary Results

    June 5 Primary Election Results
    Final Results
    CandidateVotesPercentPrecincts Reporting
    John Garamendi (D)59,54651.5%452 of 452
    Kim Vann (R)30,25426.2%452 of 452
    Rick Tubbs (R)17,90215.5%452 of 452
    Tony Carlos (R)5,5414.8%452 of 452
    Eugene Ray (R)2,4382.1%452 of 452

    County Breakdown
    Source: California Secretary of State


    2010 Census Demographics for CD03
    Citizen Voting-Age Population 8.7% 6.9% 15.5%
    Total Population 10.1% 6.2% 27.8%

    The Bench (likely future candidates)

  • Dan Logue (R) - Member, State Assembly
  • Kim Vann (R) - Supervisor, Colusa
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