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INTRODUCED BY Assembly Members Ma and Galgiani
( Coauthors: Assembly Members
Achadjian, Blumenfield, Gordon,
Huffman, Jeffries, Bonnie
Monning, Olsen, Perea,
and Solorio )

MARCH 21, 2011

Relative to Eat Local, Buy California Grown Day.


ACR 42, as amended, Ma. Eat Local, Buy California Grown Day.
This measure declares that Sundays are "Eat Local, Buy California
Grown Day," and encourages families, restaurants, and grocers to buy
California-grown floriculture, fiber, and foods.
Fiscal committee: no.

WHEREAS, California has a rich heritage and is one of the world's
most prolific agricultural regions. California foods are famous for
their abundance, diversity, freshness, and high quality; and
WHEREAS, Buying California-grown food helps local family farmers,
California food producers, and California employees and their
families, contributing billions of dollars to the local economy each
year; and
WHEREAS, Eighty-five percent of California consumers say that it
is important to them to purchase foods "grown in California" and 41
percent of California consumers say that "California grown" is more
important to them today than it was a year ago; and
WHEREAS, Buying locally grown California products is better for
the environment. Food trucked or flown into California has a heavier
carbon footprint as it travels for many days, unlike products grown
just hours or minutes away; and
WHEREAS, Buying California-grown food ensures a higher level of
food safety and food safety standards. California strictly regulates
food producers for the benefit of consumers. California products
such as
produce, livestock, milk, fish, floriculture,
and wine
wine, dried fruits, nuts, and canned fruits
and vegetables
have the strictest safety and quality assurance
standards of any state in the nation or world; and
WHEREAS, California farmers grow more than 300 food products
including livestock, poultry and seafood, produce, grains, dairy
products, and wine valued at $35 billion each year; and
WHEREAS, Buying California food helps ensure that family farmers
will sustain their historical production systems and the valuable
land that grows crops and raises livestock; and
WHEREAS, In a time of economic distress for our state, the support
of California products will help keep critical dollars within the
state for the benefit of Californians, strengthening the state's
communities, economies, and businesses. By purchasing locally
produced , or produced and processed, floriculture, fiber, and
food, consumers will boost local business, which in turn helps
the local and state government through increased tax revenues; now,
therefore, be it
Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate
thereof concurring, That Sundays are hereby declared to be "Eat
Local, Buy California Grown Day," and families, restaurants, and
grocers are encouraged to buy California-grown floriculture,
fiber, and
foods, such as fresh produce and
chicken, because supporting California-grown food products will
result in higher food quality, improved food safety, and higher
environmental and animal welfare standards, in addition to
significant economic benefits; and be it further
Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies of
this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.