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Bills By Introduction/Amendment Date

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  • AB 1147 (Bonilla and Gomez and Holden): Massage therapy. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 1449 (V. Manuel Pérez): Realignment Omnibus Act of 2014. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1520 (Gatto): Guardians ad litem: animals. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1553 (Yamada): Long-term care insurance: premium basis. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1592 (Beth Gaines): California Diabetes Program. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1598 (Rodriguez): Emergency response services: active shooter incidents. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1599 (Committee on Education): Education: omnibus bill. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1627 (Gomez): Vehicles: qualified industry partners. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1701 (Patterson): Family law: adoption. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1702 (Maienschein): Professions and vocations: incarceration. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1730 (Wagner): Mortgage loan modification. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1734 (Jones-Sawyer): Public contracts: small business participation: disabled veterans. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1735 (Hall): Nitrous oxide: dispensing and distributing. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1766 (Nazarian): Foster youth: transitional housing pilot project. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1809 (Maienschein): Dogs: health certificates. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1814 (Waldron): Prescriber Prevails Act. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1866 (Bocanegra): Pupil attendance: California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 1874 (Gonzalez): Integrated regional water management plans: funding. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2019 (Fong and Levine): Commercial fishing: drift gill net shark and swordfish fishery. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2045 (Rendon): Energy improvements: financing. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2152 (Levine): Public postsecondary education institutions: contracts with federal intelligence agencies. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2161 (Chau): Affordable housing. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2169 (Cooley): Business and professions. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2185 (Eggman): Bees: foraging: state-owned lands. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2197 (Mullin): Vehicles: temporary license plates. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2205 (Donnelly): Mammals: use of dogs to pursue bears. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2227 (Quirk): Citizens Oversight Board: implementation. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2292 (Bonta): Infrastructure financing districts: City of Oakland: freight rail. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2303 (Bloom): State Recognition Program of Multiple Pathways to Biliteracy. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2314 (Hall): Peace officers: firearms. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2345 (Gonzalez): Public social services: eligibility: noncitizens. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2346 (Gonzalez): Physician and surgeon assistance program. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2368 (Wagner): Civil law: libel: damages. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2391 (Ian Calderon): Dependent children: placement. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2418 (Bonilla and Skinner): Health care coverage: prescription drugs: refills. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2437 (Hagman): School infrastructure: network infrastructure. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2503 (Hagman): Repossessors. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2540 (Dababneh): Real estate licenses. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2543 (Levine): State hospitals: placement evaluations. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2544 (Roger Hernández): School finance: preschool funding. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2554 (Rendon): Clean, Safe, and Reliable Drinking Water Act of 2014. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2555 (Bocanegra): Cradle-to-career initiatives: plan. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2597 (Ting): Energy: PACE program. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2605 (Bonilla): Pharmacy: third-party logistics providers. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2712 (Daly): Hazardous materials: Orange County Water District: groundwater remediation. (Amended Assembly)
  • AB 2717 (Bonta and Skinner): Small Business Development Center Program: appropriation. (Amended Assembly)
  • ACR 140 (Weber): 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education. (Introduced)
  • SB 895 (Corbett): Residential care facilities for the elderly: unannounced visits. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1049 (Pavley): Integrated regional water management plans. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1060 (Liu): School employees: professional growth. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1168 (Pavley): Groundwater management. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1172 (Steinberg): Pupil health: vision appraisals. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1174 (Lara): English language education. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1193 (Evans): Controlled substances: destruction of seized marijuana: cause of action. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1214 (Anderson): State Controller: property tax postponement. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1246 (Lieu): Acupuncture. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1258 (DeSaulnier): Controlled substances: prescriptions: reporting. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1278 (Leno and Wyland): Animal control officers. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1302 (Wyland): Elder abuse. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1349 (Jackson): School athletics: information relating to competitive athletics. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1351 (Hill): Payment cards. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1396 (Hancock): School climate: multitiered intervention and support program. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1404 (Leno): San Francisco redevelopment: successor agencies: housing. (Amended Senate)
  • 04-22-2014