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Bills By Introduction/Amendment Date

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  • AB 614 (Chávez): Veterans’ homes of California: reimbursement rates. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 1014 (Skinner and Williams): Gun violence restraining orders. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 1513 (Fox): Residential property: possession by declaration. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 1559 (Pan): Newborn screening program. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 1584 (Buchanan): Pupil records: privacy: 3rd-party contracts: digital storage services and digital educational software. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 1629 (Bonta): Crime victims: compensation: reimbursement of violence peer counseling expenses. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 1634 (Skinner): Occupational safety and health: violations. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 1711 (Cooley): Administrative Procedures Act: economic impact assessment. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 1837 (Atkins): Board of State and Community Corrections. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2039 (Muratsuchi): Real property sales: auctions. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2044 (Rodriguez): Residential care facilities for the elderly. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2062 (Roger Hernández): Health facilities: surgical technologists. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2088 (Roger Hernández): Health insurance: minimum value: large group market policies. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2109 (Daly): Controller: reports: parcel taxes. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2146 (Skinner): Occupational safety: firefighters: personal protective equipment. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2218 (Bradford): Electricity and natural gas rates. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2220 (Daly): Private security services: private patrol operators. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2228 (Cooley): Crisis nurseries. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2231 (Gordon and Levine and Patterson): State Controller: property tax postponement. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2351 (Gordon): Political party qualification. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2380 (Weber): School plans: consolidated application for categorical programs: single plan for pupil achievement. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2384 (Bradford): Schoolsite councils. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2415 (Ting): Property tax agents. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2516 (Gordon): Sea level rise planning: database. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2539 (Ting): Certified farmers’ markets. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2557 (Pan): Hospitals: seismic safety. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2593 (Bradford): Greenhouse gases: diversity reporting. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2723 (Medina): Administrative procedure: small businesses. (Amended Senate)
  • AB 2763 (Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review): State government operations. (Amended Senate)
  • ACA 6 (Gatto): Constitutional amendments: voter approval. (Amended Assembly)
  • AJR 50 (Bloom): Blood donation. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 25 (Steinberg): Agricultural labor relations: dispute resolution. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 35 (Pavley): Wiretapping: authorization. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 193 (Monning): Hazard evaluation system and information service. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 270 (De León and Lara and Padilla): Solid waste: single-use carryout bags. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 486 (DeSaulnier): Department of Transportation: goals and performance measures. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 556 (Padilla): Providers of health and safety labor or services: identification. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 577 (Pavley): Autism and other developmental disabilities: employment. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 844 (Pavley): Elections: ballot measure contributions. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1043 (Torres): Elections: in-lieu-filing-fee and political party qualification petitions: penal provisions. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1077 (DeSaulnier): Vehicles: road usage charge pilot program. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1138 (Padilla): Fish and shellfish: labeling and identification. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1174 (Lara): English language education. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1177 (Steinberg): Privacy: students. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1203 (Jackson): Property taxation: welfare exemption: rental housing and related facilities: payment in lieu of taxes agreement. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1253 (Steinberg): Initiative measures. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1266 (Huff): Pupil health: epinephrine auto-injectors. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1372 (DeSaulnier and Hancock): Corporation taxes: tax rates: publicly held corporations: credits. (Amended Senate)
  • SB 1390 (Correa): Santa Ana River Conservancy Program. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1405 (DeSaulnier): Pesticides: schoolsites. (Amended Assembly)
  • SB 1409 (Hill): Public Utilities Commission: safety investigations. (Amended Assembly)
  • SJR 33 (Wyland): National security: borders. (Introduced)
  • SR 61 (Gaines): (Introduced)
  • 08-20-2014