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Senate Appropriations Committee Fiscal Summary
Senator Christine Kehoe, Chair

AB 1156 (Eng)

Hearing Date: 08/25/2011 Amended: 07/06/2011
Consultant: Jacqueline Wong-HernandezPolicy Vote: Education 7-1
BILL SUMMARY: AB 1156 revises the existing definition of
bullying, and encourages the inclusion of policies and
procedures aimed at the prevention of bullying in comprehensive
school safety plans. This bill requires the Department of
Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Education (CDE) to contract
to provide training in the prevention of bullying, as specified.
This bill also authorizes a pupil who has been a victim of
bullying to transfer to another district.
Fiscal Impact (in thousands)

Major Provisions 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 Fund

Anti-bullying trainingPotentially
significant cost pressure General

Transfer rights ------Potentially
significant costs------- Local

School safety plans ------Substantial cost
pressure----- Local


Existing law requires the CDE and the DOJ to contract with one
or more professional trainers to coordinate statewide workshops
for local educational agencies and school site personnel to
assist them in the development of their respective school safety
plans. The DOJ and CDE partnered to create the School Law
Enforcement Partnership program, and the School Community
Violence Prevention training grant. In 2008, this grant
program's funding was included in categorical flexibility. In
2009, the DOJ ended its participation in the partnership after
its activities were de-funded in the Budget Act.

AB 1156 (Eng)
Page 1

Currently, the CDE contracts with Kern County Office of
Education (COE) to administer the School Community Violence
Prevention Training grant; Kern COE has a $350,000 contract to
perform this training and is scheduled to conduct 28 trainings
on bullying prevention in 2011. Despite having the categorical
flexibility option, Kern COE has continued to provide the
training and has expressed that it intends to continue to do so.
It is not, however, under any obligation to continue to fund
these trainings. By adding additional training requirements to
the $350,000, this bill put pressure on those funds, as well as
on other education funds should Kern COE decide in the future to
use that grant money flexibly.

This bill specifies that a pupil complies with school district
residency requirements in a school district if his or her
residence is located within the boundaries of another district
but the pupil meets all of the following conditions: A) the
pupil has been determined by the superintendent of that other
school district or the principal of the school attended in that
other district to have been the victim of an act of bullying ,
as specified; B) the pupil is unable to transfer to another
school within the other school district, as certified by the
superintendent of the other district; and C) the pupil is unable
to receive authorization for interdistrict attendance in a
timely manner. This provision entitles certain victims of
bullying to transfer to another school district. While there
would not likely be any state costs (since funding follows the
student), there will likely be local costs. Schools would likely
have to establish a process for verifying that a pupil meets the
conditions, and train staff on implementing it.

This bill also encourages school safety plans, as they are
updated and to the extent that resources are available, to
include policies and procedures aimed at the prevention of
bullying. Schools can already include bullying prevention
policies and procedures in their comprehensive safety plans.
Legislative encouragement to do so creates additional pressure
on schools to take on those additional tasks.

PROPOSED AMENDMENTS would delete the provisions that change the
definition of residency for interdistrict transfers. The
amendments would instead specify a priority within interdistrict
transfer agreements for certain victims of bullying. Amendments

AB 1156 (Eng)
Page 2

also delete the bill's findings and declarations.